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I have a bro named sutechi Asato. He has been kidnapped when he was 8 years old, and tortured, starved, beaten and then trained into a deadly weapon. He did this for years until he was around 18-19 and then some heros finally showed up to save him, only he escaped before they could find him. He's now….integrating somehow into normal life.

That's where you come in, your character (preferably female) could help him integrate into life, or meet him several years later. Whatever happens, let's discuss it! I like talking about a plot instead of jumping in with no idea.

Heads up! This will contain:
Mentions of torture, physical and mental.
Serious topics.
Self harm.

Now, I'm hopping to get someone that can write more then a few sentences as no one wants to respond to he said she said.


He turned to look at her, hesitating on what he should say, what he possibly could say to her…he didn't want her to look at him in disgust, or in rage. Though he knew…if he told her what he was…she very well might.
He took a deep breath, before finally speaking "I…I've done things I'm not proud of."

Like that! I understand if things happen, and you get tired and just new a simple response. I just would hope you could put some effort into it a little bit. Thank you for reading this very long desc. Lol have a great day!!!!

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(yesyes hi i am here XD i'll get a template up as soon as i can- unless you didn't want to do templates which i would also very much be down for, but i'll leave it up to you :)

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Anything else I missed:

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Name: Sutechi Asato (Takami)
Nickname: Su, Chi, Asa, Sato.
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Likes: Reading, Cats, Soba, spicy food.
Dislikes: People, hospitals, prisons, metal bars, gates, plain dirty mattresses, stone flooring, needles, surgical gloves, metal tables, scissors. Dogs.
Hobbies: Reading.
Habits: He has a habit of fleeing from his issues instead of explaining them. He blames himself a lot. He isolates himself. He has an RBF. He tends to act as if he doesn't care about something, and just be too tired to care. He scratches at the stitches on his neck.
Personality: He's very closed off and introverted, constantly avoiding any interaction with people that he can unless it's necessary. He has extreme trust issues sometimes making it so that he doesn't even trust himself. He's extremely anxious, and paranoid but whenever you look at him he just looks as if he doesn't care about a thing in the world. He does care…he just has a hard time showing it. Most of his life was spent trying to hide his emotions…and he doesn't know undo that damage. He refuses to take help or get close to anyone else who could hurt him, or he could hurt them. Either way, he refuses to risk that chance.
Bio(backstory): (aghhh i will do this later)
Fears: Getting taken back to that place, hospitals, being locked somewhere and never let out, claustrophobia, afraid of hurting others, fear of love.
Power: Stitches. (I refer to that video)
Strengths: He can stitch himself to any surface, he can make people stitched to the ground or other surfaces, and he can use it to climb areas. He's extremely toned and quick on his feet.
Weaknesses: He can't attach his stitches to liquid.
Looks: you know what he looks like. (this is so low effort im sorry)
Anything else I missed:

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don't have time to look through her character template to see if i made any errors, but here she is

Name: Loxley Mablewood
Nickname: Lexi, Sorghum (inside joke with her younger brother)
Age: 21
Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human; Russian/American

Appearance: Loxley has round slightly downturned eyes and while they make her eyes look a little bigger than your average almond shape, her deadpan expression lessens the hawk-eye stare she rocks when she's glaring at someone. Her eye color is pure ocean blue with a darker blue ring around the iris. She doesn't usually wear winged eyeliner but does like how mascara and waterline eyeliner look. Sometimes if she's feeling good enough about herself, she'll wear nude eyeshadow both on the top and a little on the bottom of her eyes- she's not a huge fan of smoking it out however.
Loxley's nose is on the sharper end of things, the bridge is straight and thin with the tip upturned into what looked like to be the start of a button nose but without the softness of one. Her lips are also on the thinner side with the bottom looking slightly plumper than the top, still, it strangely looks pouty despite not having rounder lips. She has a vague "m" shape that lines the top of her lips but overall looks to be softened out significantly.

Like most of Loxely's features, the shape of her face is also thin but softly rounded. She has a combination of oblong and heart face shapes, a strong jawline, and slightly dipped cheeks adding to the thinness of her face.

