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Guess what? I need another RP, because I'm that bitch.

Anywho, I have two or three ideas, which are as follows (all include romance of some sort)(unless otherwise noted, any pairing will be accepted):

  • Mafia leader meets innocent civilian who needs a favor or something like that. Romance and danger bloom. I would be mafia leader, as this is more of an urban fantasy/historical fantasy than true mafia mafia. I'll explain if this one is chosen
  • Fae prince in ancient roman inspired world. Half-fae or human slave/gladiator catches his eye somehow. Romance. Murder. Shenanigans. Tbh is inspired by the Folk of the Air series so. I'd be the prince, and again will explain more about world if this one is chosen
  • this one is the least developed of the three. A: "We both survived, that has to mean something." B: "No, you survived. I got turned into a monster, and it is not the same thing." I would be B.


  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules apply
  • smut will be taken to PMs
  • 16+ please
  • four sentence minimum
  • these RPs could all contain potentially triggering content, so please inform me of any and all triggers before we begin
  • I reserve the right to say no


(:D no problem! Mmm they aren't really combinable, since the character I have for the second one just,,, wouldn't fit as either A or B lmao. So, pick one? Or should I pick?)


(awesome! So, first of all, I need to tell you how this world works haha:
Like I stated earlier, it's inspired by the ancient Roman Empire, okay? So if in doubt, it's roman lmao. Basically, the Fae are the "Romans" and have conquered nearly all of the other countries around them, bringing them under Fae rule. Humans are seen as second class and not people, and have been mostly enslaved by the Fae, and used for work, pleasure, and even gladiator fighting. Half-human half-fae hybrids tend to go either way about whether they're seen as "Fae" or not. Typically, it depends on whether or not their Fae parent chooses to "recognize" them and legitimize them, in which case they are treated as if they are Fae. If they are not legitimized, they're treated basically the same as any other human. Not all humans are slaves, but even if thye aren't enslaved, they're second-class and seen as lesser. Most Fae don't have massive families, with four being the most a Fae can typically have. Humans, however, can bear more children in their lifetime than most Fae can, and so sometimes, half-human and half-fae will be purchased/hired by a fae to be used as a surrogate and carry more children for the Fae's family line. The current royal family of Tarrae (the country/empire) has six children in total, three of which are from various mistresses of the king's, though they are seen as and treated as legitimate heirs to the throne. None have a drop of human blood in their veins, and are all fully Fae. My character is the fifth of the six, and the youngest prince, since the sixth is a sister. Therefore, he doesn't expect to ever have the throne, and behaves exactly as you'd suspect an indolent prince to behave; he can be cruel, and wanton, and has a sharp temper. Your character is either human or half human, and could be a gladiator or slave, but somehow they get stuck together for some reason. Not literally stuck, but like,,,something happens and your character ends up belonging to/owing a life debt to my character, Riven. They mutually hate each other and do everything they can to make the other miserable, even while hiding attractions)
(This is kind of a brief overview, there's more, but this is really all you need haha. Any questions?)


(Would you like me to paste the sample in this chat or do you want a link somewhere else? Also, how long would you like it to be?)

(just link would be fine, and if I accept you I'll set up a separate thread for us)


(That’s okay, I did create a new character recently, but I don’t think she’d work for this as I think of her as a sort of demon-esque cryptid sorta thing but I might just look over the characters I’ve been neglecting recently and decide haha)


Age: (preferably between like, 20 and 24?)
Gender and Sexuality:
Magic?: (most humans do not have magic)
Backstory: (opt.)
Theme song(s): (opt.)

Name: Riven (rye-ven) Aurelius Briar
Nicknames: Ri
Titles: Prince
Occupation: Prince
Age: 23
Species: Fae
Gender and Sexuality: Male, pan
Looks: Riven is 6' even, with a slender, lightly muscled form. He has wavy black hair, that hangs down over his forehead in soft curls. He has pointed ears, which are pierced both in the lobe and along the cartilage. His eyes are gold, and flash sometimes when it's dark. He has pale skin, and has no freckles nor much of a tan. There are a few scars on him, but mostly his skin is unmarked. He typically wears a loose white shirt and black pants, or a traditional toga or chiton when he feels like it. Typically has a golden circlet perched in his hair. Wears rings on his fingers and necklaces around his neck, and often goes barefoot. Has a sharp jawline and cheekbones.
Personality: Like most Fae, looks down on humans and considers them to be lesser. Can be lazy, capricious, and even cruel when he wants to be. Just in general is not the kindest towards others, and has a group of friends that are rather similar to him. Enjoys drinking and the occasional drug, and can often be found with the glittery powder of Fae drugs on his fingers or glinting at the edge of his mouth, especially during parties. A shameless flirt that doesn't really have any serious relationships, at least romantically. Sarcastic, with a tongue like a knife.
Magic?: Has the typical Fae magic, along with the ability to control and create fire.
Likes: Drinking. Drugs. Sex. Riding (horses and the like). Heat. Warm blankets. Fire (duh). Swords and knives (he can wield both rather well).
Dislikes: The cold. Falling. Water (mainly drowning; he isn't a very good swimmer). Humans. Being bored.
Backstory: Didn't have the greatest childhood, as the youngest prince and the son of a mistress rather than the king. Has mostly been ignored by his fellow family members throughout his life, except for one of his older brothers, who he lives with. Once killed another Fae in a duel. Rest of backstory will come out in RP
Theme song(s): "Hate Me" by Eurielle, "Horns" by Bryce Fox, "Trouble" by Valerie Broussard, "Medicine" by Daughter
Other: Aesthetic