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Elysia did her best to force a pleasant smile onto her face, her eyes reading, 'Come to me, children. I will be your new mother.'

As Madison stumbled into the water, along with the other kids, she grabbed a firm grip on them. Then without warning, a genuine grin appeared on her face, and she darted back into the water, kids in hand. The plan was to drown them, quickly, and effectively. And when they woke from their death, she would be all they ever knew, the last five hours of memory wiped.

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Madison felt a firm grip and looked at the stranger. Then, without warning, the stranger darted back to the water, leading them all to their deaths. Hours passed, and the bodies of the children were floating in the water. Where they dead? Yes, they were, but the children didn't know that. Madison and a boy about her age opened their eyes, and soon after, the other kids did the same. She looked down and saw a teddy bear on the ground of the water. She was confused about why there was a toy down there. She swam down to it and picked it up, inspecting it.

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"Come hither, my children, I will provide for your every wish and need as best as I can~" Elysia crooned softly, disappearing briefly into the cave in which she resided to set up a few things for the children.

… oh, there was no use in lying to herself. Elysia knew that the systematic method of hiding and shoving knives and other potentially dangerous objects away was not just to protect the children, but to protect herself from them.

She'd never been quite good at self-control, and easily gave into urges that popped into her mind from time to time. Re-emerging five minutes later, she gave each of the children a little hug. "Mind telling me your names, little ones~?"

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(it's alright mate)

Madison looked at the figure in front of her and couldn't help but feel safe. As she was hugged by Elysia, she held on to her a little longer than the rest of the children. She didn't want to leave the sweet embrace. Who knew when she would be hugged next? What if…what if…this woman didn't want her?

Would you really be surprised if she ended up hating you? After all, nobody could possibly love you. You're a useless, good-for-nothing brat.

She ignored the voice in her head, and instead opted to answer the question Elysia had asked them.





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"Such pretty names," Elysia whispered. "And five beautiful children to match them."

She smiled sweetly at them. "Come, I'll show you into your new home~"

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"Thank you!" they said with happy little smiles.

The children followed Elysia without complaints or the normal suspicion they would have when meeting someone new. They knew that they could trust her and if their gut said that she was trustworthy, who were they to say otherwise?