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Name: Neru Kai
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Homoromantic/Ace
Appearance: Extremely short, like 4'8 short. His hair is a scrambled mess of fluff, and it's dyed snow white. He's blind, so his eyes are pure blueish-white. He's skinny- like, the "sickly" kind of skinny. The paleness of his skin could also be considered "sickly." He normally wears a color-block hoodie (example), a simple pair of denim shorts, and a pair of white platform sneakers (example).
Personality: He's very shy, having been alone in this world for so long. He got used to being alone, so he finds peace in solitude. He prefers to be secluded, isolated.
Likes: vibrant colors, rainbows, literally just everything color oh my g-
Dislikes: little to nothing. the things he hates most are cockroaches and beetles.
Fears: katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches), skathariphobia (fear of beetles), trypophobia (fear of clusters/holes)
Prejudices: None.
Conditions: Anemia brought on by iron deficiency. Major Depressive Disorder.
Identifiable traits: His white hair, and the bandages over his eyes.
Extra info: He loves spiders. He can ramble on about them for hours on end. His favorite species of spider is the Goliath birdeater.

@requiemisback language

alright, here's the plot idea i have. i pulled this from the same rp i got my character from:

a lonely, abstract world. only one person (my character) inhabits it. they are at peace with the silence of this world they found themselves living in. suddenly… someone else (your character) shows up, and nearly disrupts that peace. the two get to know each other, and over time, they find themselves falling for one another. they get up to some wacky antics along the way, and they both just have a grand ol' time. peace returns once more.

@requiemisback language

and here's the lyrics, since it may be a little hard to understand them in the song:

"Baby blue buildings far above the crystal grove
Magenta plated terrace with a table and a stove
Guarded golden railing just to frame the pretty stars
Fix that old piano and the birds will fall apart"

@requiemisback language

okay, here goes.

Neru was standing against the balcony of his home- that home being a giant mushroom. He sighed. "Only I and the King live here, huh… Well, then again, there's also the mannequins, but they aren't really people, are they," When he uttered this, he looked out at the other houses that were varied in shapes, and began to wonder if he'd meet anyone else someday. "Mmh…"

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Haruo Walked out if his house sitting down next to the door, he had just got done cleaning up he’s house. He put on some of his tunes and hummed to the song.

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Neru went back into his house and sighed once more. "Ugh… King Melanus isn't even all that great anyway. He' just a dweeby pretty-boy king. Blegh…" He went to his room, the ceiling of that room lit up by several glow-in-the-dark stars of all diferrent sizes and colors. "Ahh… peace at last…" Neru said as he flopped onto his bed, which was rather round and circular, especially for a bed. The bed itself soon began to float. "Mmhhm…"