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Karma Kazie
Birth Name:
Liberty Kemp
"Equal Opportunity"
Pale skin with an ashen rosy undertone, especially around where her bones are more prominent, such as cheekbones and joints. Her hair is a light black and falls in natural waves to her legs. She's very skinny with sharp features, for which she'll blame "the antipsychotics," even though there is no indication that's she's actually taking any sort of medication. Her large eyes are naturally a blue so light it's almost white, but she almost always has colored contacts in. Her cheekbones are high and very prominent thanks to her frail-looking body. Small chest, thin and sharp eyebrows, long eyelashes, thin hands and feet with knobby joints. It's easy to see the blue of her veins in her arms, though they don't stick out.
All of her tattoos are in black ink, no color. Teardrops underneath her eyes, towards the middle of her eye. Skeleton cat on the inner side of her left forearm. On the inner side of her right forearm is a creepy woman hugging herself and standing in water in the SEWP artist style (sample). The back of her neck says, in scratchy handwriting, "Never Trust The Living." On her left shoulder is a tattoo of a decaying skull with black liquid oozing out of the eye sockets, and the words "DON'T CRY, ALICE." On her right shoulder is a masked man in a hoodie and a monstrous mouth. All of her tattoos mean something, but she won't tell just anyone what they actually mean.
Silver bull nose ring as well as a silver eyebrow piercing. She wears broken handcuffs that she claims she broke as bracelets. Thick black choker necklace at all times, even when she's sleeping.
Scars/distinguishing marks: Scar going across her throat from an attempt on her life by someone else. Scars on her wrists from handcuffs.
Preferred style of clothing:
Always has to have some sort of fishnet clothing. She likes leather sometimes, but mostly leans towards hot pants and cropped shirts. Prefers the color black, but will wear some splashes of color here and there. Either boots, converse, or barefooted.
I'm only doing a basic one because I suck at describing this. Karma is a clinically diagnosed sociopath, is narcissistic, and an impulsive liar. With this said, Karma usually amps up the craziness, making her look more psycho than normal. This makes it difficult to know if she truly is crazy, or if it's all a mask to hide behind. She'll never willingly let someone in, however, for them to know the truth. It's all a game to her, in a sense, besides the self-preservation that the mask provides.
It's a ~mystery~

so that's her, so you know what you're working with

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uhhhh, I dunno. I'm kinda liking my roommates idea, so maybe one of our characters is getting a new roommate, and they gotta learn how to navigate each other? obviously Karma isn't going to make that task easy. beyond that I am creatively drained, so I was hoping that your mastermind would have a great idea

@ElderGod-kirky group

Ooo ye. I had a random Thought last night: project partners that are forced together, except sometime during the project (maybe research) one of them finds something Fishy and decides to dig in deeper, thus getting them hella deep into some shady stuff

just a random idea, to add flesh to the plot. we don't have to do it tho