forum i shouldn't be starting another rp but i got an idea (o/o) (open)
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@requiemisback language

ok so i was listening to Aishite Aishite Aishite by Kikuo-P and i wanted to do a rp based off of it.


  • no bullying/harassment ooc
  • no smut/nsfw content
  • gore/violence/swearing is fine

i'm definitely open to any prompts ideas relating to the song :)
i'll have a character template up soon!

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(Okay… so fair warning… idk what the song's about)

@requiemisback language

(from what i know.. the song is mostly about a girl wanting attention from her parents who have high standards??? ngl i kinda forgot, but i think that just about explains the general idea of it. though people have thought it was about a girl begging for love from her S/O but that was just kinda some stigma that stuck to the song cuz of the lyrics and all.)