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Hello person who may be reading this. I don't come out onto the main forums often but I'm very bored right now. I'm also in the mood for a very specific trope, but first, my guidelines:
Swearing is cool, slurs are not. Period.
Grammar please, I make mistakes too, but please try your best to conform to universal grammar laws. (If you don't use quotation marks properly I will not be able to hang onto the RP. It will drive me INSANE)
This will probably be NSFW at some point, because that's the mood I'm in, so PLEASE don't offer to join if you're not comfy with that.
I am a fantasy writer, most of my characters fit that MO, this is your first warning.
I prefer writing gay romances, so keep that in mind. Strong preference to male characters, particularly bottoms.
Please be consistent, and tell me if you're going to vanish for a week or more.
Tell me about any triggers or stuff like that.
This will most likely go to DMs almost immediately, which mean that I am okay taking on a few (No more than three) RP partners.
Alrighty, that all aside, I've really been craving an Alpha/Omega-based RP, something fluffy, almost definitely smutty, easy to play around with, ect.
In general I just really wanna see one or a few of my bois semi reluctantly coddled and dommed by an overprotective alpha, and have a little fun with an RP like this.
So, post here if you're interested?
OH! And also please come with an idea for how they meet and stuff? Please?
And this will probably be unrealistically speedy for a relationship, as I don't do well with slowburn.
In case it wasn't already clear, I would strongly prefer you play the Alpha in this scenario.

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I mean I have messy feelings about this trope but you seem cool and I need to get back into properly RPing, so like…. I don't know, I'm very interested in writing a very somft Alpha who just wants to be loved and to love. He's more of a service top though, is that alright because I have other characters I could use. Also what are your rules for this universe? I know A/B/O writers can use different rules depending.

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Hey humans!
So, first human, I've stalked a few of your RPs, and I'd love to do one with you, and I think a soft dom would be very nice to hang out with!! Is it okay if you DM me and we can talk specifics? There are some parts of what this entails that aren't really appropriate for public forums. :D
Alex, second human that popped up, :D It's totally okay that you're not as acquainted with the trope. Honestly, it's pretty easy to write and shit, so I don't think that'll be a problem. Do you wanna set up a DM and we'll see about getting this moving? :)