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Okay so basically
I need some more variety in my life, so I created a fuck ton of picrew characters and now I wanna roleplay with them
I'll post the pics at the bottom with their names and really basic info because they need to be developed lol


  • Not first come first serve! I have the right to deny anyone for any reason (although I usually won't, if I do it's probably because our writing styles don't mesh well)
  • I don't care how long your responses are, but preferably more than a one liner? Detailed one liners okay but please give me something to work with. Usually my favorite length is around one paragraph (I can't keep up with several paragraph replies qwq)
  • Please be literate! Occasional slip ups are totally fine, but please try to have correct grammar and spelling most of the time
  • LGBTQ+ characters are loved and respected <3
  • Don't be rude >:0
  • Swearing is perfectly fine, but no slurs of any kind!
  • OP characters are banned >:0
  • If you have questions, ask! Just make sure you put things in parentheses if the roleplay has started :>
  • Please be active!!! Not forcing you to reply several times a day (although it would be nice lol), but please reply at least once a day or let me know if you will be unable to! I'm pretty understanding, but I'll usually bump after a day or two depending on whether or not I see you active in other forums or generally online
  • Uhhh I can add to the list if I think of things

I'll add a temp if anyone is interested! As far as plots go, I love both romances and platonic roleplays! I also tend to like both realistic and fantasy! (Magic is fun 👉👈) If you have any plot ideas please let me know lol

Characters I might end up using! (Only one per roleplay most likely) (All art is from picrews other than the second drawing of Cerulean, which is done by me)

Cerulean (Sea Dragon/Human hybrid | Male | Questioning Sexuality | Age varies, but will usually be a child!!)

Ciaran (Neko? | Female | Pyromaniac friend child | Questioning Sexuality because idk man | Age varies, but will usually be in her early to mid teens!)

Liese (Human | Female | Thinks she's edgy but actually just wants to be left alone | Soft Lesbian | Generally mid teens, but can be older!)

Nicholai (Human | Male | Clumsy dumbass who's always trying to get people to laugh | Straight? Bi maybe? | Generally late teens or early twenties)

Ario Saffron Flores (Sheep satyr of sorts | Male | Soft baby, reads lots of books and will take care of you if you magically end up in his realm lol (kinda like Mr. Tumnus ig) | Uhhh prolly bi but idk | Age varies! Probably in his twenties?)

These are in no particular order of preference, although I'm very attached to Cerulean lol. (He would likely be in a platonic roleplay! I love found family and stuff so uh 👉👈👉👈👉👈)
Sorry for the massive wall qwq

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Hey, may I? I have an eldritch horror boy that may fit this RP well!


Yeah, sure! I've seen you around before, so no need to provide a sample <3
Which baby piques your interest the most?

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I have this character that's kinda just a tired dad imbued with the powers of chaos and madness that could work?


Sexuality(not required since this isn't a romance, but if you want your character to meet someone, then by all means have fun lol) :

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Name: Sigurd
Age: Unknowable. But he looks in his 40's
Gender: Cis man
Sexuality(not required since this isn't a romance, but if you want your character to meet someone, then by all means have fun lol): Gay/Ace.
Appearance: Eyes that bleed silver and the void, a tongue that sings songs of war and destruction. Long flowing brown hair, greying a little, with a rainbow sheen underneath that when you look close enough, you can see your dream in. Tall, but not too tall, and pale.
Personality: Just done. Just straight up not having a good time, but that's life isn't it?
Background(optional): to be revealed.
Other: Had a son who died in the Great War, has a soft spot for children in general.


Name: Cerulean (Ru)

Age: Six

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Questioning, but not really relevant to the roleplay


(Extended) Cerulean is about three feet tall and not quite thirty pounds. He appears thin when he's not wearing oversized clothing. His skin is a very pale blue color, he has heterochromatic eyes (right is blue, left is teal), he has finlike ears, and he has a dragon tail. He does not have wings or horns, and he does have sharp teeth.

