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Long ago the daughter of a powerful clan fell in love with one of the king's soldiers. It was a beautiful story. They would secretly meet each other every night and wrote letters to one another. A few years passed by when they decided to secretly get married, but the father of the young lady had other plans. Her father told her to kill the soldier or watch everything around her be destroyed.

One day, the two secretly met once again only for the young lady to kill her lover. The instant moment he died, she became cursed. She will have to live on forever, watching those she knows and loves suffer and die until she is reunited with her true love. As time goes on, her family clan rises to power, but she watches as everyone around her suffers and perishes. The pain of loneliness takes over her.

Almost three hundred years have passed. After years and years of hiding, she manages to become queen of the kingdom after one of the family's descendants dies. Taking on a new identity, and the crown, she tries to forget everything by becoming a great ruler. Everything goes well, until the new personal royal guard, who looks like her true love, walks into the palace.


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  • While this rp while have some mature themes, there's no smut.
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  • I will be the guard in this rp.
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(This just came from a random spur of inspiration and I thought it would make a good rp.)

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Name: Jeno Gagnon
Gender: Cis male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Age: 27
Appearance: Jeno stands at six foot five. He has a rectangular mesomorphic body shape and build. While he is muscular, he isn't completely bulky, but he is big compared to others. There is a scar on the lower right side of his neck that he covers up with a scarf. His hair is a medium brown and is curtain styled; most of the time, it's relatively neat. He has hazle colored eyes that blend well with his warm ivory skin.
Personality: Jeno is everything and more one would be looking for in a humble fighter. While he does often exudes a strong and statuesque aura, deep down, he is different in most ways. Secretly, he is a natural sweetheart who wants to be with someone. He enjoys being around others, but tends to keep to himself. Most of the time he is cool-headed, and can easily come up with plans that will work. His personal mission to help everyone, making sure that they are safe and alright. Things such as danger and life-threatening situations do not phase him.
Likes/Dislikes: Going on walks, spending time with others, reading (though he does struggle a bit), stargazing, training/ Experiencing visions, being alone, roses, lack of effort, arrogant soldiers or nobleman
Background: Even in his current life, things are not easy for him. From the start, there was this mysterious mark on the lower right side of his neck. Just a few days after he was born, his parents abandoned him. Though he was alone in the forest for almost a whole day, he was taken in by one of Lord Gagnon's servants. Lord Gagnon took liking to Jeno and practically raised him like his own. Though he was raised by a nobleman, he still wasn't one. Jeno often spent time with the servants and other peasants; he even met with soldiers. Most times, one could find him on Gagnon's fields helping the servants. By the time he was twelve, Lord Gagnon made him begin training as a soldier. For the next six years that is all he practically did. Then he joined the military at eighteen and went off to fight. He fought in many battles and even devised a plan that saved a few towns in west Odryae. Thanks to his successes as a solider, he got a promotion working as a bodyguard for the queen.
Other: Jeno started to have weird visions of strange events when he was seventeen; these visions would lead him to go into a state of shock and worry. The visions seem so familiar but he doesn't know why. He met a priestess one time who warned him about "the red hall of the royal palace" and anyone who walked at his side. While he still isn't sure about the warning, he is still weary of it.


Name: Isadyra-Arian Attriar
Gender: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 304, give or take a few years
Appearance: Isa is gorgeous in an ageless way. With long dark hair and smooth skin and features, even her kindest smile seems like a glacier - beautiful, but too alien to understand. She has olive skin and several scars on her legs and back, from where she learned to act like the perfect queen through punishment. She is about 5’6”, slender and willowy, with fair curves. She always holds herself erect, proud, and she moves with almost cat-like silence and grace. Her eyes are a dark forest green, and seem to stare into the soul.

