forum I'm bored and looking to get back into writing a little. (OxO) (Open.)
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@redwood eco

As the title suggests. Lately I've been writing a lot of poetry and decided it was time for me to start writing a little more prose. So, anyone wanna help me out?

I just ask you to have decent spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. And that you give me something to respond to with each reply. I shall attempt the same.

If you have any ideas, that's cool. If not, I could very well come up with stuff. (LGBTQ+ characters are allowed if that makes you comfortable.)

@ClownB*tch eco

are you interested in running an rp or just being in one? I have a few rps that need more people for but I have no ideas. If you would rather run an rp then I am also fine with joining this as well

@redwood eco

I'm not too good at group RPs seeing as I usually have a semi-busy schedule and fall behind. So running one would be more ideal for me.