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(i may or may not have completely changed his background to make it more realistic)

Name: Jenestder Marne Glynn
Nickname: Jen, "Jenny"
Age: 21
Gender: Cis Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Human, Hispanic

Appearance: Jen's eyes are a russet brown with a hint of amber highlights, the outside of the iris being a black ring that mixes with the amber color. Near the center of the pupil, it's more of a rusted orange color. His eyes are almond-shaped and very relaxed, having a neutral canthal tilt.

Jen's nose is thin and straight, a sort of medium-size, with his lips being slightly thin but not small. He also has several beauty marks on his face, the more noticeable one being just below his left eye, the others being scattered about on the left side of his face, mostly on the upper area of his cheek- there looks to be seven in total, some a bit more faded than others.

His face shape is pretty angular in features, being a combination of diamond and square face shapes. While he might have a sharp jawline, it's still softened a little, not being too intense. He has the shortness of the square face shape, not being too long, and the thinness yet sharpness of the diamond face shape.

Jen's hair ranges from a very light brown color to a medium brown color, it being very thick yet silky which makes it seem a bit flat when not styled. His hair will generally alternate from a short shaggy cut, messy like a bedhead, to it being jawline length, maybe a bit linger sometimes but not by a lot. When it does get long he likes to put it up in a half bun. Sometimes he'll run a cream-like paste through it to rough it up when it's short- that being the closest thing he does to styling it.
Because his hair is really silky and healthy, it is also very shiny since he does take care of it, but the paste he puts in his hair gives it a matte look instead of a glossy one.

Jen is 6'0" with sun-kissed skin from working outside under the harsh sun. His skin color was already tan as it was something he was naturally born with, but it darkened a bit more over the years of working outside. Jen weighs 176 lbs, having quite a bit of muscle to him- a mesomorph type as he keeps up a healthy lifestyle.

One important thing about Jen is that he has a prosthetic limb, the limb connects to what's left of his arm which is just past his elbow where it was cut off. It looks a little like this.

Clothes: His usual outfit is composed of dirty loose brown cargo pants with a plain black t-shirt. For shoes, he'll go for black combat boots since he does heavy work in his repair shop.
For "accessories" Jen carries around a long strip of brown fabric that he wraps around his hand to mimic a more scuffed version of "fingerless gloves", he does this so his hands won't get burned from the heavy metal he has to lift sometimes, especially on extremely hot days. It sort of looks like he's getting ready to fist-fight someone boxer-style.

Sometimes Jen will have "formal business" to attend and you'll see him wearing more dark academia-style clothing, often liking trench coats, formal button-ups, slacks, and casual shoes- although looking like a plain/cheaper version of that style.

Skills: Jen is a mastermind when it comes to plans and tricks on how to throw people off his track. He has good fighting skills and techniques that he learned out on the streets. Jen's good at building things and fixing things, hence being a mechanic- repairing his prosthetic arm when it starts to get a little fucky. Jen doesn't have nearly enough money to get it professionally looked at if it were to get absolutely destroyed so he does his best with what he can. Jen is also notorious for being able to build a lot of things from scratch if he has the necessary materials, turning something harmless into a weapon.

Condition(s): Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

Personality: Everything that's happened to Jen so far has heavily shaped and impacted Jen's personality.

First and foremost, Jen is a very passive person, think your typical kind and sweet guy, bordering on being very motherly to those around him, yet still having a "roughness" about him. While he seems really soft and can take a lot of things, he is not quiet. He knows his boundaries and won't let anyone trample them. Jen has a lot of self-respect and is very firm in what he wants, though, that doesn't mean he can't be flexible if the situation calls for it.
Sometimes, on very rare occasions, he will submit to someone else even if he knows he doesn't deserve that type of treatment because he knows it's a privilege to be where he's at right now.

The guy is pretty friendly and open to a lot of people, especially those who he thinks are more mature. He has a lot of patience but there comes a time when he knows he has to remove himself from the situation to save him from more than a headache.