  • Before: Before the incident, Isadyra was known to be quiet and solemn. She was often in the background, for the sole reason that she didn't talk a lot. But when she did speak, everyone stopped to listen. She thought things through, and she observed everything around her, making her comments worth taking note of. This was, of course, a front - while she was incredibly clever and intelligent, she only acted that way because of the pressure that was on her. She used to tease people gently, and she could turn someone completely around with her words. She was very loyal and dutiful, no matter how hard it was. She had a sense of humor to rival the sun, although she only showed it to those closest to her. She was never very strong mentally, and so she would often bow to what others said.
  • After: After her lover died, Isa seemed to lose all will to live. She stopped telling jokes, and instead of being kind and caring, she became cold-hearted. She learned strategy, learned how to use others’ weaknesses against them, and how most to hurt them. She became ruthless, willing to cut off her tail to escape a deal, making it hard to be blackmailed. She honed her mind and cut off her emotions as much as she could, so she could never be controlled like that again. She cares about her people, and would do anything for them. She became an excellent leader, but she never laughed again.


  • Likes: Sunrises, when everyone else is asleep and she can watch the sun come over the horizon; birdsong; her horse, Rush, the color green; the feeling of velvet under her fingers; her people; lemon tea; running through the woods; the forest; being alone; games of strategy.
  • Dislikes: The color red - it reminds her too much of blood; people who want to take others for granted; death; war; pumpkin anything; arrogance; reading for fun; stars. They all remind her too much of what could have been.

Background: Just like the above. Isa loved the soldier, killed him, and was cursed. She didn't think the curse was real until she didn't age and her family did. Her family was slaughtered by another family that rose to power, and she could only watch. The other family, the Katherines, knew of the curse and threw her in the dungeons. After about a decade, she was broken out by a servant, and she masqueraded as another noble lady from a small family. The servant, Kalla, died in a carriage accident staged by the Katherines, and Isa snapped. She killed their entire family before going off. There was a space of about 60 years where all she did was try to forget. Finally, after her country was almost destroyed, she went back and learned all she could about leading, honing her mind and talents, before taking over the throne. While she learned to take care of her countrymen, she never truly loved anyone anymore.
Other: She rarely had a personal bodyguard, for fear that she would fall in love with them. She also went by a different name before, but changed it later to avoid notice.

(She good?)

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Why me? The question was floating around in his mind ever since he had received the letter. For the last year or so, Jeno was out in the eastern part of Odryae fighting off the enemies at the border till he and his fellow men took down every single one of them. With his strategies, he thought that he would only expect a victory for the kingdom, not to get one of the most important promotions a man like him could ever receive.

Maybe it was Lord Gagnon, pulling strings for him. Or perhaps it was the general who was worried about him disobeying the law by having the queen's flag be made multiple times without permission. Whatever it is that lead him to the palace, he wasn't sure whether or not to be thankful for them.

By the time he had reached the capital, his visions started to become more frequent and worse than before. His hands were hurt from squeezing whereas his mind was worn due to all the shock that he was experiencing. The trip to the palace took a longer than expected because of them.

Nevertheless, Jeno had made it. As his eyes flickered over towards the palace, a strange feeling of familiarity overcame him. It wasn't just a simple feeling of recognition, it was much more than that. For some reason, he had felt as if he was here before. It did not shake off of him as he got off his horse and stepped inside.

One servant had taken his things to his chambers while another was taking him to Her Majesty. His body became stiff with each step he took. Jeno could sense that he was nervous, but he wasn't able to tell what else he was feeling. His nervousness was such a bother that he even practiced saying "Your Majesty" on the ride there.

Eventually, he had found them stopping in front of a door. The servant knocked on the door then turned to face him. "Her Majesty is in there right now. You will be asked to come in when she is ready," He heard the other say. Jeno smiled softly as he nodded before looking at the door. His heart skipped a beat.


Queen Isadyra was tired. Not that this was, in itself, a rare occurrence. She usually went to bed early, in her windowless room, and then woke up early, usually before the rest of the palace was awake. No, this time, she was tired in her soul.

Lord Raishe, one of her chief advisors, had been the one to suggest getting a bodyguard. "You've never done so before, Your Majesty," he had said. "You need to let the people know that you will be safe, no matter what. It would make the guards much more secure if you had someone who could protect you constantly. What if one of the neighboring countries tried to assassinate you?"

Isa had reluctantly agreed, thinking to herself as she did that there would be no need for one. It wasn't like an assassin would be successful anyway, and any bit of physical pain was welcome. Not that she would ever say that out loud, of course.

