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His name was Icarus, and he was in love with the sun.

But no, that would be starting in the middle, wouldn't it? So let's go back to the beginning.

Once, the earth and the sky loved each other so much that they created the Titans, Kronos and the rest, and Kronos was the father of the gods.

Ah, but no, that's too far back, now isn't it? We want the beginning of this story, not the beginning of the world.

Once, there was an inventor, and his name was Daedalus. He lived in Knossos, in the court of King Minos, and he created many wonderful and beautiful things. He was the son of a minor nobleman, and thus he earned his place at court, by the king's side. He fell in love, got married, had a son. His wife died when their son was three. When Minos's wife bore a monstrous, bull-headed child, Daedalus built a massive, intricate labyrinth to house the creature. Nevertheless, the inventor had lost the king's favor, and he fell through the levels of court, hitting the earth when an upstart youth solved the labyrinth and killed the minotaur. When the youth sailed away with the king's favorite daughter, Daedalus and his son, then 14, were imprisoned in the labyrinth. Four years later, they are still in the labyrinth, working on finding a way out. Minos' servants deliver food, and a stream running through ensures they never lack for water.

Daedalus is not a kind father. He is a legend, but he is not a good father. That is the only thing Icarus knows to be true. His father has taught him much, but not all of it is good. He wanders the labyrinth alone, for hours a day, and it is during these wanderings that he catches the eye of the god of the sun. Apollo. For weeks, Apollo is content with watching, but then he appears before Icarus one day. The two eventually strike up a romance, though Daedalus never knows of his son's liaisons with the god of the sun.

Then one day, Daedalus says he has figured out a way they can escape. Wings of feathers and wax, strapped to their bodies, and Icarus knows that he has found a way to escape his father and his cruelty, if he can only wait that long.

As long, that is, as he and Apollo are not discovered by Daedalus.

Basically, Icarus x Apollo, forbidden romance, that kind of fun stuff. I'll be Icarus, you would be Apollo. Does take place in Ancient Greece, and other myths will probably be referenced, so I'd like you to at least have some familiarity with Greek Myths and all that.


  • Andrew's rules apply
  • 16+ preferably, please, simply for my ease of mind
  • There may be triggering content in this RP; as such, please tell me if you have any triggers
  • Smut will be taken to PMs
  • Four sentences minimum per reply, please
  • Don't be afraid to suggest extra plot points/ideas we could do! I want drama and angst and fun and romance, all that good stuff
  • I reserve the right to say no


Age: (or age appears to be)
Gender and Sexuality:

Name: Icarus
Race: Human
Age: 19
Gender and Sexuality: Male, bi, leans towards guys
Looks: Icarus is 5'9", with curly dark hair that hangs across his forehead and brushes against his shoulders in length. He has olive skin, that is rather tanned from the sun. Has bright green eyes. Hands are scarred from working on various projects. Typically wears a chiton that at this point is starting to get a little small, brushing against the lower third of his thighs when it should hang just past his knees.
Other: ~


Name: Apollo, but usually when he's on Earth he goes by Aelius.
Race: God
Age: Early 20's, actually centuries old.
Gender and Sexuality: Male, raging pansexual.
Looks: Blond hair that reaches past his shoulders and kind of towards the middle of the back. He usually has it in an half up, half down style that falls faintly into his eyes. His eyes are like honey, He's well built, and has bronze tanned skin. Usually he has this kind of golden aura around him when he's a god, as well as he's bigger and has this whole appearance to him, usually beautifully designed clothes. However, in human form, he's usually just wearing something a little more on the simple side as not to arouse suspicion.
Other: Apollo is a god of many things- so- uh yeah that goes. I'm not sure how op you want him lmao.


I love him! Lmao uh, tbh as long as his abilities are in line with what he can do in the comics, idc. Go wild lol



Daedalus was working. Again. He didn't need Icarus's help, and that was just fine with Icarus, who went off to explore the labyrinth. The routes changed day by day, which was why it was impossible to escape. But he didn't care about that right now. He just wanted to explore, the sun bouncing off the walls and dancing through his dark hair, playing over his olive skin as he wandered the maze, a leather canteen of water hanging by his side. The maze was hot, and he took water to make sure he wouldn't get dehydrated by the heat and sun.


Apollo was doing his usual runs, taking care of the sun… As per usual. As much as he loved his job, he had so many other ones, not to mention a god needed to have fun occasionally. Which… He hadn't been lately. He was currently gazing over the earth, watching it move below him. He sighed softly and ran a hand through his hair, once again bored. There had to be something he could distract himself with.


Icarus hummed quietly as he wandered the labyrinth, eventually coming to an outlook. It was a cliff, and far below was the sea. It was one of his favorite places to sit. He sat down, looking out at the glittering expanse of water. It felt like a lifetime since he had seen anyone or anything other than his father and this maze.


Apollo paused when he saw a bit of movement below him and he paused, taking a small breath. His chariot could handle itself for a little while, but he grew curious of the man he saw move along the outlook of a cliff. He had seen the man before, occasionally. The human was definitely handsome… he could admit that. He took a deep breath before willing himself into his human form and leaping from his chariot. He glides gracefully down and out of view so the human didn't see him just yet. He moved to the cliff side and smiled a little bit. "Hello?" He called out curiously. "Is someone there?" He peeped around the corner and tilts his head at the man. Now that he was closer, he could definitely see all the small details, which made him pleased.


Icarus jumped at the sound of a voice, standing and turning around. "Oh. Uhm. How did you…get in here?" he asked slowly, not quite understanding how this person could have gotten into the maze. He was, suddenly, too aware of the fact that he had outgrown his chiton, which, in the style of most of them, was tied around one shoulder, had a belt at his waist, and then hung down two thirds of the way to his knees. It should have hung just past his knees, but any fabric that they received from Minos, Daedalus used in inventions.