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Name: Sylvia Forest

Age: 23

Race/Species: human

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Hair Color: Black with silvery white streaks

Height: 6’0

Weight: 135 lbs. (idk?)

Basic Personality: She is very outgoing and is very emotional. She usually lets her actions speak louder than her words. At first, she may come off as seductive, villainous, and maybe insane, but she is really childish inside.


-She lives alone in an abandoned, hidden castle in the forest, that she rarely leaves. She loves collecting and using weapons and loves experimenting with potions.

-Her powers are creating and controlling plants, reading minds (sort of), controlling pain and healing, communicating with snakes, levitating, and can shapeshift into a black cobra with aventurine green spots. Snake Pic

-Pic of Sylvia (both of the girls shown are Sylvia)

-She wears a golden snake collar on her neck, that can become a real snake. (She named him Sylvester.) Snake Collar/Sylvester Pic

-She had to fix her voice after accidentally messing with a potion that made her voice sound high pitched and obnoxious. (Kinda like a female villain from a nickelodeon kids show.) She lived with it for a while but grew tired of people (and snakes) mention it. After getting many treatments and potions, she now has a seductive voice and has an occasional lisp (kinda like a snake hiss, it mainly shows whenever she says something with an "s")

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(Btw, I copied and pasted this character, so feel free to do whatever with the template.)

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(Fun Fact: Sylvia was originally one of the first villains that I made for a play with my friend two years ago. Her high-pitched voice is a reference to how I performed her when our group of friends performed it.)

(Ngl, it was one of the cringiest plays I have ever written, but Sylvia is my favorite character from those plays.)

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Name: Clarissa Jones
Gender: female
Age: 25
Sexuality: Demisexual
Personality: She is normally a pretty quiet, analytical, and very organized person. But she gets along well enough with her coworkers… some would say that she’s friendly but definitely work-oriented.
Appearance: She's 5'7" with tanned skin that has a few scars, mostly on her hands and lower legs from growing up on the family farm. She has short choppy black hair, icy blue eyes.
Backstory: Grew up on her parent's farm, so she's good with animals but she's always been interested in sciences. She has a Bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in genetics.

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(Btw, I copied and pasted this character, so feel free to do whatever with the template.)

(I did the same thing. 😉)

(Fun Fact: Sylvia was originally one of the first villains that I made for a play with my friend two years ago. Her high-pitched voice is a reference to how I performed her when our group of friends performed it.)

(Ngl, it was one of the cringiest plays I have ever written, but Sylvia is my favorite character from those plays.)

(That's actually really cool. I just chose Clarissa because she seemed like the most likely character I had that might go to the “dark side”.)

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(Nice. She looks awesome too! 😁)

(Also, would you mind starting? Clarissa is tied (with strong vines) to a chair in a very small but beautiful, marble floored room, alone.)

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(Ok. And thank you.)

Clarissa glared as she looked around the room. Normally she would be impressed by the sight but right now, she was pretty ticked off. Her head was still throbbing and the vines which kept her from falling out of the chair were too strong for a normal person, such as herself, to try to break. But she wasn't an idiot, she just had to wait for the person responsible to show up then she could find out why she was here.

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(No problem. Also, I fixed the title, lmk if it sounds okay.)

Sylvia stood at the door, the only thing on the other side was the girl she held captive. She had been spying on this girl for a week or two and she seemed like the perfect "sidekick," as the heroes called it. She softly placed her hand on the sliver handle and hesitated to open it.

"Sssso, are you going to open the door?" The golden snake on her neck hissed.

"Yes, Sylvester. I'm just… I'm having a moment." Sylvia whispered.

"But I thought you already had 'a moment' in your room, and the weapon room, and the potion room, and the-"

Sylvia interrupted the snake, "Yes, Sylvester." She replied annoyedly, "I know, I'm just a bit nervous. I haven't talked to another person since…"

"Kendric?" Sylvester finished quietly.