Loxley's hair is by far the most unimpressive thing about her. She has straight thick brown dull hair. It used to come down to the small of her back but at one point made a huge chop that brought it just below her shoulders. She has bangs that are a bit longer than they should be with pieces that frame her face that are even longer than her bangs but shorter than her actual haircut. Loxley's style is very much the messy kind and that applies to her hair nearly twenty-four-seven. She doesn't tend to style it much but loves pulling it back with clips and leaving stray hair in the way of her face (which kind of defeats the purpose of the clip in the first place, but she can't be bothered to fix it). Quick hairstyles are her go-to and two of the most frequent ones you'll see her have are low messy double buns or a low messy ponytail. Sometimes she'll brush her hair, sometimes she won't, and on the days she doesn't it becomes a problem, tangling quite easily.

'Chick stands at 5'7" and weighs 122 lbs. She's got an ectomorph body type and is very light for someone her height and age. This is due to her biology and a few bad eating habits she has, cigarettes taking up full meals on certain days.

Her skin is very fair and takes on a pale ivory/vanilla color with cool undertones. She has a light dusting of brown freckles mainly on the top portion of her cheeks just under her eyes and over the bridge of her nose, with the rest more scattered out and less noticeable.
She has her lobe and upper lobe pierced for a total of four piercings, two on each side, as well as two tragus piercings, one on each side.
These are two examples of what she closely looks like: I and II.

Clothes: Loxley's style ranges from flat-out grunge with band t-shirts and long skirts with platform loafers and long arm warmers, to a southernized version of goth with softly worn-down cowboy boots and lacey trimmings on the ends of her skirts, dresses, or socks- even lacey chokers. She's also a huge fan of pajamas and doesn't care if she wears them out too.
A lot of the colors she wears are pure white, browns, black, dark blues, and other washed-out colors that look like a very muddled version of their bright counterparts.
Some examples of what she may wear: I, II, and III.

Condition(s) (if any): Mild Depression, Anxiety, Cigarette Addicted

Personality: Loxley is no longer religious but one of the many things she carries from her past and the place she grew up in is the self-righteous arrogance many of her church congregation had. However, while she will stand firm in what she knows (even if it's wrong) she can admit when she's being a dick and acknowledge the truth even if it stings her ego a bit. Her personality is not like that of the other church girls she grew up around and in fact, she turned out to be quite the opposite with a loud and strong voice that demanded to be heard. She turned out to be pretty bold and a bit of a risk-taker. Challenging authority seemed to be a fun pass time for her and she couldn't have cared less if they arrested her for underage drinking and breaking into abandoned buildings with her then-boyfriend.
While Loxley can be wild and a bit cruel at times, she can also be a very kind individual. She feels her feelings out in the open and if you make her cry she won't go off to hide somewhere and cry in silence. She'll make it known that you were the one to hurt her even if the thought of being vulnerable makes her want to scream.

Even though at first glance (and even with first impressions) she seems a bit dismissive and lazy, she's surprisingly a very dependable and responsible individual. She may not seem like the type but she rarely lies about how she feels or what she's truly thinking. Sugar-coating things is not exactly her style and she may come off as a bit rude sometimes, but when it counts, she is a lot gentler and soft with others if she knows they're going through a rough time.
Loxley is very assertive in who she is, she knows what she wants and thinks she's clear about that, but somewhere in the middle of all her words, they can also lose translation. So while she may mean one thing, it is oftentimes interpreted as something entirely different.
One thing about her though, is you can count on having a good time, whether that be sitting in silence and taking in each other's presence or breaking the law by riding on top of a freight train. She's not sweet without being sour at first, but if she ends up liking you, a lot of the sweeter side of her will show through and you'll find yourself taking up priority in her life.

Likes: Homemade baked goods, tea and coffee, gas stations, chunky shoes, lacey fabrics, hard rock music, fig fruit, books and reading, spontaneous trips, dried dead flowers, porridge with small apple cubes and cinnamon, soft butter sugar cookies, ceramics, farm animals, and odd trinkets.
Dislikes: Hot stuffy weather, crying, yelling (even though she herself yells), Christianity and/or church, the Bible™, her little brother, fake promises, unbearably long hair, insects and/or lizards and arachnids, school, assholes who try to make moves on her, the law, and police officers.
Hobbies: Baking, reading, "adventuring", recreational drugs, pottery/ceramics, country line dancing, freighthopping (illegal activities, sometimes dangerous as well), and going to drive-in theaters.
Fears: Being taken advantage of, losing people she loves, going to hell, getting institutionalized, her mother, homelessness and/or losing her job, getting trapped, isolated, or abducted.

