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I had a really nice rp going but it sadly died so I’m making a new one woo!
A recently orphaned prince has now come to age where he must marry. All potential suitors are welcome, including a lowly assassin who is sent by their commander. coerce, seduce and play the game of the high court. Use any means necessary to marry the prince. Except they have no intent on marrying the prince. They want the kingdom for themselves and for their people. They want what was brutally taken eons ago.

  • minimal swearing and no smut
  • be kind
  • be active
  • no one or two liners, please include detail whenever possible
  • lgbtq+ is welcome so let me know if that's an option for you
  • open to ideas~
    Here’s my girl! May have another character included later, we could have a side romance with them as well.
    Name - Luna Blythe
    age - 19
    species if any - Half elf, half human
    appearance - light drown hair that falls in waves to the middle of her back. Typically put up into a neat bun with wisps of hair on either side. 5'4 in height. Slender build, not much muscle. brown-amber eyes with flecks of green, showing her elf heritage. slightly pointed eats also due to being elf. facial features are soft. Skin is pale with a splash of freckles along her cheeks. Has a birthmark on her inner wrist that resembles a crescent moon
    personality Calm and collected. Likes to observe more than jump in without thought. Can become snarky and sarcastic when confronted, when she's angry, or emotionally passionate. It's kind of her way of trying to be rational without physically hurting the person.
    Has a softer side when alone. Indulges herself with books, mostly of romance or of far away places. Dreams of finding a mate but her duties as an assassin limit them
    likes - dark chocolate, she could eat it by the ton! peonies since it reminds her of her father and mother. reading by the fireplace, folk music and dancing at night
    dislikes - interacting with most people, alcohol or bars, being underestimated, frilly dresses
    things that annoy them - ticking noises, people who think she can't lead because she's a female, restricted movement or breathing
    small quirks - she tends to get lost in thought when alone and she starts to softly smile at seemingly nothing, not in a creepy way but more in an adoring, loving way. likes being around kids and animals
    backstory Luna grew up as a single child in an elf village on the outskirts of the kingdom with her mother (human) and father (elf). It was a fairly normal and loving time until her father was killed in an altercation in the city and later her mother died of heartache and grief, poisoning herself with hemlock. Luna was taken in by an assassin group at the age of 12 despite her being half elf and has trained with them since.
    other nope


(Ah so sorry, I need to update the title, no it’s not but id be happy to make another threat if you’d like!)

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(Apologies for not posting my character earlier. I was quite busy and I wasn't quite done with them.)

Name: Penumbra Remington

Age: 20

Species, if any: Human

Appearance: Penumbra has brown skin. It's closer to a light brown than a dark brown. She has short red hair that doesn't exactly reach to her shoulders and big light gray eyes. She's around 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has thin, dark eyebrows, and a round nose. She has freckles scattered all over her face. She has a slender build and doesn't really have muscles, even though she does train.

Completed image
Completed image

Personality: Penumbra is a sweet, and kind person. She cares about others more than she cares for herself. She tries her best to help others and give advice when needed. She’s also pretty goofy, mischievous, and chaotic. When needed, she can be commanding, cold, and serious. She can stay calm (or at least look calm) when she or others are in a dangerous position. And she's pretty optimistic. She looks for the good in others and is pretty much a happy person. At the moment, not so much.

Likes: she likes reading, mostly fiction, but occasionally she reads non-fiction, history, chocolate, astronomy, swords, star gazing, nature, cute animals, snakes

Dislikes: dark chocolate, spiders, dresses, learning the names of every other queen before her mother, politics, the sight of blood, being a fake version of herself to please her parents.

Things that annoy them: Her younger sister, Della. She’s more mischievous and chaotic than her. But the thing that really annoys her is that she always managed to get out of trouble with their parents. People pressuring her to make decisions, which leads to disaster.

Small Quirks: She starts tapping her leg when she wants to leave a room or an event that has her bored. And when she’s annoyed or angry, she usually bites her lip from refraining to say something insulting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Backstory: Penumbra as a child, was much more mischievous and chaotic, and quite rebellious. She was actually a lot similar to how Della is now. She didn’t follow many of the rules her parents had and they had to send her away for a while, hoping that she’d stop being so disobedient. It didn’t work, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. They shaped her into the perfect daughter, the perfect princess, and the perfect heir to the throne. Or, at least that’s what they thought. After that, she spent most of her time in the library, reading books and doodling on some paper.


  • She has a sister four years younger than her.
  • Penumbra is bisexual, though she leans more toward females
  • She has a pet snake which she named Mr. Noodles
  • The snake is a baby
  • The snake is a male
  • The snake is always with her
  • The snake is not poisonous
  • The snake is friendly
  • She would be devasted if anything happened to the snake.

Originally, I was going to call the snake Loki but decided not to. Maybe she'll get another snake and call them Loki.