Jen, in the beginning, was a very naive kid and repaid his gratitude by serving the people who took him in, but over time with the help of his adopted father, he learned about lines that should not be crossed.

Jen may seem like a very calm guy, thinking things through before he speaks or does anything, but he is also very much an anxiety-ridden individual. His symptoms can range from trembling and laughing nervously to getting defensive almost to the point of being ill-tempered- but that's only in very extreme cases. He tries his best not to get angry at others, having a history of being very explosive towards others. He might screw up from time to time, but definitely tries his best to mend things afterward, "taking responsibility" being something he very much believes in.
Some other parts of Jen are a bit more on the "gloomy" side if you will, carrying a depression from his past experiences. Jen never actively tried to take his life but he still has what would professionally be called "passive suicidal ideation". So while he may not actively be seeking out ways to end his life, he wouldn't mind if an accident happened that ended up killing him.

Background: At age six Jen had been separated from his family, who had been captured and taken elsewhere- Jen never knew where or who had taken them but all he did know was that he had been "lucky" enough to be a fast runner and fit into small spaces to hide himself from these people, leaving him on his own at such a young age.
At the time, the only way to survive was to make yourself useful to someone else, which Jen so happened to take up in the form of helping out businesses starting up or taking up small jobs in restaurants. He ran errands to and from places, washed dishes, cleaned around the buildings, was sent to buy groceries and sometimes, if they were being nice, they let Jen use the kitchen to cook. However, those instances were extremely rare.

The people who ran these places were exceptionally cruel to Jen as he was just a kid with no experience, not to mention being of a different skin tone and not knowing fluent English. They saw him as "free labor", some days not paying him, which was rarely in the form of money, their form of payment being shelter and warm meals. When he didn't live up to their expectations, which was frequent and a common excuse to not give him what he had earned, they threw him out to sleep on the streets.

Jen was adopted by Vincent at age eleven, Vince being a rugged man who had been in the military. He was a guy who smoked- someone who used to be a soldier for the country, soon changing paths to become a hitman on the down-low.

Vince basically took pity on Jen when he saw him wandering the streets, getting into serious trouble with other adults for being in places he wasn't supposed to be in- not that Jen knew he wasn't supposed to be in those places, never having been taught what was acceptable and not.
From then on, Vince raised Jen as best as he could, even though he wasn't the most affectionate person in the world. He taught Jen how to handle certain weapons, who seemed to master them quite easily which earned Jen a lot of praise. Not only did Jen living with Vince give Jen a sort of "stable" childhood, eventually finding a better way to earn his own money, but it changed Vince as well, helping him find something to live for and care for, giving him a bit more purpose in his life.

After Vince died Jen decided he wanted to do something more with his life, being eighteen and given all of Vince's things, he packed up the house they used to live in and set out to do something worthwhile.


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Name: Matthias Franz Joseph Maria
Titles: Prince of Austria-Hungary
Age: 22
Gender and Sexuality: Cis man, he/him. Gay
Nationality: Austria-Hungarian

