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Okay so basically uh
Your character is a kidnapper? Or a villain of some kind or a person looking for money idk
And my character is a small sea dragon hybrid baby
And as he decides to talk to you more since he's too clueless to really know what's going on, your character realizes that he is heavily neglected at home and doesn't even know it
So, naturally, this means that his parents will not be coming to get him, especially not for a ransom
Then you get attached and oops, you have a son now?
Sorry that I'm not very formal or anything uhhh
Hopefully someone joins lol


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Here is my son
Name: Cerulean (Ru)

Age: Six

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Questioning, but not really relevant to the roleplay


(Extended) Cerulean is about three feet tall and not quite thirty pounds. He appears thin when he's not wearing oversized clothing. His skin is a very pale blue color, he has heterochromatic eyes (right is blue, left is teal), he has finlike ears, and he has a dragon tail. He does not have wings or horns, and he does have sharp teeth.

Personality: Cerulean is very naive and trusting most of the time. He can be incredibly touchy feely, which can cause problems if he decides to touch a mean person or generally something dangerous. He loves pretty much any attention due to having neglectful parents (he doesn't realize they're neglectful, but receiving attention might make him confused at the contrast). He may become overwhelmed with too much attention. He's generally very outgoing and sweet.

Background: Cerulean was born to a sea dragon mother and a human father. As is typical of dragons, his mother left, although he still visits her on occasion. His father is resentful and heavily neglects Cerulean, but he does not physically abuse him. Cerulean doesn't mind, though, and generally catches his own food (almost always fish) and generally takes care of himself.

Other: Cerulean does very poorly when he's dehydrated due to being part sea dragon. He needs to drink a lot or he'll be weak, shaky, pale, and his skin gets dry and flaky if it's bad enough. He also has a tendency to collapse or be unable to walk due to dehydration.

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Name: Tori
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: Tori stands tall at 5'11, and has a slightly muscular form. Her skin is light blue, and she has fin-like ears. She has warm brown eyes, and gills on her neck, although she can breathe air if need be. Her hands are webbed, but only to her first knuckle. Tori has very short brown hair, except for part at the front that she allows to grow longer, and has dyed green.
Personality: Tori's cold and calculating, at first. Once she starts to trust you, she's very sweet and caring, and she has a huge soft spot for kids. She's usually one to keep her friends out of trouble, and can talk her way out of many situations.
Background: Tori lost her parents at a young age, and grew up on her own for most of her life. She made a few friends when she was young, but they left her after a while. She currently lives on her own, but is short on money.
Other: I got nothin'


(Uhhhh maybe he gets lost in the sea and you're like "mm, dragon hybrid, that's kinda weird. Maybe I can sell that 👀" lol)


The soft sound of waves filled Cerulean's ears as he swam out further, trilling excitedly to himself. It was always exhilarating when a wave crashed over him and sent him spinning under the water. His father was nowhere nearby, of course, and Cerulean himself was too distracted to notice how far out he was getting. He dove under the water and swam down to the bottom to gather up the pretty shells he found, still completely oblivious. However, when his head popped up above the water, he glanced around and realized that he could no longer even see the shore. He dropped his shells and went pale, his heart pounding harder in his chest. Oh no… How was he supposed to get back now? What if he was lost forever? Tears stung his eyes as he looked around, beginning to panic. "H-Hello?"

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Tori was sitting on the ocean floor, watching fish swim by, when a shape much larger than the fish swam by. The woman glanced in the direction that it had swam, and only saw seashells sinking to the ocean floor. Above the shells, a small pair of legs and a tail. Tori's eyes widened as she shot back up to the surface, swimming in the direction of the creature. As she approached it, she got a better look, and her brown eyes softened. "You look lost," she commented. "Where are your parents?" Maybe if I… took him in, his parents would pay ranso-a reward for finding him.


Cerulean hiccuped a bit and rubbed at his eyes when the woman rose to the surface. "Y-Yeah, I was just… I was just swimming, a-and I guess the tide pulled me out, and I can swim pretty good, but I c-can't get back…" He explained weakly. "I'm stuck out here and I'm gonna get eaten by a shark and I'm just gonna be gone forever and nobody'd know what happened to me…" He started crying harder as he fought the tide, trying to figure out which way home was.

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

"You're not gonna be eaten by a shark," Tori explained. "Do you need help getting back to shore?" The woman reached out a webbed hand, her eyes full of concern. "Where are your parents?" She repeated. "I'll try to find them once we get back, okay?"