(It’s alright! Don’t worry about it! I love penumbra! And herb pet sneks 🤣 here’s a starter!)
Luna arched a delicate eyebrow as she read over the invitation Antonio had given her that morning along with the large box that he had somehow managed to get inside her room while she was out…again. Gods above if her cousin made it into her home one more time she’d skin him alive. She sat on her bed, admiring the scrolls of lovely writing that decorated the quality paper. Most just flowery script outlining details of a ball that was to be held in honor of the eldest princess. She nodded slightly and set the note down carefully. Glancing over at The box, she’s narrowed her eyes suspiciously but her curiosity Got the better of her and she lifted the lid of the box. She took a step back, the dress in the box a stunning deep blue shade will silver embroidery accents. Luna didn’t wan to know where Antonio got the dress or the invitation, Didn’t want to feel bad for whoever the dress or invitation were meant for. She took a peek at the note on top and grinned.
hope you like the dress Moon. I’ll be over in a few hours to discuss the plans and to pick you up. Be ready.
Love Antonio.

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(Thank you! I love Luna too!)

Penumbra sat on her bed, as she looked at the dresses Della was holding up. She nodded her head as Della said something, most likely about the dresses, as her gaze went down to the book in her laps. It annoyed her that there had to be a ball. But despite her arguments that there was no need for a ball, her superiors decided otherwise. They had told her how was she going to find potential suitors without a ball? She had told them she wasn't ready to get married, but they dismissed her by saying nonsense. Della sighed as she put the dresses down gently and swiped the book out of her sister's lap. Penumbra looked up in annoyance.

"Would you concentrate, Penny?" Della asked as she crossed her arms. "The ball is in less than an hour and you haven't gotten changed. I'm trying to help you out here, but if you don't want my help, I can just leave. And you can go out in the outfit you have now. Which to be honest, is quite hideous."

Penumbra scoffed as she got up. "That's your opinion, dear sister." She made her way to the dresses and looked them over. She picked up a dark blue dress and held it up so Della could see it. "What about this one?" She asked her, hopeful that she would say that she liked it.

Della shrugged as she sat on a chair. "Not exactly the most impressive dress, but it'll do. It complements your hair and your eyes, so that's good. Now, hurry up and change so I can do your hair."


“Now aren’t you a sight.” Antonio mused, smirking from his seat in the small living area.
“Oh hush, you’re one to talk.” Luna scowled at her cousin though she couldn’t deny, the dress was lovely and she did adore the fit.
Antonio shrugged and flicked off a nonexistent speck of dust from his shoulder. “I’m merely a good thief that is good looking.” He winked and offered his arm to her “shall we? We do t want to keep her highness waiting.”
Luna smiled and took husband offered arm, swiping the invitation from her bedside before making her way out with him to the waiting carriage.
“Now you’re aware of your purpose tonight?”
She sighed and nodded “for the millionth time yes. Acquaint myself with the royal highnesses, the court, and the council starting today. Today I get close to the princess, if things go well enough tonight hopefully I’ll be able to get close enough until she announces a partner. After, if everything goes well, she’ll be killed on the eve of the summer festival, the kingdom will mourn and I’ll take the throne as a distraught wife wanting to do everything possible to avenge my dear wife. In reality I’ll be avenging our people.” Her eyes grew bright as she repeated the plan they had gone over, the thought of finally being able to get back what had been torn away from them after so many years filling her with true hope for elves.
“Right. And that’s all. I want no remorse for the princess’s once she’s dead. Your duty is to your people not them.”
She nodded “of course.”

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Penumbra quickly got changed and sat in front of Della. Della got out what she needed and started creating her masterpiece. She tugged on Penumbra's hair, which lead to Penumbra letting out a loud yelp. Mr. Noodles, who was sleeping on his bed, opened an eye and hissed. He made his way to Penumbra and settled down around her neck. "Are we done here? I have short hair. There is no way it can take so long to do my hair." Penumbra asked as she petted Mr. Noodles's head. The snake hissed at her but didn't do anything else.

"Yeah, yeah. Almost done. I just have to add some finishing touches…" She said as she stepped back and gave her sister a mirror. "Viola! How do you like it? I did a good job, didn't I?" She laughed as she sat back down on the chair. "Of course I did. You know, I might do this for a living. Doing people's hair."

Penumbra rolled her eyes as she got up and adjusted her necklace. Mr. Noddles had fallen asleep again and she decided to not disturb him. She looked at the mirror and smiled. She then turned to her sister. "You did a wonderful job, Dumbella. Thank you for your services," She said as she bowed mockingly. "Come on, we're going to be late."

Della laughed as she exited the room with her sister. Both of them knew they were late since royals had to be at the ballroom 15 minutes or so before the ball officially started. They rushed to the ballroom and Della opened the doors dramatically. "Truly sorry for being tardy, ladies and gentlemen. We had more pressing, important matters to handle first." Della said to the people who were already there. Mostly the maids, Penumbra's superiors, and the castle's staff.


