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In the world where everything collides…




Every belief, myth, story and creature all live…hidden away from humans. They hide their identity to keep the balance and peace…though…some manage to break this barrier and venture into the world of hidden fantasy. Secrets are kept…promises are broken. Yet…life goes on and on for the over world.

And yet…in the realm of the heavens, sat the land of the Christian god. This land, despite who thinks is pure, is hiding many truths. The white fluffy clouds and pearly gates cover the darkness and sorrow inside.

However…one arch angel saw these truths. For he was not blind. He was curious. And this was what planned his seemingly demise. Curiosity was forbidden by God. This was to prevent rebellion. Father was always right…and those who questioned him, would face severe punishment.

Though…this arch angel sought to test the system. He vowed to destroy this veiled hell. The arch angel who saw all saw the powers he possessed and decided to use them. Yet…he was quickly caught and punished.

Yet somehow…he didn’t see his punishment as terrible. In fact…it was empowering. He created his own life. Kingdoms, creatures and more. He soon became a god.

And yet he was still feared.

Kreo was feared by half, and respected by the other. He ran all. Most specifically, the council of the gods. None dared to confront this god. And those brave souls who attempted would immediately face their doom. Their worst fears come to life right in front of their eyes. Soon, Kreo oversaw half of the worlds creations. All of which he loved just as much as a mother loved her child.

Now…curious souls. Prepare to meet the god of curiosity and creativity. The god of life and death. The god who broke the rules.

Hello! Sorry for that long prologue. I’ve been thinking about this for a bit now and I wanted to write the story of my oc/persona Kreo! He’s a really cool concept and I think you guys may like him. I don’t know if this will turn into a rp or just a book or short story, but anyways fine with me! If anyone is interested in being a character in this story feel free! You can literally be anything from a childhood friend who saw it all, to someone who met Kreo after his transformation. All up to you! I hope you enjoy!

Just a little rules if someone does want to join:

Reply at least once a day unless something comes up. If you just disappear then I will continue on the story without you and ask to make your character go missing or just leave.

Be nice. Yes this rp is including religion but it’s a branch off. It’s fantasy. I am not fully representing any religion expect my own and my own experiences plus a little spice. If I do represent something wrong and I need to be corrected let me know.

Andrews rules apply.

Graphic scenes may come up. Readers be warned because there will be sensitive topics.

I’ll wait for you if you want to join! And I understand writers block. So just pm me if you need a break or need to leave and I’ll be glad to help you out. Even I get writers block. So I’ll pm you if I need a break.

I will post my character here soon and his before transition pic. Enjoy! ^^

@Eli-the-transboi group

Kreota was a young angel when she first learned of her powers. She was only 5 when her drawing came to life. As the little girl drew a small rose on a blank piece of paper, the rose suddenly started sprouting from the paper. Soon, a black and grey rose was in the 5 year old’s hand. She was ecstatic to show her parents, but instead of proud praise, she received feared screaming and promptly had her creation snatched from her hand and burned in her parents fireplace. That day…she felt her first pang of hurt. A burning sensation deep in her chest. This was also followed by the child’s parents scolding her and taking away all her beloved art supplies.

The poor girl sobbed herself to sleep that night. She didn’t understand why she was in trouble…but that day, she learned that something was wrong. She didn’t know what, but she would figure it out soon. She promised herself she would. No matter what.

The sweet little angel began studying, looking around libraries and begging for knowledge. But instead of being granted such treasures, she was simply told, “Father knows best. Listen to father, sweetie.” And shooed out of the library. In a huff, the angel marched her way back home. She would figure this out someday. Yes. She would learn why all these adults were acting so strange. Mark her words.

@Eli-the-transboi group

As the years went on, Kreota attempted to go on with her day to day life. Though by the time she was 13, she had become a full rebel. At least to her parents. She had always hated being told what to do…so when her parents instructed her to wear her simple white dresses to school, she simply scoffed and dyed her dresses black. She would always get weird looks from her teachers, classmates, and parents. Especially her parents. But she was sick of this! She hated dresses entirely! And being forced to wear an unflattering white gown was sickening! Kerota took her own creative liberties and started making her own clothes behind her parents backs. Jeans, loose fitting tshirts, boots. She would then wear these clothes under her dress, then rip her dress off and walk around in her true self. Of course…this didn’t last long before her parents were contacted.

“How dare you?! What has gotten into you?!” Kreota’s mother scolds.

Kreota had a blank expression as she stayed silent. She then was slapped by her father. She gasped at the contact and flinched back, staring at her now fuming father.

“You are a disgrace to us! Our name!! Maybe we need to send you to father to straighten you up! Is that what you want?! You do want to be taken away from us?!”

Kreota stared in shock at what she was hearing. She then quickly looked down to hide her tears and her darkening eyes. “No…” She whispered, her voice shaking with sorrow. “I’m sorry…” She shudders and wraps her arms around herself.

“You should be sorry! Now get home before I hit you again!”

Kreota shudders and rushes past her parents, sobbing as she lifts off and flies right into her open window in her room. She dug through her hidden drawers, only to find all her hidden art supplies had been taken. The angel then screamed in frustration and kicked at the drawer, tears flooding her colorful red and deep blue eyes as she cried. Why was this happening?! What did she do?! Why did she have to follow these stupid rules?! She was only 13! What the hell did she do wrong?! She had no friends, no true family…she had no one to support her. Why her?

The poor angel slumped into the wall, sobbing more as she hid her face in her arms. Suddenly…she had a thought. She’d be able to find the truth if she joined the other side…all she would have to do is pretend. She was good at pretending…

Kreota laughs softly and dries her tears, then stands and grins. She may not look like her pale and blond parents…but she could definitely work her way up to become ‘just like them’. Kreota giggles as she starts shoving all her rebel clothes into a corner and pulls on that hideous white gown. She would show them all once she found her truth. She would open everyone’s eyes. What’s more…she would make her parents bow at her feet.