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Hello!! I got bored again and this was the result. Its your classic fake dating trope. Also maybe mafia. I dunno. I havent decided. Responses can be anywhere from 2 sentences to multiple paragraphs. However, I want someone who is more active so one response every 3 days (i am an impantent bastard). I'd like for no smut as I am a minor and feel uncomfy doing that (even if it is just pretend), so if we get to where that would happen it's a time skip. Otherwise, I'm okay with triggering content, gore, swearing, and pretty much everything. I have no preference between A or B. (Sorry if its cringe. I think its cool)


A has a complicated job. Not really. She does whats asked of her and collects her money bi-weekly. But, whats asked of her isn't normally peaceful. She's dangerous and quick and bold. Everything an assin needs to be.

When her boss tells her the next big job she'll be participating in she dosen't think anything of it. A major politician. He's guarded heavily. He owes them and won't pay up. He's not responding to the threats either. Theres a party he's holding. An anniversary for him and his wife. One thing. She needs a date to get in. Nobody will go with her, she's not known for a safe exit.

A puts up and ad, "Fake girlfriend needed. Will compensate." B responds.

B is a tragic girl. Unsafe childhood, mental illness running on both sides, unplaned pregnancy at 15, on her own by 16. It's nearly impossible to sustain yourself when you are working minimum wage, going to school, and living completely on your own. Of course, she signs up. Money and a chance to play pretend? Why wouldn't she?









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( 🥺 do i need to go all out again for another rp that will hopefully actually get past me making a character and nothing else happening? no. but i cant resist the gay <3 if i may? <33 ive been doing a lot better lately w checking notebook AHAHAHKLDFKJ )
(i dont have a character for this YET (??? maybe.. there is a chance i can modify an existing char for this but unlikely) but i can def get one up within 3 days >:3)
(im also trying to get back into rping again so im not THE BEST but i will do my best <3)

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(tysm! i've decided i would love to reuse an oc <3 she just fits so well <3 but i'd like to know if catgirls are ok in this au? if not that's perfectly fine i just need to adjust some details :3)

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oh man ok here she is. it's kinda long since i repurposed the og sheet uhhh…… also the ref sheet i drew is a specific au unrelated so you can ignore the snake tat and the text at the bottom lol

name: Maira Lorenson

alias: Candy DeLark

age: 24

gender: genderfae ( she / star / it )

sexuality: lesbian, asexual

nationality: swedish

height: 5’5 / 162cm

occupation: medical assistant

species: hybrid (cat—eurasian lynx/Lynx lynx)

abilities: due to her cat genes, candy has heightened senses (hearing, vision, touch). she can perceive sounds in higher ranges than humans, being able to hear up to 50khz, as well as having better sight in environments with low light. she’s very more sensitive to touch than the average human, and already sensitive areas, such as the neck and fingers, become more sensitive and can detect slightly more (albeit mostly useless) information from objects, such as texture, small residues and liquids, etc.

. . . . . her left arm is significantly weaker than her right due to her past, as well as chronic nerve damage (median nerve, neurotmesis), so if her lower arm, wrist, hands, or fingers are touched in certain spots, stars first instinct is to flinch away, even if she’s used to the pain now. requires an abnormal amount of rest. 12-15 hours is usually enough for 24 hours. its ability to walk silently is an active ability, however, and if she uses it for over an hour (at a time), she gets a really bad migraine that can last anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days. the increased in touch sensation also produces aversions to specific textures.
. . . . . candy LOATHES being wet. a few drops are fine, but anything more than that is awful. for this reason, no matter what she wears or what the weather is like, she always makes sure her top has a hood, or that she has an umbrella. due to her heightened senses, she’s easily prone to overwhelm, and doesn’t do well in environments with loud noises or with a lot visually going on. i wonder what would happen if you tried poking into her past . . . ?

weapons: while candy is quick to immediately lash out using just her hands, it’s largely ineffective due to her disability. that’s not to say its other hand isn’t strong, though, if its fist catches your body, that’s got to hurt. she’s best with a colt 1911 (one she got soon after she arrived at uni. of course she made sure to keep it secret, but as long as it's by her side every night, she feels a little safer), as it’s easy enough to operate with a fully functional hand and a hand that’s fucked over. (it’s also the only gun she knows how to use.)

personality: A girl hurt by being surrounded with a world of pain and hurt and suffering. She is no longer as empathetic as she used to be, and instead prefers to focus on herself more. This often results in a startling inability to respond to conflict and pain as a “normal person” would. Candy will choose to turn a blind eye to their pain, and continue her life as normal. Star aspires for a happy life where she can be supported by both the mafia and her “normal” job, as well as a deeper understanding of the human brain.

