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An angel and a demon have been friends for as long as they can remember. For about seven thousand years, to be exact. A friendship like this is quite rare to see. They've seen good things happen. They've seen bad things happen. But something happens throughout those seven thousand years.

The rest of the demons, with some help from their enemies, kill the angel's friend. For this reason, the angel falls and becomes a demon, with a strong hatred for angels. And whenever possible, he kills them to avenge their friend. While the demon, somehow becomes an angel again. Something that confuses them. Years pass and the demon-turned-angel bumps into their friend. The demon-turned-angel recognizes them, but the angel-turned-demon doesn't…which leads them to try to kill the other.


  • LGBTQ+ characters are welcomed
  • No one-liners
  • Please notify if you're going to be on vacation, take a break, etc. Also, please notify me when you're going to drop out of the RP
  • Cursing is allowed and welcomed
  • This will (obviously) have mentions of gore, violence, etc, so if you're not comfortable with that, then I'm afraid this isn't the right roleplay for you
  • Be active. I'm not asking you to be on every day, but at least respond twice a week
  • No slurs
  • Have fun!

So, I'm aware that this is confusing, but I'll try my best to explain it to anybody who's interested in doing this. Even though they're an angel and a demon, they live on Earth. Their sides don't really understand why they would want to live on Earth. This can be turned into a romance or not, I'll let you choose. I'll post a template when someone joins.


Name: Orion Minerva

Nickname(s): O, Ori

Age: a million, give or take a few hundred years (honestly at this point does it even matter anymore?)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Night Demon

Appearance: short curly hair, lips permanently quirked in a half-smile (of annoyance). two small, straight horns poking out of her hair, a light smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. long eyelashes, button nose, oval face.

Normal Outfit: classic e-girl look with the striped shirt, beanie, black nails, ear climber, etc. Red hi-tops, no makeup, skinny jeans(no rips, however), and a necklace that has a rocketship pendant.

Personality: extraordinarily sarcastic and rude. Passive aggressive (but only if she likes you) and has a dry sense of humor

Likes: siracha on anything, messing around with mortals, mozart, rum and coca-cola

Dislikes: ketchup, anyone who thinks that they're funnier than her, idiots.

Other: spends her free time earning doctorate degrees in varied fields. (what else is she gonna do with all the time)

(lemme know if I need to add more!)

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Name: Adeline Jameson Carlson

Nickname(s): Addie, Lina, Adele

Age: "A million? Two million? I lost count after five thousand."

Sexuality: Lesbian

Species: Archangel (An angel, but of higher rank)

Appearance: Adeline has short red fluffy hair that reaches up to her shoulders. She usually puts her hair down, but there will be times where she has it in another style, But mostly, she's seen with her hair down. She has somewhat pale skin due to not getting enough sunlight, despite the fact that Heaven is in the clouds with a whole lot of sun and she lives on earth. She also has yellow eyes, which is unusual for normal humans, so she covers them up with some magic so her eyes look more normal. Though angels and demons can see her actual eye color. She's around 5 feet and 8 inches tall. She has thin, dark eyebrows, and a somewhat round nose. She wears two earrings in each ear.

Completed image

Normal Outfit: Adeline wears dark colors because she's trying to stick to her roots. She's not allowed to wear black in Heaven, as Heaven sees that as a color that the demons of Hell would wear, so she sticks to dark blue, gray, etc. When she's on earth, she wears a dark blue shirt, sometimes black, skinny jeans, and black converse. She also wears a black string choker. When she's in Heaven, she dresses more formally, to fit in with the other angels.

Personality: Adeline is sarcastic, but she usually keeps all the sarcasm in to not make trouble. She does ask questions, and some of the other angels find it very annoying. Ironically asking questions was the way she fell from Heaven. In general, Adeline is a sweet person who looks tough, but she's actually a soft person. She can be serious when needed and will not hesitate to kill anyone when it comes to people threatening her friends.