"Yes, Kendric." Sylvie let out a wistful sigh, Kendric would be encouraging her right there and then, if she was there. "Well, I'll be fine, you can rest now."

Sylvester nodded, as best as a snake can nod, "Alright, good luck." He rested his head on the side of Sylvie's neck and froze into a collar.

The girl softly nodded back, "Thanks." She took a deep breath and turned the handle.

Sylvia strode into the room like the queen she was, her black dress trailed behind her as she paced the marble floor. "So, my dear darling," she cooed. "Your name is Clarissa, yes? Well, I have a little, tiny question for you."

A vibrant green aura outlined her body as she walked towards the other woman, smiling villainously, "How would you like to be…" Sylvia seductively lifted the woman's chin with one finger, "a villain's acquaintance?"

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(I actually love the name change! It fits so well! And Kendric is very pretty)

Clarissa looked straight at the door when it opened and somehow managed not to gape at who walked into the room. If anything her glare darkened as she clenched her hands against the arms of the chair until her knuckles turned white.

“Get your hands off me!” she snapped, jerking her head away from the touch. “And don't call me darling.” she growled as her ice-blue eyes locked onto the other woman’s green eyes. “After you kidnap me, you expect me to agree to anything… You’re crazier than the rumors say.”

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(Thanks! 🥰😅)

Sylvia grinned as she softly took her hand away from the girl's face, "Look, darling, I can call you whatever I want to, whenever I want to, however I want to, and you can't do anything about it." She lightly booped her nose and laughed. "And yes, I'm clearly aware of that."

She snapped her fingers, instantly growing a chair made entirely of vines. Sylvie casually sat down, "So, naturally, training takes about two to three years, however I doubt we have enough time for that, so I'll cram it down to about… one to two months. Or less, if you learn quickly and don't give me a hard time. And we'll start with your name, does that sound good?"

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Clarissa continued to glare as the villain spoke. Unfortunately, she knew that she had a point. She couldn't do anything to stop her, especially when she was tied up. But she wasn't going to make any of this easy either.

“You really are crazy.” Clarissa groaned, rolling her eyes. “What part of what I just said sounded like a “yes” to you? No! None of that sounds good. I already have a job and a name! I want out of here! And I won't even mention that you kidnapped me if you just let me go!” she all but yelled.

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(Yeah, my friend wanted to remake the "screenplay" where Sylvia was first featured. So… yeah, I've been relatively busy, sorry about that. (-_- '') )

(Also, my reply is coming right up.)

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Sylvia gazed at the livid woman with an enigmatic and slightly amused expression on her face. Once the woman was finished, Sylvia casually pulled a dagger from her belt and held it under the captive's chin, a bit above her neck.

"Listen here, pretty girl." Her voice became menacing as she spoke, "We can get this done and over with, if you won't be a pain in the neck, alright? I'm pretty sure you want to be home with your family, right. So, you will listen to my directions as long as you're here, whether you like it or not."

She admired the rebellious look in her eyes, but for frick's sake, why couldn't she look at that stupid "hero" that way. She removed the dagger from under the woman's neck. "Topaz… I'm gonna call you Topaz."

Sylvie's voice almost wavered as memories fluttered through her mind. She quickly brushed them off and sat back down.

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It was amazing what a life-threatening moment and a rush of pure fear could do to a person. As soon as the cold blade touched Clarissa’s neck, most of the fight was replaced by a near-paralyzing fear. So many things raced through her mind at that moment, including the remainder that the crazy woman with the knife was a villain and would certainly make good on her threat.

It took all that remained of her self-control not to cry and just breathe as the blade was taken away and she realized how little choice she had right now. At least the new name wasn't that bad. “Why… Why me?” she asked softly as she tried to keep her voice from trembling. “I have no powers and I… I'm not really athletic. I'm sure there’s someone who would be better suited and more able to… help you.” she pointed out.