Despite stars hidden empathy, it can’t help but feel short bursts of anger towards people in pain and suffering, especially those with illnesses or disabilities. She can’t understand why they can’t do certain things, even if they are like herself.

She often presents as a carefree girl who is just a little bit nerdy and hungry for knowledge, while also a little clumsy at times—which, is not wrong, though there certainly is more to her than that. When it’s time to get serious, she shuts down and stops talking, throwing all her focus into the mission or job at hand. When overwhelmed, she crawls into a corner, if she can, or flees into the bathroom and won’t come out until she feels the danger has passed.

likes: astrophysics (hyperfixation), nighttime/early morning, pink, cats, space/the stars, writing

dislikes: roommates, poking into her past, most people, black, noninstrumental music, messes

backstory: Growing up, Candy felt like she was surrounded by a world of hurt. She was loved, cared for, and provided for, and she did feel loved and cared for. But they were all hurting. Stars father, a veteran, suffering from PTSD. Its mother, struggling financially to provide for the family as the sole breadwinner at the time. Its younger siblings, two years and five years younger than her. Her father often lashing out at her due to delusions, thinking he was still back in the wars, and her family doing nothing to protect her. Even at school, there was no relief. They didn’t live in a more modern town, but on the outskirts of what appeared to be a town of decay. Most of the buildings had mold in them, and it was rare to see the modernities we’ve gotten so used to in a home. The kids she attended school with were suffering. Their parents were suffering. And the staff were suffering. As a result, star suffered. But she was young. And no one explained the hurt to her, only told it that it wouldn’t understand.

She doesn’t understand she doesn’t understand she doesn’t understand.

Why won’t anyone tell me? star often found itself thinking. I am loved. or am I? I am cared for. They treat me well. …right? And I love, I care back! I want to treat them well, too. Why won’t anyone let me?

Eventually, this line of thinking ran into: If I can’t understand, because I have never experienced that hurt, maybe I need to hurt like they do so I understand.

Candy clutched stars arm tight, rocking back in forth trying to comfort herself. It hurt, it hurt, it hurt so much. But she still didn’t understand. Why couldn’t she understand why they were hurting? What was she missing? ((TW: sh mention)

So she decided to do a deep dive into the world of knowledge, to soak up as much information as possible. Yet she was still young. Many words whizzed past her understanding and in the end she still didn’t understand. Over and over and over again she tried to understand why they hurt. But no one explained, no one told her, and nothing came of her desperate attempts to try.

A kid by 15. The father? No memories, just a hazy night and waking up sore. Though she somehow managed a somewhat successful birth, she ended up leaving the baby at the doorstep of a local church – it was simply impossible to protect both herself and the baby at home. And by 16, her family told her they were "leaving on an extended vacation" and would let her know when they were back.

The first bill came a few months later, after they stopped paying them. She didn't know what to do with it. With what money was she supposed to pay it with? Shouldn't her parents have taken care of it already? A month passed. Another one, informing her that there was a late fee to be paid now. Another month passed. This time, informing her that the electricity would be turned off if it wasn't paid by the end of the month. Other bills had long made their way into the mailbox since the first, and star was forced to get a job desperately, trying to maintain the house she grew up in.

When she left for university at the age of 23 after selling the house, the memory loss was gradual. Subtle. Unnoticeable. Even the “friends” she had made wouldn’t have been able to notice such things. This loss wasn’t in the present day memories, but rather of her past memories. Slowly, her memories were “rewritten,” and she could barely remember a thing before she had moved out. Its brain had decided that it would be too painful to live with the knowledge that she was abandoning friends and family, knowing that they were still hurting, and thus, it was better to erase it all. Most of the memories she did recall involved the hours she spent at the library researching.

As a result, Candy became very sensitive to her past. It wasn’t enough just to erase the past, no, star had to develop trauma symptoms over it as well. Asking about the past was bad. Stars subconscious knew that the past was painful, forbidden, awful. And though she didn’t understand why, she lashed out at anyone who dared ask about her past, or even mention details. And maybe everyone just struggled with the same things she did. Maybe she was just weak, and needed to try harder. One day, she too, would be able to achieve the same things that everyone around her seemed to be able to, right?

family: mother, father, and two younger siblings. stars not in contact with them anymore, so she doesn’t know if they’re still alive.

extra information:
. . . . . education: high school diploma, double majoring in astrophysics and neurobiology
. . . . . for reasons unknown to herself, she didn't quite feel safe if she wasn't hiding behind another name at university, hence the alias
. . . . . hunts wild snakes for fun

physical appearance:

(scuffed erasure of the human ear lol)
candy is mostly humanoid, save for her cat ears, tail, and paws where her feet would be. while her hair is naturally a darker blonde, she had her fur and ears dyed when she went through with the hybridization.

