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The Vorozheykina clan is the second strongest Vampire clan in the world, and the strongest in Russia. They get stronger by the year, gaining more and more fledglings. Avdey was born into the main family, heir to the clan and stuck. Under his power hungry father’s rule.

The Grouillement clan is trying to keep up with the growth of the Vorozheykina clan, trying to keep their place on top of te world, but the rival clan is growing too much too quickly.

Eventually, the head of the Vorozheykina Clan sets his sight on [blank], where the main house of the Grouillement clan is located. He plans to strike an attack. He plans to take over and leave no survivors.

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(Well- I mean, typically, my vampire charcters can walk in the sun and the dying in the sun is a myth set fr their protection when they kept getting hunted down and killed, but at night would be dramatic-)

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The cool evening breeze blew through Elwins hair. The setting sun was beautiful, the purplish red color filled the sky. Elwin had been admiring the sundown, almost forgetting what he needed. Food. Not for himself but for a human he had met a few weeks back. He went through a dark alleyway, knowing it’d be faster than walking on the sidewalks. As Elwins eyes adjusted to the surprising darkness in the alleyway, he noticed a cat staring right at him.

“Hello there little one.” He smiled. Once he had spoken the cat sat down. Elwin walked towards the cat and to his surprise the cat didn’t move. He walked around the cat, not trying to disturb it. Elwin was always one for animals. No matter the size.

When he got out of the other side of the alleyway he saw the store he had to go to. A grocery store. Elwin walked in and smiled at the woman greeting him at the front door. He headed for the snack aisle and suddenly realized, he had lost his wallet. I need to backtrack… He thought. Where would I have…. Oh! That alleyway! Elwin walked towards the exit doors of the store.

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Avdey was crouched on top of a building, watching the street below him. He blinks, his enhanced eyesight focusing on one person below him. Moving through the alleyway to his right. He shifts ever so slightly, facing the alleyway and watching the lone figure walk, and then pause near a cat, say something and then keep walking. Avdey smirks lightly, a single fang flashing in the quickly receding light.

He watches closely, shifting his weight as the silhouette moves into a small store and comes back out just a few moments later, seeming to be looking for something. Avdey tilts his head slightly, his eyes scanning the alleyway, seeing nothing but the cat, which at this point had retreated into an old, decaying box. He looks back toward the figure, watching and waiting.

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Elwin looked around, annoyed. That wallet had something important in it and if he had lost it he might anger the head of the clan who might either kill Elwin or demote him. Elwin hoped it was death because demotion was worse in his clan. Much worse. As Elwin entered the alleyway he had been in about ten minutes prior, he got a chill down his spine. He felt as something was wrong. He swiftly took a look around him and he saw nothing. Or what he thought was nothing.

Elwin ignored the feeling and continued looking for his wallet. After a few minutes of searching he had found nothing. He quietly cursed to himself and decided that he should return to his hideout, hoping his wallet (or what was in it) was there.

(Sorry if it's a bit short- I wrote this while doing something else at the same time.)

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Avery watches for a long moment and then stands, jumping down from the building and staying in the shadows. He doesn’t make a sound as he follows to person. His throat burns with hunger, but this person didn’t smell human. But maybe they knew where a good meal was. Or, at the very least, could show Avdey through this maze of a city. Maybe.

Or perhaps Avery would get tired of him and pounce, cornering him and questioning him. Who knows what his mood will lead him to do? But for now, he follows the stranger.

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(Ah! Sorry School got a lil in my brain!)
Elwin shuddered. What's the problem? Why am I so on edge? He thought, looking around again but seeing nothing.) He continued to walk to his hideout when he heard a rustle from the alleyway again. Thats the last starw. Elwin thought, Now starting to speed up his walking. A voice in his head told him that nothing was out of the ordinary but still, He didn't trust it. He kept walking until he turned into a little house that was his and stopped there, waiting for some reason.

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Avdey watches and follows silently. He was curious to see who this man was. Maybe he could provide a quick snack for Avdey. Or maybe he was part of that French clan his father was wanting to bring down. Maybe, if this man was, Avdey could do something, make his father proud, prove that he wasn’t useless.

When the young looking man stops, Avdey stops as well, looking at him from the shadows. After some long moment he shifts his weight announcing his presence with the soft rustle, but he doesn’t step out of the shadows. He keeps watching, waiting to see what the man will do.

(My brain is dying more and more. . . Lol, this is all I can come up with-)

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Elwin understood that this wasn't his imagination. But what, or who was there? He walked back, closed and locked the door to the house. If something was there, he sure as hell wouldn't let it into his house. He decided that what ever he needed from the stores could wait until the next day. Elwin looked down at the concrete of the floor and then looked at the shadows. He couldn't make anything out so he turned around and headed out to the park.

Elwin hummed a tune that his father had sang to him as a child while walking. It was very calming for some reason.

(Bit short because it was a bit rushed. I need to got some where for a bit [I'll be on in like… 30 minutes to an hour])

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Avdey grins slightly. Smart man. Not lingering, going somewhere with slight amounts of light and open. He follows, staying quiet, his breath slow ad soft, his footsteps light. The only sounds he made were the ones he wanted to be heard.

He steps under a tree and jumps up into the branches with a soft rustle. He peers through them still watching the man. He contemplated hoping down and speaking to him, but he was more curious about what he was doing.

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As Elwin hummed and the wind whistled in his ears, he thought to himself about his clan, the Grouillement. They had constantly bombarded him with unneeded task. For his benefit, that is. He would assume so, due to the fact that the turned don't usually have such a high statues as he had. He worked hard for it and he'd never got the proper respect that a pure blood.

As Elwin came closer to the entrance to a park, he went to a more open spot, where he saw no one was, and sat by a bench.

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After long moments, Avdey jumped down, hands sliding into his pockets and he strode over, an easy grin on his face. He kept his fangs tucked away. Unlike the turned, the pure bloods didn’t have retractable fangs, but they did know how to make it look like regular canines.

He strides over, tilting his head in greeting, “Hello. I thought I would be the only one out for an evening stroll today.”