Personality: Cerulean is very naive and trusting most of the time. He can be incredibly touchy feely, which can cause problems if he decides to touch a mean person or generally something dangerous. He loves pretty much any attention due to having neglectful parents (he doesn't realize they're neglectful, but receiving attention might make him confused at the contrast). He may become overwhelmed with too much attention. He's generally very outgoing and sweet.

Background: Cerulean was born to a sea dragon mother and a human father. As is typical of dragons, his mother left, although he still visits her on occasion. His father is resentful and heavily neglects Cerulean, but he does not physically abuse him. Cerulean doesn't mind, though, and generally catches his own food (almost always fish) and generally takes care of himself. In this roleplay, he will have likely gotten lost and may get attached to your character, and after realizing that his own father doesn't care about him, will likely decide to just stay with you lol.

Other: Cerulean does very poorly when he's dehydrated due to being part sea dragon. He needs to drink a lot or he'll be weak, shaky, pale, and his skin gets dry and flaky if it's bad enough. He also has a tendency to collapse or be unable to walk due to dehydration.


Oo I like him! How should we go about them meeting? I figured that Cerulean would probably be lost (and likely very dehydrated from the journey), and Sigurd would probably stumble across him in one way or another aha


"Nngh…" Cerulean stumbled through the woods with his tail dragging in the leaves behind him. He couldn't see clearly at this point, and he was pale and clammy. "H… H-Hello…?" He called out weakly. Hopefully there's somebody around… I don't think I can go on much longer…
The boy had been walking alone all day with nothing to eat or drink, and he clearly wasn't doing well. He leaned up against a tree to try and catch his breath, panting heavily as pressure built up in his head. With such short legs, the long journey had exhausted him, and he had nothing else to go on. "Hello?!" He called out again, beginning to grow desperate. After a few seconds of swaying beside the tree, he collapsed with a soft yelp of pain and lay there, hovering between phases of consciousness.

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Sigurd heard a small cry, and went to investigate. When he saw the tiny child, his parental instincts kicked in near-instantly, and he scooped the boy up into his arms, carrying him off to his small house. Beads of the silvery inky void leaked from his eyes like tears, and he quickly wiped them away to avoid getting any on the child. He didn't want to infect the boy with his curse, after all.

Once he got back to his small cabin, surrounded by lush greenery and flowers that didn't grow correctly, he opened the door and laid the child out onto the small cot where he sat for hours, never sleeping, never needing to sleep. Oh, what a wretched thing he was, but that wasn't important now. What was important was the child, and keeping him safe. He started to prepare a meal, pouring some broth into a saucepan to heat up on the cast-iron stove. Fortunately, Sigurd could manipulate the world to his designs, and he manipulated a small pocket of cold to keep things fresh.

He poured the broth into a bowl, and began to spoon it into the child's mouth, giving him time to let it trickle down his throat. He must be more than half starved, Sigurd thought.


Cerulean woke up a little while after the man began feeding him, his vision still hazy and his face still pale. His skin felt dry and he was very cool to the touch, although that was pretty typical for him anyway. "Mmm…" He curled up tighter on the cot as he stirred, starting to breathe more heavily again.
"H-Hello…? Sir?" He called out weakly when he noticed Sigurd. His voice was shaky and broken, and he sounded a bit hoarse. He winced a bit, curling up even tighter. "W-Where… where am I…? Am I dead?" He rubbed at his eyes a bit, biting down on his lip. No, it still hurts… if it hurts, I can't be dead, right?

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Sigurd ran his fingers through his goatee, frowning. Was the boy really this pessimistic to believe he was dead?

"No, kid, you aren't. You're safe now, you'd collapsed in the woods earlier and given me quite the scare." he gave a soft, comforting smile. Comfort was the best he had to give, in his cursed state. He destroyed everything he touched.

"Honestly, it's a surprise you're not dead. I mean, you were out there for hours, I assume."