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Name: Jessica "jess" [insert last name] (she/her)

Age: 20(I know she's young but I'm bad at portraying older characters D:)

Personality: Intimidating. Often quiet. She keeps herself to herself. Like a secret to be guarded with one's life. Gets flustered really easily however. Not alot is known about her past or personal life. She has 2 close friends and they don't know what much about her.

Appearance: tall and slender. She works fast with narrow hands and long legs. She has golden hair that falls near straight down her back, stopping right past her shoulder blades. It's often pulled back into a sleek ponytail with curtain bangs. She has brown eyes and pale cheeks. An oval shaped face. She wears lots of black. Black shirts and jeans are her "uniform". When she's dressed for herself she's in band t-shirts and baggy jeans with massive jackets. (If ur game there's a scattering of scars on her forearms and thighs)

Height: 5'9

Disabilities/conditions: Shes nerodivergent (adhd) and also used to sh. She was born w hip dysplasia so her hips pop loudly, painfully, and often.

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(Mhm!! I love this prompt. This is gonna be kind of a slow burn. Bur not too slow cus I am impatient)

(I will get a starter up by the weekend cus I'm kinda busy cus this week is auditions and I have a lot of homework.)

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My computer lights up woth a notification. Someone applied for the job, I think as I open up a new tab. no shit.

I quickly set up a private chat with the mystery girl. Maria their profile says. "I'm Jessica. I see your interested in playing the part of being my fake girlfriend. This is a very important job. However I promise that nothing romantic will be required. I simply need you for admission to a gala. It's couples only." I hit send and lie back on my bed.

This week has been a Rollercoaster. I was busy doing a job on Monday. When I went for payment on Tuesday I was Given my next task. This is normal. The task was not. I have to take care of Mr. Sentif. I've been tasked to get money from him before. I've been tasked to send his wife the cheating proof. I've been tasked to send his son to jail. I've been tasked to kill.

I've been tasked to kill. And I've killed. But I've never been tasked to kill him.

I've never been tasked to kill Mr. Sentif.

Don't get me wrong, he deserves it. And the payout is great. 15k just for his pretty little head. But I've been tasked to do it at the annual anniversary gala he hosts to celebrate his wife staying with his cheating ass.

I don't mind parties. I can stay on a low radar and swiftly steal what I'm required, kill who I have to, or simply accompany a co-worker. Normally, when I'm the one working it's alone. I'm not to fond of being responsible for others. Multiple times my partners have been wounded, jailed, or left behind. I don't blame them for not wanting to go with me.

But now I need to get a rando to be my partner.

All because of Mr. Sentifs stupid ass rule to keep one of his mistresses from showing up. Asshole.

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Candy jumped, startled by the notification on her computer.

A message from one of the job handlers she'd written. As she read the message, a knot began to form inside her stomach. An important mission, huh? She didn't know if she trusted herself enough to successfully carry out "a very important mission." Let alone, a gala admission? She didn't know how to talk to other people. Star didn't know how to be normal around other people. Star didn't think she had what it took.

Trembling, she slowly typed out with her right hand, Call me candy please. How much you paying?

Immediately, it withdrew from the bright screen of the computer. It hated to be so blunt, but typing out a proper reply would take forever with her one hand—though admittedly, she had gotten pretty good at one-handed typing. And she was tight on money. Rent was due. She needed groceries. Even then, she still feared. Worried. Her father's anger was palpable, in the air. The anxiety, slowly taking over. She could only hope that if the pay was high, she would be able to pull this job off. She would probably still take the job even if the pay was low—she was growing desperate.

Another thought occurred to her as she thought this, and returned briefly to the keyboard to type out one more message: How long will this gala last? When is it?

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(I'm bad at keeping up with tense… so so sorry if i jump around with past and present)

My computer lit up again. Candy. Thats great I sit back up at my desk and begin typing out a response. "Hello, Candy then. Your payment will be 2 thousand dollars. As terms of the gala, the time I will need you varies on how quickly" I pause. I definitely cannot tell her over this. My keyboard soon resumes clacking. "I grow bored. The galas full length is around 4 hours from what I've seen. About 2 hours to talk to people. An hour to eat. And then the speeches. The host, Mr. Sentif, always makes one at the beginning. In terms of when the gala is, it's on August 3rd. So about a month and a half away. Will you be taking this position or should I continue looking? I need to find someone for this as soon as possible" I hit send.