Background: A lot of what went down in her past contributed to making her into who she is now and one of the main things that threw her off track was her parent's divorce. Like a lot of families, her parent's relationship started out loving and healthy and then slowly declined into frustration and yelling over the years. No one was without fault and both of her parents were to blame for the lack of communication and raised expectations. Their fights never escalated into physical violence but a lot of the fighting centered attention in the household, overshadowing Loxley and her younger brother, Elijah. While there was no harm done to anyone, the passive aggressiveness reverberated through the house in the form of slamming doors and being unnecessarily forceful with tasks like washing the dishes that would often be thrown into the drying rack without thought.
Ironic as it may seem, the Mablewood family was expected to go to church every Sunday and be on their best behavior. Reading the bible and praying were often used as punishments when the kids were caught in anything that displeased their parents inside the household despite them saying that those were "good things".

At the time, as Loxley's parents kept having it out for each other, Loxley ended up joining a band of kids who were well-known to be bad influences in the town, and as she went off the rails with her newfound friends, her actions and person as a whole continued to go ignored, a lot of the times even harshly dismissed. Her grades dropped and her bad behavior skyrocketed to the point where suspensions were common nearly every other week until the school suspended her permanently. Her parents only found out about this a year later when she turned eighteen and already had a job as a waitress at a local dinner for the remainder of what should have been her last school year.

Other: (If you're curious enough :)

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Sutechi was working at the Convivence store at exactly midnight…He always had trouble sleeping before, so taking shifts at times no one else bothered to was like a specialty skill of his. Plus, it was quiet usually. People came in, got what they needed, paid, and then left. There was little to no communication from anyone that came in during these hours. He yawned, stretching his arms out behind him as he leaned back in the chair.

It was just a normal folding chair. it wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't too bad.

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The city had been good for her, Loxley decided. Maybe it was just a desperate attempt to convince herself that she had made a good decision by basically running away- even though she was already an adult who could make her own choices, whether those were good ones or not.
Still, it didn't sting any less that she wouldn't be welcome back home if she wanted to stop and look back for a second.

On nights like these, when she thought a little too much and the impending doom of failing her classes loomed over her, she bought a small coffee and a snack to go along with it. It was a bit of a ritual, albeit a bit of a dark one. For Loxley, it was akin to a "last meal". She wouldn't be going anywhere, but the thought of it being the last thing she did was comforting for a moment before she had to face her problems head-on again.

Loxley hummed as she brought her things to the counter, setting down a small bag of chips along with an individually packed sugar cookie and two decently sized figs. She eyed the man who leaned back into a folding chair he was resting on, her eyes slightly narrowing.
It was fine, she'd pay then get out and find a spot to eat her last meal. Maybe she'd pick a different location to visit this time.
Change was good.


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He noticed her gaze and leaned forward so that he could ring up all of her items. He told her the total, moving to place all of her items into one of the store's plastic bags. He glanced up at her, before glancing away as he waited for her payment. He let out a small yawn, simply looking around the store.
He debated questioning her bout why she eyed him, and why her eyes narrowed when she did. Though he didn't want to start trouble right now…this shift was nice.
"Is there a reason you narrowed your eyes?" He spoke, asking her as he glanced her way. "Assuming you weren't just staring at me because I'm relaxing in a metal folding chair."

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"Well aren't you the observant one" Loxley answered, her eyes only narrowing further as he questioned her. "And no, of course not" She spoke sarcastically. "It's because I found your looks particularly captivating" She deadpanned, an unamused look on her face.
"Listen, it's late, so I get it- relaxing, that is, but there's no way you didn't hear me coming from a mile away" She reasoned, now arching her eyebrow as well. He had to of known she was coming- seeing how she was the only one in the store, but he had still taken his sweet time in noticing her and ringing up her items.
Loxley usually wasn't a fan of arguing with the employees, she knew what it was like to work in customer service but dear god was she in a terrible mood tonight and the guy wasn't exactly helping either.

"Whatever, just- here" She handed the guy a twenty-dollar bill to pay for her things. She was already stressed as it was. There was no need to pick a fight over something so minor.

