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Hello human who hath clicked on this thread!
I am Wolfy! You may have seen me around stalking other RPs, or not. idk.
Anyway, as the title says, I'm bored.
So, I would like a new RP to play with! :)
But first, a bit about me, and what I would expect for this!

  • I am on randomly. I probably will be on a couple times daily at least, but that doesn't guarantee replies.
  • I am on mainly in PMs, so if we do decide to keep whatever this turns out to be in the main forums, it may get ignored a lot.
  • I am a fantasy writer, I am attempting to write a novel series, and I have a complex cast of characters and backstories. I usually stick to my characters, blending their backstories with whatever setting we use. So be prepared, most of my charas are half wolf/half human, have some type of element based magic, and lots of relatives. (I have a huge overly complex family tree of 4 generations)
  • I prefer romance RPs, preferably BxB.
  • On that note, I don't shy away from much, Murder, angst, smut, kinky smut, poly ships, anything. I will tell you if we cross a line for something, and I will respect what you are comfy with, but I'd prefer to have a range of freedom with this.
  • I am not a grammer nazi, and I often have spelling mistakes. I can spell and read quite well, my grammarly on my phone loves me. But I do often have typos or errors anyway. I ask that you don't get mad, and just ask if you get confused by a random typo.
  • I like short and sweet. I commonly do one line replies. Sometimes short paragraphs. Usually one liners. I don't expect more than what I give you, but I DO expect something I can reply to. Keep the flow going, otherwise I won't reply.
  • To continue above, if I have to put more brain power than I have into keeping this going, it will die. Sooo ye.
  • Please be semi active! I get I said above that I'm on randomly, and I will admit, I have sometimes let stuff die, but I don't like letting stuff die, so try to respond at least once per day?
    Soooo that's that!!
    I have no ideas for this if I'm being fully honest, I would like to move this to PMs for the actual RP, (BUT PLEASE DON'T JUST PM ME! I DON'T LIKE BEING PM'D WITHOUT PERMISSION)
    Anyway, I reserve the right to say no to anyone who comes in here. And please bring ideas! Like I said above, I'm up for angsty kinky fluffy bxb crap, sooo… shoot me an idea and we'll talk?

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So, because I'm a basic human bitch who has too many ideas to actually work with
Is there anything you've been stalking (mine or others) that you'd like to work parts of into the rp?

I swear I'll come up with workable prompts, but am too tired rn to do much

@StarryWolfy flash_onCrazy Procrastinator

I mean, preferably we don't get into relationships that are overly toxic or messed up… (I've had to drop some of your thrreads because of that… or try to) But other than that I honestly don't have much of a clue…
And I know you know a tiny bit about my characters and style,
so what do you wanna do?
(We'll figure something out… eventually)

@StarryWolfy flash_onCrazy Procrastinator

Anyway I gtg in a moment, do you wanna make a PM thread so I don't forget this exists? ngl I don't check the main forums v often when my other threads are active…