forum "if she breathes, she's a thot" "ALL WOMEN ARE Q U E E N S" // just some gay roleplay idk // OxO // CLOSED! Feel free to stalk tho!
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just a thing i wanted to do. i thought it would be cool or whatever idk

anyway here's the plot:

M/C (my character) and Y/C (your character) are in a relationship that seems to be getting rather abusive on the other end, but they are trying their best to get through it and be chill.


  • don't be rude ooc
  • this may have some sensitive topics (i.e: abuse, cyberbullying, etc), so please be prepared if you decide to join or stalk!
  • there may be hints of gore and all that stuff so don't say i didn't warn you when that stuff comes up-!
  • have fun OwU-

(My character's ref sheet)

Name: Chisaki Yumeko
Nickname: Chisa
Age: 20
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Corrupted Anomoly
Height: 4'9
Weight: 96 lbs
Personality: Is usually very calm, but is also rather shy at times.
Noticable traits: his white hair, the devils wings on top of his head, his orange and yellow colored eyes, and the two small fangs in his mouth
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(Hmm… Ooh! got it!)

Name: Lawrence Caro
Nickname: Larry
Age: 27
Sexuality: Homosexual
Species: Half-merman (has webbed fingers and fins and stuff, but doesn't have a tail unless in water
Personality: Flirty and aggressive
Noticeable traits: red glowing fins about his body and ginger hair, crimson eyes, and in between his fingers is red webbing, and he has red patches all around his body.

@nebula__ group

(oooh, cool! he sounds really awesome ^^ i may be unable to start now because of school, but i swear when i find a time for us to start we can go on ahead! <3)