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Character A is a cursed immortal! And they have been stuck in a sealed library for the greater bit of 5 centuries or so. They were turned into a vampire in their youth, proceeded stumbled into the library to find it sealed tight with magic. Unable to escape, they have lived within the
Character B is the fellow magical immortal who had sealed the library to trap a different magic threat, and never turned it off. They come back to the town, to find Character A trapped and grumpy.
After introductions, Character A is at long last freed from the tower, and goes to do some sightseeing since they've been in there for so long. Character B accompanies them, and the pair of immortals go on a road trip around this blank slate of a fantasy world.
Both characters actual origin of immortality in undefined and open to be whatever,

Andrews rules apply!
Keep it Pg-13!

Try to stay active
Try to do at least 2-3 sentences so we're not just doing vague one-liners back and forth.
Be a decent respectful human being

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(Yeah, here we go. Feel free to add any information you want too that's not on here already)

Height and Weight:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
General Looks:


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Name: Avdey Vorozheykina
Age: 19 (Or so you’d think, but he’s actually about 603 years old)
Gender: Male He/Him
Sexuality: Homosexual as hell-
Eyes) Golden brown, but if he goes without blood, they'll get a red tint to them, and eventually, if he goes long enough, they'll turn fully red
Hair) Ash Brown with a slightly wavy texture
Skin) Naturally, his skin is a light peachy color, but if he goes too long without blood, the color will slowly fade from his skin until he's white as a sheet of paper
Height) 5'9"
Weight) 186lbs
Body Type) Lean with slightly broad shoulders and a slightly narrow waist.
Race- Vampire
Animal Form Description) It's a vampire bat, the fur is the same color as his hair, with a white chest and stomach
Special Race Ability) He has incredible hearing (that he can turn on and off), he can hear anything within about 100ft radius, he can also focus his hearing on specific things, the downside is he gets a really bad migraine when he uses this ability too much.
Race Weakness) Garlic (Obviously) (Note: The race weakness list has a few other things, though the one noted here is just what Avdey himself is susceptible too)
Race Clan) The Vorozheykina Clan. This clan is the second most powerful Russian Vampire Clan, giving Avsey plenty of instantaneous popularity at school
Clan Ability) Can control fire. Summon it at will, control it at will and change it’s Tempe true and color.
Personality: Avdey is usually a calm, collected young man, rarely showing much emotion about anything. He has excellent control over himself, never letting his emotions take control. Most of the time. Avdey has some anger issues, everything's fine unless he gets angry, it's then that he'll lose control. It's times like these where he loses control of his bloodlust, which can be dangerous for the person he's mad at.
Avdey already finds it difficult to control the bloodlust of his nature, so add getting mad easily on top of that and you can bet he's had triple problems. If you take away the anger, he's a nice guy, loyal and gentle. When he's bonded with someone, he'll go down swinging for them. He's also honest, if he messed up, he'll let you know.
-Reading; He loves the world's books can make, and he loves it when he can bond and understand the character, and he also enjoys deep, descriptive books that make him feel like he's actually there as the story's taking place.
-Quiet Places; If it's quiet, and no one's there, he can't get mad. This also helps with his sensitive hearing, even if he can turn it on and off, when it's off, it can still be pretty sensitive.
-Fighting; No, he doesn't like antagonizing people and starting fights, but he does like sparijg. He finds it an excellent way to take out his anger.
-Bening Interrupted; This dude hates Interruptions, when he's talking, reading, or doing anything else, if you want him mad at you, then just do that.
-Loud Places; They cause him bad migraines so he avoids them like the plague
-Sirins; Their unnaturally beautiful singing voices put him on edge, and he also avoids them, he doesn't feel like going underwater, even if he can't technically drown.
-Sparing; Its calming and he enjoys it.
-Wood Carving; It is strangely relaxing, satisfying and calming for him.
-Coding Video Games; Somone, he's hooked on mortal technology, and he loves coding tiny mini games.
-Fighting; He's just talked at it, what can I say?
-Wood Carving; He enjoys doing it so much, he became really good at it.
-Dancing; Something he's somehow good at thanks to his vampire grace.
-That he will never be able control his bloodlust and become the classic vampire that mortals fear.
-Garlic; If he invests it, it can make him really sick.
-Spiders; They scare the carp out of him. He'll scream like a girl if he sees one.
Mental) Anger Management Issues
Physical) N/A
Background: (I have his history somewhere-)
Other: He's heir to the Vorozheykina Clan. He was born A vampire, not turned.
Born vampires tend to be stronger than the Turned, having more than the typical abilities given to the Turned. Turned have enhanced strength, speed, and senses. Some even get a gift.
Born vampires have a gift based on the clan they are born into, as well as enhanced speed, strength and senses. As well as the ability to turn others.

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Name: Vesper, Ves,
Age: Looks a nice spry 21, is about 591
Pronouns: He/They
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height and Weight: 5'8, 178 lb
Hair Color: Naturally a pale silver, but he occasionally dyes it whenever he feels like it's boring. (Is currently at its natural silver though)
Hair Style: Medium Length, Wavy
General Looks: Sharp dark black eyes which grow darker when he uses magic., almost either smirking or just has a blank expression on his face. Has pretty pale skin,

Race: Cursed Human, (Others call him a Shadow-Touched, but he considers himself human aside from the immortality)

Magic: Can create tendrils to grab things, and corrosive shadow magic as offense. Can cast a variety of non-shadow spells as well, mostly utility.
Personalty: A snarky yet apathetic young man. He snarks and pokes fun at others, but he always sounds a little deadpan. Sounds like he is detached from other people and the things happening in it, tending to not care about other people. But below a thick, thick layer of detached sass is a person who does care about others, as he often helps towns and people in danger on his travels. He has a love for stories and nature, being considerably less snarky about those.

