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Name: Eurion Beddoe
Gender: Male, he/him, gay
Age: 125
Race: Fae
Looks: Eurion stands at 6'5. He is fairly lean however strong and muscled in all the right places. His skin is more on the tanned side but paler during the winter seasons. His hair is a dark brown, shorter on the sides and longer on the stop - soft and slightly wavy. He has dark eyes to accompany him, practically black depending on the lightning, and he has pointed ears. He has quite a soft jawline despite his outwardly more intimidating appearance. His nose and cheeks are freckled. He makes sure that he is clean-shaven whenever he can as the sensation of facial hair annoys him. He has a naturally neutral to more angry facial expression, probably because his mouth is usually slightly downturned into a scowl or a frown.
Tattoos: His right bicep has a cat skull with a snake through the mouth accompanied by some florals to tie the piece together. The florals extend along his shoulder turning into vines that wrap around his collarbone before starting to extend down his back where the piece turns into constellations and a faceless God.
Piercings/Jewelry: He wears a necklace with a blue gemstone
Scars/Distinguishing Marks: He has a large scar across his back that cuts right through the centre of his tattoo, and one across his left cheek.
Preferred style of clothing: When working, he wears tighter-fitting clothing in order to prevent anything from snagging while slinking around places. Usually brown or leather (I've attached a photo for reference because I don't really know how to describe his working outfit). He has an array of daggers, knives, and other weapons tucked into every place possible. But when he's off the job it's loose-fitting button-ups in white or dark blue.
Personality: Hardworking, dedicated, and determined. He's passionate about the things he likes and doesn't tolerate bullshit. Has a bit of a short fuse but usually, that's not an issue considering he doesn't have to talk to people, just kill them. He's softer on the inside than he appears.
Background: His parents named him Eurion, meaning 'gold' or 'golden one' as they believe that he would grow up to do great things (little did they know, they weren't entirely wrong) and it's where he gets his name from The Golden Hunter. Grew up fighting and training from a young age. Originally it was because he just wanted to defend his family, though soon it was because he was Chosen, then it became to fulfil the duty of the Old Gods. His mother and father were unfortunate victims of a disease that passed through the Fae people, leaving just him when it came to family. With no one to care about him or anyone to love, he set off and dedicated his life to the cause that he was granted.
Magic: Shadow manipulation. He is able to control them and create weapons, objects, and 'shadow men'. He can also use them to conceal himself, which is perfect for what he does.

i’m too lazy to edit this so for the sake of our idea let’s just say he’s in his early 20’s, he studies criminology/forensic science, and he’s human lol