Likes: She likes the bands Queen and The Beatles a lot, so she usually hears their music, but she also likes other types of music, like pop and classical music. She likes gardening, and she has a room filled with plants. Though the plants are kinda scared of her. She likes sweets and a lot of types of food, especially ice cream and cake. And she also likes baking.

Dislikes: She doesn't like when there are spots on her plants, and when that does happen, she makes it look like she kills the plant, but really she just miracles them to some other place. She hates demons, or at least the ones who killed her and she hates pears. Never liked them and never will. She hates people who flirt with pretty much anyone and anything in the world.

Other: Seeing as all demons and angels have wings, she can fly, but doesn't do it as often as the other angels. She only uses her ability to fly when it's absolutely necessary. Her magic, on the other hand, well she uses it mostly every day since angels are supposed to do miracles. Archangels, not really, but she still likes doing miracles for others. She owns a shop with plants, but it's more like a place to store her plants since she ran out of space in her house. She has various methods to make sure customers don't buy the plants, but when there's nothing else but to sell the plants, she sells the plants. She also named all of her plants.

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Adeline had a job to do. And she wasn't going to let anything distract her. Of course, this task wasn't assigned to her directly, more like it was assigned to one of the other angels, but she had told them that she would be the one completing the miracle, and not the assigned angel. There wasn't much of a reaction. Heaven had gotten used to Adeline doing miracles for others, even though it hadn't been originally assigned to her. There were two Archangels who particularly didn't like what she did. But she ignored them, like usual.

Now, Adeline was walking down a dark street, where the family she was supposed to help lived. Any other angel would see the street and walk away, but not her. She sighed as she put her hands in her sweater, the coldness starting to get to her. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted another figure. A figure that seemed way too familiar. She should've just kept walking, but instead decided to see who it was. "Hello?" She said softly, not wanting to scare whoever it was away.


Orion wasn't exactly supposed to be here, but hell's not the best place to study for a degree in quantum physics. With her nose buried in her book, she paced up and down the alleyway, trying to make sense of the complex equations. In frustration she bit down on her lip, drawing purple blood.
Leaning against the wall, she tucked the book away and glanced to her right. A silhouette stood out against the streetlamps. Of course, being plagued with a perfect memory, she knew exactly who this was.
"You," she growled softly and took a step toward the shadow.

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That voice…I've heard it before…but where? Adeline thought as the shadow took a step in her direction. The figure seemed to be put in a bad mood the moment she saw her, but Adeline didn't know why. "Me? I..did I do something to you? Do I know you?" Adeline asked as she took a step in the direction of the voice, hoping to get a better look at the person. But when she did, she wished she never did. She now knew why the voice sounded so familiar. It was because it belonged to Orion. She looked at Orion, shocked at how she now looked. "Orion…what happened to you?" She asked as she got closer.


Orion smiled humorlessly. "Don't ask that question. I'm sure you know."
She stepped to the left, into the light, so she could see Adeline. "I'm broken now. I was you, and now I'm me." Orion raised her eyebrows. "You don't look a bit different. Except for those, of course." She pointed at her shimmering wings.
"Look what you did to mine."
Orion flared her dark wings, spinning in a circle. "I look like a vulture," she spat.

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Adeline whined a bit when Orion smiled humorlessly. It scared her to see her like this. She didn't know what made her like this, but she was determined to find out. "I don't understand. I didn't do anything to you. I've never done anything to hurt you." She said softly as Orion glared at her. She looked at her wings and then at Orion's. "You don't look like a vulture. Mine were black and you never said that to me." She sighed as she touched the wall of a shop. Her mind finally registered what Orion had said. About being broken. She frowned. "Broken? What do you mean?"