Looks: Matthias has light, dirty blond hair, which is straight and parts to the side. He usually keeps it combed and neat and styled, and it's part of his morning routine to at least comb it, and usually style it at least a little bit. He doesn't like to let it get messy, though obviously there are some days where it just can't be helped. The days on the run especially, were days where he wasn't really able to style his hair, and it kind of just ran wild because of that. He is white, with pale skin that doesn't have a tan or any freckles to it, though he does have some faint freckles across the bridge of his nose. He has the kind of angular, slightly hard face most people would expect out of someone of Germanic/Austrian descent, with sharp, defined edges to his jawline, and harder cheekbones. Shape wise, it's somewhere between a heart and a diamond. His eyes are a light blue-green tone, and are slightly hooded. His nose has a very faint bump in it from where it was once broken, but it isn't generally very noticeable except up close. He stands at 5'11", with a decent amount of muscle on his frame. His hands have some additional scarring, mainly from the machinery that he has worked with in the past, but other than that, his skin is pretty smooth and free from too many blemishes.
Clothes: Tends to dress pretty formally, though that is more due to his upbringing than anything else. It was drilled into him from a young age that, even though he wasn't going to inherit the throne, he should still dress in a presentable, formal manner. So he is very often in a white button up, some sort of slacks, and suspenders, usually with a waistcoat, and very often with a suit jacket. As with any proper gentleman, his suit jacket and pants usually coordinate. Of course, this is at home. When on the run, his clothing is obviously a bit less put together, though he still dresses in a more formal manner just because those are the kinds of clothes that he owns and is used to. When working on machinery, he will usually have a shirt that's a little less formal, and an older pair of pants that are already stained with grease and machine oil. But even then, even still, it's the kind of clothing that, for good or for ill, tends to set him apart as a man who comes from money. Usually has a signet ring on his finger with his family's crest on it. While on the run, he ends up disguised as an Austrio-Hungarian soldier, and wears that uniform.

Personality: Matthias is generally a bit reserved and thoughtful, and can come across as formal and a bit standoffish, almost, due to that. Additionally, he was raised to keep himself controlled and polite and blank, especially in front of people, which unfortunately led to him repressing a lot of his own emotions just out of a desire to always be presentable and palatable the way royalty is meant to. In private, around someone he trusts and can let his guard down around, he is generally a sweet, if awkward person, who makes jokes and will tease people lightly. Gets easily flustered, but generally does his best to hide it. However, due to how pale he is, any blush is almost immediately obvious, and he hates the fact that even if he's perfectly controlling his facial expression, his cheeks will still lit up bright red and give him away. He can also get defensive about his personal history and about his family, especially now that his parents are dead. Any comment that is even slightly negative towards his mother very often makes him instantly defensive and upset, since his mother was so often the reason he was rejected as a child. He both hates her for it but also loves her. His feelings towards his parents are complicated, wihch is reflected in his behavior about them.
History: Matthias is the only child of Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie. Due to the marriage being frowned upon, Franz had agreed that any children he had would not be able to claim the throne, in order to be able to marry Sophie. So while Matthias has been raised royal, he also was raised with the expectation/knowledge that he could never be king, despite his father being the heir presumptive to the Austria-Hungarian throne. So while he was raised with a lot of money and power and privilege, there was also this air of shame to it, because his mother was a commoner and therefore lesser, and by extension so was he. After all, the only reason that he was not the heir was purely because of his mother's inferior social status. He had a good childhood, though it was unfortunately a lonely one. His father was usually busy with the affairs of the country, and his mother was busy as well, so he was often left alone or with just his nanny or governess. Other noble children were told by their parents not to be friends with him, since he was the child of a commoner and would "never amount to anything", but the commoner children wouldn't associate with him because he was a royal, and they were afraid of him. So he found solace/company in tinkering with machines and in music and math, in things that couldn't reject him just because of who he was. He interacted with adults a lot more than with other kids his age, and learned from them how to do things beyond the level of most kids in his age group. However, this also further alienated him from a lot of other kids, because then when he did interact with them, he almost didn't know how to. When he was 13, he managed to make friends with the son of one of the palace's mechanik workers, and they were close friends for a long time. Unfortunately, Matthias developed a crush on his friend and, eventually, told him. The friend reciprocated, but when their fathers found out, the other boy was sent away and Matthias has not seen him in five years. The day his parents were murdered, he was unaware until he was awoken in the middle of the night by one of the men assigned to help watch over and teach him, Otto Mueller. Otto awoke him in the middle of the night, and rushed to get him dressed and a bag packed. It was only when they were on the move that Otto finally explained what had happened to Franz and Sophie, and what it meant for Matthias.
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