So the day her bodyguard was supposed to arrive, she prepared herself. She let her ladies help her, listening to them twitter and giggle about the soldier who was to come - would he be handsome? He was supposed to be a hero, so he would be charismatic and brave. Maybe he would be single, too? She closed her eyes, hearing their talk, feeling the same, dull throb of her heart. She hoped he was charismatic, arrogant, proud. Someone who she could hate, who would make it easy for her to not fall in love.

When he arrived, she was standing at the window, sunlight pouring in through the blinds, illuminating the room, shining off of her skin. She built up her walls slowly, carefully, an easy thing to do now. She took a deep breath just as there was a knock on the door.

"Enter," she said.

A servant came in and bowed. "Your Majesty, he's here."

Barely restraining a tired sigh, Isadyra straightened her shoulders and nodded. "Bring him in." Here goes nothing.

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The few mintues that passed by felt like an eternity. All the waiting was leading to worry building up, but why? Jeno had faced many battles, meeting with the queen should not really be much of a scare. Of course, he does not know what she is like or anything, but he isn't sure what is making him act so strange. And if he acts odd in front of Her Majesty or has another vision again, he will be done for.

His head was tilted up as he looked around. The details in the frames and walls were old, but they were familiar to him. It was silent too. All he could hear was his heartbeat and breathing until the door creaked. The servant stepped out into the hallway again, but kept the door opened for him.

Jeno gave the servant a nod before heading inside. A soft smile swept across his face. He quickly fixed his hair so that it wouldn't look disheveled in front of the queen. The door closed just as he took a couple of steps inside. In a mere second, his eyes flickered over towards the queen. They widened.

Why does she look like the lady in my visions? In my dreams? The way she holds herself is familiar. Her long dark hair and olive skin. She is beautiful, but he knew that he knew her somehow before. If only he knew why he has seen her in all of his visions. Every single one of them.

Softly, he sighed. The first thing he did, as per custom, was bow to her before getting down on one knee. His eyes had trouble with looking up at her. A small gap between his trembling lips formed. His heart was still beating a fast pace. Words built up upon his tongue, and yet it took him a while to say something.

"It is a pleasure to see you, Your Majesty," He beamed. "I am Captain Jeno Gagnon, I will be your personal bodyguard."


Isa glanced back, turning toward the man who would be protecting her, and her eyes widened so much the whites could be seen all the way around. She gripped the seat next to her for stability, staring at her bodyguard with fear and horror and wonder and guilt and so, so much more, evident in her eyes.

What- what was going on? Why did he look like… him?

Even though, as the decades and centuries past, her memories started to fade, she could never forget his face. That warm brown hair and hazel eyes, the eyes that always seemed to smile her, the same lips and tilt at the corners of the eyes and nose. She had once memorized that face, known it better than her own. It was like seeing a ghost, and she felt faint.

Even with her muddled and panicked mind, a voice in the back of her mind, one that had helped save her many times, shouted, No!

She blinked and straightened, taking a deep breathe, although her skin was still deathly pale. "Hello, Captain Gagnon. Please take care of me," she said finally, her voice steady despite the… thing… that was in front of her.

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So many questions were piling on top of each other in his mind, yet he knew that he might not ever be able to answer any of them. It did not really matter at the time, but the queen's expression when she looked at him…..That must mean something. Maybe there is a reason why it looks like she is in his visions.

Jeno rushed over the moment she grabbed onto the chair. His hands were out ready to get ahold of the queen to keep her from falling. Never once did he see anyone with eyes as wide as hers. The expression in them is so familiar to him though.

A small wave of relief overcame him. He was thankful that she didn't fall, yet he was even more worried about the shade of her skin. He had never seen such a pale tone before. Obviously it must not mean something good. The sudden change was making him distressed.

Glancing down for a second, he fixed his scarf to keep it covering the scar on his neck. When Her Majesty spoke, he looked over and gave her a smile. "Of course, Your Majesty," He nodded. "I will take care of you until my final breath."

He straightened himself up before turning his head to look over at the door. Perhaps the servant was still there. "Your Majesty, I worry that you might faint. Perhaps you should sit down, and I can ask for some water if you'd like."