Luna took Antonio’s outstretched hand as she stepped out of the carriage, glancing around as multiple couples walked up to the open doors of The palace. Luna has never seen anything both so beautiful yet so painful to look at in all her days. Well, other than the fires that spread through her home village when she was a young child. At the time, she though the warmth and shades of deep reds and iranges beautiful. Only after she was the last one standing in her home surrounded by charred family did she feel the pain. With a deep breath, she followed Antonio into the palace, each step she took up to the doors solidified the plans she had gone over. She was pulled out of her reverie when Antonio nudged her arm gently, gesturing for her to show the invitation. She’s nodded in apology and passed it to the announcer
“Sir Radley Dellvaire accompanied by his sister Lady Lillian Dellvaire!”
They both bowed and made their way into the ballroom, taking in the lavish decorations.

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The ballroom was quite large but very plain at the same time. Or at least that was what Penumbra's superiors thought. Penumbra couldn't believe that the decorations weren't enough for them. Della and Penumbra were looking at the guests who arrived from the top. She knew that any moment soon, they were going to announce her and she would have to walk down the stairs, all regally. She groaned as she laid her head on her hands which were clutching the railing. She looked up when the announcer said Lady Lillian Dellvaire. There was something about the girl she couldn't quite place.

"Is this what being Queen is all about? Attending balls and looking for a spouse? Attending meetings with boring people who help make the Kingdom a better place?" Della asked as she stood by her sister's side, attempting to awake the snake that had fallen asleep on Penumbra.

Penumbra smiled at Della and patted her head. Della glared at her and tried her best to fix her hair because she knew that Penumbra had most likely messed it up. "Cut it out. I have to look presentable. You have to look presentable. We have to look presentable. Mostly you."

Penumbra laughed. "Trying to get a boyfriend…or a girlfriend, Della? I thought you said romance wasn't for you" Penumbra teased. The announcer looked up at Penny and she nodded.

"Soon to be Queen, her royal highness, Princess Penumbra." The announcer exclaimed, with surprisingly a lot of energy.

Penumbra sighed and straightened her dress. She looked at Della and smiled. "I have to go. We'll talk later. Don't think you can escape my wrath," She said jokingly. And with that, Penumbra walked down the stairs, smiling at everyone in the room.


Luna had been milling around as more people entered the and filled the ballroom. Antonio had gone off to acquaintance himself with the nobles and to dance, whether it was for enjoyment or to help them gain status among the royal court, she had no idea but whenever she caught a glimpse of him through part she in the crowd, she could tell he was having the time of his life. As was the dull young lady lady grasping onto him like her life depended on it. Her deep green dress did nothing to match Antonio’s vibrant style. He wore a deep crimson with a near sheer white silk shirt, enough to cover his skin, though just barely. Paired with their inherited pale complexion skin, and gold flecked eyes, he probably looked like an angel come to grace the earth just with his appearance alone. She laughed at the thought, her cousin and angel. Maybe to her but to anyone else, he was more close to the devil. Luna has no doubt they both looked very out of place to everyone else here but she shrugged off the discomfort as she made her way towards the orchestra that had been playing.
She glanced up towards the stairs as they announced the Princess was announced and clapped politely, bowing and curtsying along with everyone else as Her highness made her way down the stairs towards them. Luna watched the Princess from her side of the ballroom, observing how she interacted with her people and how they received her as well.

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"Your Highness!" A male voice exclaimed from the ballroom. Penumbra turned around and saw a figure walking towards her. The man bowed when he reached her and Penumbra smiled. "Samuel, what a surprise. I thought you wouldn't come. Since you know, you've been extremely busy these few couple of months. Either way, it's nice to see you again."

"It's been quite a while. If I recall, the last time we met in person, was eight years or so." Samuel responded with a smile. His smile faded and was replaced with a remorseful look. "I am terribly sorry about your parents. Kindest people I ever knew. Doubt they could ever do wrong. A pity they're dead. I can't imagine how hard it is for you and your sister."

Penumbra nodded. She'd like it if people could stop mentioning her parents, but it seemed like that was an impossible wish. The people in the Kingdom adored her parents, and so did the princesses and princes from the neighboring kingdom. Samuel didn't see that Penumbra was uncomfortable. Or maybe he did and just didn't care. The only reason he was even there, was because he wanted to become king. There was no way he would ever become a king in his kingdom, seeing as he had two older brothers, who already married and had children. He gave Penumbra a smile and extended his hand. "Would you like to dance, your highness?"

Penumbra looked at the extended hand. She had two choices. Either decline the offer or accept it. And from her experience with Samuel, it was best if someone accepted his offer than declining it. She nodded and took the hand, and the two started dancing to the music.