"You murdered my best friend." Orion blinked. "You don't remember? I was like you, and you were like me." Orion tucked her wings against her back. "That's why you feel like you don't fit in. Why I don't fit in."
Orion's eyes flashed red. "I could kill you. With a wave of my hand, I could kill you." Her eyes returned to normal. "I'll see you soon, Adeline."
With that, she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

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Adeline stood there, confused about what just happened. "I killed her best friend?" She said out loud. Adeline sighed and put a hand to her head, as a voice started talking in her head. "Shut up. I don't want to hear it." She told it. Ever since being killed, she had a voice stuck in her head, and she didn't know why it was there. And frankly, she wished it could disappear. She sat down on the ground, not carrying if her clothes got dirty or not. But I am her best friend. Does she not remember? Did Hell change her memories? To make it seem like there were two Adelines and that one killed the other? Adeline thought to herself. She closed her eyes as she started thinking, her task completely forgotten for the time being.


Orion returned to Hell, ignoring the rest of the Fallen. They were sorted into groups, living with the rest of their ranks. Sitting down at her desk, she started reading again. But no matter how hard she tried, her thoughts kept returning to Adeline. That conniving weasel, stealing her spot in heaven from her without a second thought. There was no way she was going to let that slide.

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Adeline, after a while of sitting down, finally got up and went on to do her task. Not that difficult, just help a family and presto, everything would be okay. She knew she should return to Heaven and give them the report that she had completed her job, but decided not to. She instead went to her shop, to take care of the plants there. She grabbed a bottle of water, and starting spraying it on the plants, but stopped when a bright light shone on her. She squinted her eyes and looked up.

"Why hello there, Adeline. I see that things are going much better for you. I just wanted to ask you one thing.."

Her eyes widened and she almost cursed. Oh crap. Is this about the sword? She thought to herself.

"What ever happened to the sword that I give you? You know, before you fell?"

"Uh…right. Sword. A sharp pointy thing. I'm not sure. I think I gave it to one of the Archangels?"

The answer seemed to satisfy God because the light suddenly disappeared. She sighed as she continued taking care of her plants, knowing that God would return to ask her more questions. Either that or Orion would return to kill her.


Orion didn't sleep that night. She wandered the city, watching all of the mortals at their clubs and hotels, being normal people. It wasn't that she was a stalker. She just never got to experience all of this herself.
She bought a coffee from the cafe at the corner and perched on the roof of a skyscraper. This was as close as she could get to heaven now. She pricked her finger on one of her horns and smeared it on the glass of the skyscraper. She just couldn't wait to get her hands or Adeline.

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Adeline spent almost all night walking around the place. From the little village near her plant shop and then back to the shop. She had reported back to Heaven and was dragged into a meeting with the other Archangels that lasted hours. She sighed as she sat on a bench of a park and looked up into the sky. "Wonder what she means by I'll see you soon Adeline. What's she gonna do, kill me? Then I would be discorporated and I'll need another body….or…they could just patch the one I have. Not the first time they've done that." She rambled to particularly nobody. "Still…I have to be on guard…and make her see that I'm not the bad guy. And as the night began to turn into day, Adeline closed her eyes for a moment and quickly fell asleep.


Orion watched Adeline on the park bench, crouched in the shadows of the alley. The scrape on her finger still hurt a bit, but she licked it and tucked her finger in her pocket. Carefully, she crept up on her and bound her wings to her back. She tied her hands together and shook her awake. "Come on." She pulled Adeline to her feet. "Scream and I'll cut your throat right here, right now."

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Adeline opened her eyes slowly when she felt someone shake her awake. Then her eyes widened as she realized what had happened. She had fallen asleep and Orion caught her off-guard. She nodded to let her know she was going to do what Orion told her. She tried to untie her hands but failed miserably. "Why are you doing this?" She asked quietly. She didn't say anything else, because she knew if she said the wrong thing Orion would kill her right there.


"Karma, darling." Orion poked her in the back. "Let's go." She pushed Adeline into an alleyway. "Okay. I'm going to let you explain your side of the story here; maybe I'll change my mind. Actually, I doubt that. You get ten minutes, starting now. I don't have all day." She crossed her arms and glared at her.

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Adeline sighed when Orion poked her in the back. She really shouldn't have fallen asleep. As she was pushed into an alleyway, she looked at Orion confused. "Story? What story? Oh, you mean the one where I apparently killed your best friend? Is that it, Orion?" She asked as she narrowed her eyes at her.