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Oh, so that's why she was upset. He had taken too long to ring up her items, and that he should have just known to sit up before she even got to the register. He was not fancying this girls reasons at all. He scratched as the stitches on his neck, and moved to take her twenty dollar bill and put it into the register. Then he took out all the bills needed for her change, and held it out to her.
"I don't live to survive others here, if I wanna Wait until you get over here to put my feet down, then I will. If it bothers you, that really isn't my problem. I'm going to keep doing it." He spoke, his face very deadpan in his expression.
He knew it would probably rile her up, but at this point he really didn't care what her reaction is. He would rather she just leave him alone.

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(sorry for the wait! i kind of blanked on how i wanted to reply to this lol)

A look of distaste flashed across her face at the other's words. Sometimes, she really wondered if certain people should be working jobs. She knew that it wasn't such a huge deal but it was taking every inch of her will to not jump over the counter and have a go at the guy.
"Actually you do." Loxley narrowed her eyes. "You work here" she gestured with her hands. "It's kind of part of your job- or at least, it should be." her words coming out in a near hiss.
She didn't waste time as she snatched the change from his hand and scooped up her items to go. However, she paused before she did.
"Word of advice, even though you probably won't care anyways. But don't be such a dick. In general. Never know what someone's going through…" She muttered the end before she made her way out of the store.

Loxley hadn't planned to say that. She hadn't planned to have an interaction with anyone- let alone a negative one. All she could hope was to never have to see them again. Though, that might be tough if she kept visiting the store this late at night.

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He let out a groan as he heard her start speaking to him, she could just see his eyes rolling as he rubbed his face. He did not care about what she was saying at all, as he really couldn't get fired right now. They needed someone to work the midnight shifts and nobody was volunteering to do them except for him.
"Are you done yet?" He asked her, but then of course she started talking to him again. This time he felt like he was getting an earful from a teacher, or an adult about how to treat people how you wanted to be treated and all of that crap. Yeah, sure.
Why doesn't she look at who she's talking too, but of course nobody cares about the attendant behind the register, just that they got mistreated. He shook his head at her, muttering something under his breath as she walked out of the store.

… Unfortunately, the rest of his night was just as unpleasant.

He was just leaning back on his phone, when he noticed a group of three people come inside. He didn't pay any attention, only glancing a side eye every once and a while, but looking almost completely disinterested in what they had to do.

They walked up and set their basket down on the counter, and he moved to sit up and look at them. Only to see a gun pointed at his face, and he couldn't have looked any less concerned.

"what, are you proud of yourself for holding a gun up to a sleep deprived retail worker? What, you think I won't just take it? What makes you think I don't want to die?" He stared in theme eyes, not a single expression changing.
He didn't seem scared at all.

They were smirking at first, before being a little confused at his words. He immediately moved out of the way when he saw someone out of the side of his eye, holding the chair up in place of where he was. The blade went through the chair.

"Nobody disrespects us and gets away with it."

Oh, so it was these guys

He had basically thrown them out of the store earlier in the day because of the fact that they were making a lot of noise and mess for him to clean up.

"You guys aren't still mad at that right?" He spoke, raising a brow at them as he looked at the gun holding guy. He sighed, moving to rip the chair upwards, disarming the knife from the guy and making him fall on the ground. He swiftly turned and smacked the gun into the wall with the gun guys hand.

They all had an immediate reaction of shock, realizing that he genuinely knows how to fight. The third guy, we will just call him beanie guy, ran at him from the side of the counter, and he just jumped up and dropped the chair, grabbing the gun guys head, and throwing him half way across the store.

"Great job! Now I have to clean up this mess you see what problem you cause? I bet this is the reason your parents left you, what was it, a mom? A dad? Both?" He dodged out of the way as knife guy tried for a second time to stab him.
He grabbed knife guy's wrist, and pulled him forward, kneeing him hard in the stomach, and then kicking him into beanie guy, like dominos.

This felt too easy…but there was no one else around so it didn't feel like a trap.

That is, until he felt a searing pain in his side, and it was the first time his eyes widdened. He desperately looked around, only to see a fourth guy behind him, holding a gun with smoke steaming out of it. The guy blows off the smoke.

Frick, how did I not notice him?
He tries to think back, only to get struck by another bullet, and grunting in pain. He needs to get out NOW. He quickly moved to Dodge a third bullet, and kicks first gun guy's head into the wall, before jumping out of the window shattering the glass on his way out.

The fourth guy, trench coat guy follows him out into the alleyway, and he lunges behind a trash can, within sight of people who looked into the alley, but not people who were standing at the edge of it.

He was holding out his wounds, trying not to gasp in pain.