He doesn't care who he angers or annoys, saying whatever he feels like, sometimes going out of his way to insult someone.

Hobbies: He tries to write original stories. They are not that good. He also journals his experiences in the same notebook he writes in. Has quite a few actually, due to his long lifespan. Don't look at his old ones. They are very embarrassing.
He has a fondness for going for walks through forests and wilderness.
Reads books, prefers indie novels rather than more popular ones, since those can be found almost everywhere.

Likes: Traveling, walking, experiences. Despite his seeming emotionlessness, he has a great love for the outdoors, new places and folklore. He also enjoys making fun of people to get reactions out of them. He loves birds, and keeps trying to get one to perch on his hand, but birds seem to be afraid of him.
Has a great appreciation for authors, artists and all kinds of creatives in the world.
Dislikes: -Repetition. Doesn't like using the same spell twice, reading the same book, or anything of the sort. He dreads the day where everything has been done before and nothing is original.

  • He also has a deep fear of the underground, and similarly enclosed spaces, due to the 60 or so years he spent in a tomb.

Background: Was born on a very unlucky day, and as such was cursed with: A. Fabulous magical power. B. Sapped of most emotions. C. Given an eternal lifespan. For his first 60 or so years he was stuck in his hometown, having been entombed by the village due to his curse being seen as a horrible thing. He broke out as the seal weakened, and traveled the world, seeing sights, eating foods, defeating monsters and sealing curses along his path.

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(Sorry for the wait)

Vesper breathes in the air as he strolls through the woods. This particular village is a personal favorite of his to revisit, as it had an excellent nature trail, and a quite fabulous library. A towering building surrounded by grandiose red oaks… quite a beautiful sight from almost any angle. Being able to admire scenes of nature gave him a peaceful feeling, feeling almost like a whole person.
He finally arrives in front of the library, and moves to enter. bump Oh, right. He taps the open doorway to see a purple magic barrier ripple in response. Hm… He had sealed up some sort of demon? Spirit? Something of the sort. It had been one of his earlier encounters so he had forgotten what it was in particular. He casts a spell to sense for any presences, and there is one thing in there. Not the being he had sealed in there in the beginning, but something that must have wandered in. It must be an undead or something similar, or else it would have probably already left. The barrier was one of his that trapped only beings of dark origin. Technically included himself, but he made it, so it was easy enough to open it or destroy it if he needed to. He pulls apart the barrier a little, a small tear so Vesper can slip into the library. It is dark, so he conjures a small mote of purplish light. The library was surprisingly well kept, no torn books that Vesper could see. Interesting. Perhaps it was a more sapient being rather than a primal monster. "Come out, come out, wherever you are…" He calls out, hoping to draw it out, or perhaps it would answer back.

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Avdey had spent five centuries trapped in this library. He knew it like he did the back of his own hand. Where to hide, the best books, the worst ones. Most just thought he was a book worm. A lover of literature. How he despised it now. He’d come in here to find a single book and when he tried to leave, he’d found himself trapped. A shame. The library used to be a bustling place of quiet activity, but after five-hundred years of him being here. It was deserted.

Avdey had to feed somehow. And he had been young when caught. His bloodlust palpable, hard to control. So all it took were the inhabitants finding the dead bodies drained of blood and the rumors spread. Now, the only ones here were the librarian and the speckling of people that came in. He had control now though. Sitting at his sixth century.

He was sitting on top of a bookcase, the towering nine foot shelves gave him a nice view of the opening in the center of the library where some tables were, as well as where the librarians desk was. He liked to sit up here and people watch most days. But today was a Sunday, so the library was closed and he was alone.

He hears footsteps coming outside the doors and he stands, silently walking forward on the top of the shelf, jumping to the next one and looking at the doors. He feels the small tear into the barrier hold him trapped here. So a mother magical creature, one strong enough to break the barrier or the creator. He bares his teeth, his fangs sliding out, ready for a meal. Or the hunt.

Maybe he would stalk this creature through the shelves before he pounced, show him the wrath he had for being trapped here for five centuries. He was a Vorozheykina, he did not take well to being stuck here. He would drain this creature and burn it. He would get out of this prison. This creature must be stupid, because everyone knows you don’t leave a trap like that unattended. You could trap the wrong creature.

He listens to the voice, male in origin. The shape of the creature looked human, but he didn’t smell human. He smelled different. Off. Avdey hops down from his vantage point, staying hidden and silent as he moves throughout the library, tracking the creature.

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Hm. No response. They were there, getting nearer. "Whatever was in here, they were good at hiding, as he couldn't see any sign of it lurking. Vesper casts Shadow Armor on themselves to add some protection. Obviously if the trapped being wasn't showing their face, then they were either just very shy, or planning an attack. More likely the latter if they've been trapped in here for a while. Most undead need to feed as well, so a hunk of meat like himself was probably quite enticing. It would seem so anyway. Vesper smelled vaguely human, but it turns out that most undead that get a bite out of him find his flesh and blood to taste quite bad, presumably due to his curse.
Vesper continues walking through the library, not letting his guard down, as he knew that he was being hunted now. Vesper walks towards the 'New Books' section in the back of the library. This is to see if there's any books he hasn't read yet, and the back is roomier, giving more room to cast mid to long range spells.