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I love this idea and was doing a pm with someone a couple years ago but it died. If anyone wants to try this out, welcome!

The only things I'm going to say is that the skin colour and hair colour doesn't have to be pale and dark, and the clothes don't have to be jeans and a t-shirt. You can choose to be either the dead person or the reaper

Template will be provided once someone joins


Lucifer appeared with a puff of smoke and a grin on his face. "Oh, yes. I'm all about fairness, little angel. And I do so love to make deals. Now. You want Anaele back, is that right?" He snapped his fingers and a shimmering form appeared, of a blond boy with spiky hair and electric blue eyes. "Well, here he is. I will give him back to your world, in exchange for you! How fair is that? One of my best offers, I would say."

Simon sat bolt upright, realizing exactly where Razielle had gone. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit." He scrambled off the couch, shoving on his shoes, grabbing his keys and running down the stairs. He looked like a madman, he was sure, but he went through the ritual to get to Hell, and tumbled into the sand. Standing up, he took three deep breaths to avoid vomiting, and shook out his clothes. From where he was standing, he could see Razielle and Anaele. He stopped walking toward them, shocked. He didn't expect this. This was unfair. How was he supposed to choose between Razielle and Anaele? After a moment, he had made his choice. He stepped between Lucifer and Razielle and said in a low voice, "If you lay even a finger on him, I'll take your heart out with a spoon."

Lucifer laughed. "Oh, dear, dear me. Razielle, it seems your boyfriend here has some objections!" To Simon, he said, "How do you think Anaele here feels? To see you pick some nobody over your best friend?"

Simon tightened his jaw and said, "I've made my choice." His hands began turning black, showing his anger.


My character will obviously have powers because he is death but I was thinking that maybe you're character could also have some minor powers and could end up becoming a reaper in training


Name: Simon Percival Andrews
Nicknames: Si, Percy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Polysexual
Appearance: Dark brown slightly curly hair, big grey eyes rimmed with long lashes. Tall, about 6'1''. No facial hair or anything; thin-lipped, a Roman nose, and high cheekbones, long fingers and sharp cheekbones, hair is always a mess, speaks in a soft, raspy voice.
Personality: Caustic, judgemental. hates himself, and people in general. nihilistic and masochistic. Cynical, self-deprecating, and witty. Not a physical fighter, but likes to debate and argue. Smart, but quiet for the most part, knows more than he divulges.

Family: Only his brother is still alive, but they don't have the best relationship. Doesn't talk to him except for a few weeks ago at his wedding.
Outfit: Zip up grey sweater, black and white striped shirt, black jeans with a rip in the right knee, purple clip in his hair, yellow converse with purple laces.
How did you die: Car crash: he was drunk and ran into a tree, sort of on purpose
Likes: oranges, Chinese food, cool earrings, boys, pepperoni pizza, personal space
Dislikes: hugs, bland food, itchy sweaters, people, cheese, existence
Other: really good at origami
Powers: Paralyzation by touch and generation of fog


Name: Rowen Emrys
Nicknames: Row, Reaper
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Rowen could be considered a 'soft boy' he stands at about 6'1, had a warm tea coloured skin tone, grey-ish green eye colour, and ash grey hair. He lost his eye due to [REDACTED] and wears an eye patch. Some of the younger souls he's transported have called him a pirate or ninja, one even called him Nick Fury but nicer
Personality: Rowen is someone who likes sitting in the beach with his feet in the water and watching the sunset. He loves walking around the earth visiting all the places he's been to, seeing them change over the centuries. Rowen's fallen in love but never been loved. He is soft spoken and kind, wears his heart in his sleeve and is extremely loving. Children are one of his favourite things in the world so when he goes to collect the soul of one, he is sorrowful. Rowen wears his black cloak when he goes to transport souls but wears his normal clothes under it.

Family: Unknown
Outfit: a black turtleneck or dark collared shirt with either a blue jacket or tan coat on top, dark coloured jeans or pants, black boot or grey hightops. He has piercings and tends to wear asymmetrical jewelry, usually has a black or silver stud in his eyebrow piercing, silver rings, and leather bracelets. Contrary to popular belief, Rowen doesn't use a scythe, he uses a bow and arrow, polished black wood with silver runes carved in the side, a leather sheath with silver runes and arrows created in the depths of Hades' underworld
Likes: skipping stones, whistling, reading, disney, animated movies, dragons
Dislikes: insects, espresso, fruit teas, boba
Other: Rowen likes to sit on tree branches and study people and looks like a college student so if he shows himself to the humans, he looks like a college student