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  • Person A: “Are you seriously telling me that you never realized I'm a vampire?
    Person B: “I’m sorry ok? I thought you were just really into the aesthetic!”

  • “Could you show a little human decency for once?”
    “I’m not human, remember?”

  • “You’re a god – you can’t call up a Kraken or something?”
    “Guess who just got a new divine quest? It’s you, my beloved acolyte. Go find me a Kraken.” (Doesn't have to be a Kraken)

  • “You’re dead to me.”
    “I’m dead to everyone. That’s how vampires work.”

  • A: you’re so stupid.
    B: I’m not stupid. I’m pure Evil. I’m the night.
    A: A dumb dark dork, that’s what you are. Now get off the counter and put down that blanket.
    B: It’s not a blanket, It’s my cape. And I’ll do it, but because I want to, and not because you told me to.
    A: Of course, oh great lord of all darkness. Would you like some hot chocolate?
    B: whit whipped cream?
    A: of course
    B: oh! And Sprinkles too!
    A: The Mighty Lord Of Darkness has a sweet tooth, huh? And here I tought someone as evil as you wouldnt want sprinkles on his whipped cream
    B: shut up

I would prefer this to be gay, and male. Also, I'd prefer to be the supernatural being if called for.

Name: Arien Bovila
Age: Looks 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay
Appearance: longer black hair, gold flecked green eyes. He's about 5'11" with lighter skin.
Normal Clothes: a black Victorian coat, with black pants and combat boots. Occasionally wears a silver and gold half mask over his eyes.
Personality: At first he comes off as the Gothic Victorian vampire he is, but once you get to know him you realize he's a huge softy with a love for snuggles
Likes: quiet reflection, eating, cuddles, sugar
Dislikes: the sun (He burns easily, but it doesn't kill him), mirrors, and when he nibbles at his lip (which he does when nervous) since he nicks himself with his fangs
Background: tbd

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(So stalking because I cant keep an RP up for more then a week-)


Name: Rafael Cortez
Age: 20
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Appearance: he has thick dark brown hair that gets extremely curly when out in humidity. He has tawny skin and a spread of freckles over his face. His eyes are chocolate brown. He’s about 5’10.” He mostly wears dark and what’s considered to be “edgy” clothes. He usually wears a few rings on each hand.
Personality: overall, he’s a pretty chill, nonchalant type of guy. He’s not much for dramatics but he uses a lot of sarcasm. He’s not one to start fights but he’s very capable of fighting if he needs to.
Likes: working out, reading, classical music
Dislikes: stereotypical jocks (they annoy him)
Backstory: tbd


(Good question. This is really random but maybe Rafael’s one of those guys who plays music on random street corners for money and stuff (I forgot to mention he plays violin). And Arien happens to pass by and they start talking? Idk it’s kinda vague but that’s what I got)


While the sun had been down for nearly an hour, the sky was still hanging on to some remnants of light. As the remainder of the day drained out of the sky, the streetlights came on. Rafael squinted at the sudden light but within a minute or so, his eyes adjusted. He’d been performing at this park for almost two hours. He’d done pretty well for a Saturday night, and he was fairly certain he’d seen someone toss a twenty into his case. He decided to take a break, gently setting his violin down on the park bench next to him and gathering up the bills and coins that had been tossed into the violin case. He sat down next to his instrument, quickly beginning to count.

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Arien had been waiting for the last of the sunlight to disappear eagerly. He was ready to eat. He hummed softly, finally stepping out of his home. He stretched a bit, walking. He didn't know who exactly he was looking for, but he'd figure it out when he actually started feeling hungry.
Arien soon found himself to be in the park. At first he didn't see anyone else there, but he was soon proven wrong when he came across a man counting money from his violin case.
"Hello," Arien finally said, standing right behind the man.


Rafael looked up at him, a little bit surprised at having someone just talk to him. “Hi?” He replied, hoping he wasn’t about to be robbed by a very dramatic looking emo kid. He casually pocketed his money, waiting to see what this guy wanted.