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He's just like- The queen shook the thought away and took another deep breath, trying to calm her beating heart. "Yes, that would probably be for the best, Captain." She sat down gracefully, back straight despite what was going on in her head.

The way this man acted, with his caring attitude and worry, the way he spoke, the way he looked… it was all so familiar. It rattled her to the core, and all the guilt and shame and horror and fear came surging through her, from where she had tried to keep it down. She didn't let any of that show, though. She was a queen, not some ditsy girl. She didn't have to be so dramatic.

She was fine. It was just her mind, playing tricks on her. Maybe he was a descendant - after all, he might have had family she didn't know about. He might have heard what she had done - but no one knew, her mind whispered - and was here to get revenge. It won't work, though, she thought bitterly, before running a quick, cold hand over her face. Snap out of it, Isa.

Isadyra met the concerned eyes of her guard and smiled slightly. "I might take that glass of water," she said calmly. "I've not been getting enough sleep lately, that must be it. Not the best first impression."

Her eyes fell on the scarf around his neck, the one she had seen him adjust earlier. She didn't comment, however, and folded her hands neatly in her lap, despite the urge to dig long fingernails into palms until they bled.

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(No worries, it's all good)

The jitters that were wrapped around him soon fizzled out. His mind was focused on the queen's condition. Jeno took a step forward, but hesitated though he wanted to make sure that everything is alright. The sudden change in her expression lead his heart to beat out of his ears.

Jeno had to admit that it was not something he had expected. The way Her Majesty was before she had looked over at him. It only took a second for her to change drastically. But why? The way her eyes widened was not out of fear, yet out of something else.

Now is not the time to ponder and speculate. Once the queen had responded to him, he gave her a nod then rushed over to the door. He asked a servant there for a pitcher of water. Thankfully the wait time for it was not that long as only a few minutes had passed by before he was handed a tray with a pitcher and a glass.

After thanking the servant, he went back to the queen. Jeno sat the tray down then poured some water into the cup. With two hands, he handed it over to Her Majesty. He took a step back while taking a deep breath.

"Please do not worry, Your Majesty. You are a kind and caring queen. There is no need to worry about your impression," He assured. "And please look after yourself. If there is anything I can do, my queen, please do let me know. Even if it is late at night, I will be more than happy to help."


The moment the water was available, Isa took it from him, downing the water in one swallow, wiping the stuff that had spilled onto her face with her hand. She smiled thankfully at him, her mask of queen back in place. "Thank you, Captain." She tilted her head to the side slightly, causing a wave of her dark hair to slide over her shoulder. "What would you prefer to be called?"

While she looked normal, for the most part, on the outside, her heart was still beating fast, and adrenaline was charging through her, making her want to go for a run, to get some energy out, to do something.

But she remained seated. It was for the best, after all. She gave a light snort at his compliments at her - she was most certainly not kind and caring - but smiled graciously, as she had been taught to do. As she sat there, taking deep, calming breaths, she slowly built her walls back up, until looking at his face was only mildly painful. She might have to dismiss him if something more happened.

She didn't want anything to happen anymore. She was just so tired.

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Keeping his eyes on the queen, he held the pitcher, waiting for her words or next movement. His senses were on high alert. Jeno was stiff despite his wish to be relaxed at the moment. Her smile made him freeze as his breath hitched. At least she is alright, he hoped.

"The pleasure is all mine, Your Majesty. I hope you feel better now," He smiled. Glancing down at the floor, he took a gentle sigh. His heart was beating out of his chest from all the worry and startling. Carefully he set the pitcher down.

Jeno thought about her question for a moment or two. With his hands neatly clasped in front of him, he lifted his chin up at the ceiling before glancing back at the queen. "Anything really works for me, Your Majesty," He replied. "Captain Gagnon…..Just simply Gagnon…or even Jeno if that is something you wish to call me. I will respond to whatever you call me, my queen."

Something is wrong. That fact he cannot deny nor ignore. But what is it? While the matter of the queen's wellbeing is the most important one above all, he cannot stop thinking about the moment he walked in to meet her. The way her eyes flashed with familiarity and shock.

He really wants to ask her what happened, but he assumed that he should not. Instead he asked, "Are you alright? Would you like for me to refill that cup for you, Your Majesty?"