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(I honestly don't have a template in mind, would you like me to make one?)

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(Well, you were about to drop a character in the chat, you wanna just drop them here and I can copy your description? Unless you're dropping a full page link or something)

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(Well, sure. Although, I'm just copying and pasting it here.)

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Name: Sylvia Forest

Age: 23

Race/Species: human

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Hair Color: Black with silvery white streaks

Height: 6’0

Weight: 135 lbs. (idk?)

Basic Personality: She is very outgoing and is very emotional. She usually lets her actions speak louder than her words. At first, she may come off as seductive, villainous, and maybe insane, but she is really childish inside.


-She lives alone in an abandoned, hidden castle in the forest, that she rarely leaves. She loves collecting and using weapons and loves experimenting with potions.

-Her powers are creating and controlling plants, telepathy (sort of), controlling pain and healing, communicating with snakes, levitating, is immune to poison and venom, and can shapeshift into a venomous black cobra with aventurine green spots. Snake Pic

-Pic of Sylvia (both of the girls shown are Sylvia)

-She wears a golden snake collar on her neck, that can become a real snake. (She named him Sylvester.) Snake Collar/Sylvester Pic

-She had to fix her voice after accidentally messing with a potion that made her voice sound high pitched and obnoxious. (Kinda like a female villain from a nickelodeon kids show.) She lived with it for a while but grew tired of people (and snakes) mention it. After getting many treatments and potions, she now has a seductive voice and has an occasional lisp (kinda like a snake hiss, it mainly shows whenever she says something with an "s")

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Name: Romulus Vespasian

Age: 25. Sorta.

Race/Species: Demigod

Eye Color: Icy Blue

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Height: 6’6"

Weight: 300 lbs.

Basic Personality: Romulus tends toward the brooding hero archetype. He can be self-depracating and sacrificial, but his sense of justice is extremely strong, and he has a hard time controlling it at times when he ought to show mercy. There is trauma somewhere in the background, and he covers all of that with a quick smile.


-Armor. Vulcan-blessed, magically-bonded, amorphous osmium-titanium armor.

-His powers are general invulnerability, adaptable strength, flight, speed, highly enhanced senses, and no need for air.

-His HQ, or Lair, or home, is hidden somewhere away from prying eyes.

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(I love your character!)

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(Is it okay if you start? 😅)

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The city of Varakun was the jewel of eastern Rhun. It was a huge city of hundreds of thousands of people. The capitol was bigger, but Varakun was still one of the most massive and wealthy cities in the country.
Part of this wealth was due to its status as a destination for magic users. Varakun had one of the largest mage academies in the country, and it housed within its weapons vaults artifacts of great value and power.
One such artifact was the Staff of Arazor. 8 feet long, thick as a man's wrist, and made of some unidentified wood that could shatter rock, the Staff had recently been brought to Varakun as a peace offering from a neighboring country. It was currently in display in the courtyard of the Mage Academy, which was open to the public.
Varakun was home to a host of different people. The magic users were only one group. There were the regular people, who made up the majority. There were the Karcaon, crab folk who inhabited the waters off Varakun's coast.
And then there were the demigods. Those who were the sons and daughters of deities, or had been blessed with power by the gods. One such man was Romulus Vespasian. And it was he had chosen to guard Varakun and the surrounding area of Rhun from all harm.

So when he heard that an attack was under way at the Mage Academy, with someone trying to steal the Staff, he took it personally.

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In a clearing in the Dark Forest, at the crack of dawn, Sylvia gazed down at the glowing vision in her hands. The Staff of Arazor set her in a trance. The young villainess grinned maliciously at the sight of it.

"Finally… the moment I've been training my whole life for," she said breathlessly as she held the vision.

The golden snake on her neck lifted its head, "Kendric would be proud, Ssssylvia," it hissed.

"Yes, she probably would be," she sighed wistfully, "Sylvester?"


"Should- should we make one more round to the city before we commit the deed? I might need to test how my powers do there, again."

Sylvester threw his head back briefly, "I don't know, you are the one who is going to retrieve the Staff."

"Yes, true. Thank you," she smiled.

"Of course, Sylvia." The snake froze back as a collar. Sylvia put her hands down, letting the vision disintegrate into ash-like pieces and re-adjusted the satchel on her shoulder and walked through the shortcut she made to the city.

Once in the city, she headed towards the courtyard. Sylvia turned into her snake form and started to investigate; however, there was one person she did not know whether she wanted to avoid or to meet up with, but she had a strange feeling she would see him anyway.

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Romulus landed in the courtyard, in front of the glass case the Staff was held in. It was intact/
So Carth was right. Carth was a mage who had one power, and that was sensing the powers and strengths of others. He'd sent a courier to Romulus, frantically explaining that someone with a very high power level had entered the Academy and was making for the Staff.
Romulus had immediately flown over, and since the Staff was here, it meant Carth's theory that someone was in the process was right.
Romulus stayed where he was, though he hovered off the ground as he kept an eye out.

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Once she heard something or someone enter the courtyard, Sylvia darted behind a bush. Peeking out from behind it, her pupils slit in vivid annoyance at the familiar face, "Son of a dull blade…" she hissed to herself.

She slithered around the bushes trying her best not to be seen or heard, all while carefully analyzing the man and figuring out how to approach the first (and hopefully not last) person she had to fight.

Just then, she accidentally snapped a twig with her tail. Sylvie hissed a word, unfit for very young snakes to hear and quickly sped under another bush.

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Romulus stayed in his hover, listening closely around him. He could hear the air moving, the sound of the sunlight hitting the grass… sometimes those sounds no one else could hear were disorienting. When he felt out of control, he'd listen instead to the sound of life, of people moving and talking and living outside the courtyard walls.
A twig snapped, there was a sharp hiss, and then the sound of scales moving quickly across the ground. Romulus whipped around, glaring in the direction of the snapped twig. He could hear the slide of skin over grass, and there were only a few villains he knew of who moved like that.
"Show yourself. I know you're here." he said quietly.

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Sylvia did not dare move, her jadeite eyes were the only part of her that was slightly visible between the leaves. Without much of a warning, about twenty or so black, shadow-like snakes slithered onto the man's body. She watched intently for his reaction before making her appearance.

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