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I feel a little Depresso Expresso so I'm going to start another rp XD.

I don't have much planned if I'm being honest, I just want to work on Tali a little more, You'll find his profile below. He's a supernatural entity that can mimic the appearances of anyone he sees. He can mix and match these and often uses that to get what he wants.

I was thinking this could be a situation where your character meets Tali either at a night club/rave kinda setting or maybe during one of his shoots/signing activities for his side job as a model. Your character would probably find him arrogant and an overall asshole just cuz he do be like that, cocky and overconfident. Or maybe your character would find him charming and ask him for a drink or two. (Both options are cliche aren't they? XD I love the cliche, its super fun)
Annnnyyways I want this to kinda go in the direction of 'Tali realizes he's being an asshole and egotistic and that sleeping around isn't actually what he needs to feel loved and that the meaning of love is different and all that sappy stuff. Y'know, just have some sort of humane touch that doesn't see him as an absolute sin of humanity because of his powers.

Tali do be pansexual so I'm open to all genders and sexualities relationship wise. Any species and races as well.

I do have to apologize in advance for lame replies, I try my best but I'm not very good. ^^'


Tali (He was given no last name, as he was considered a dark deity to be worshipped and feared.)


Shapeshifter/Skin stealer








Born with the ability to mimic appearances just by looking at them, Tali was immediately an outcast. To top it off he was a bastard child, born out of wedlock as an illegitimate child and immediately hated. His biological mother tried her best to raise the monster she had birthed but it soon became obvious that she didn’t want the thing any longer. So she dumped the toddler off in a box in an alley way, where Tali would be the least likely to be found.

Fortunately (or unfortunately as Tali would say), he was found by a man who ran a shrine back in Japan that housed the magical ‘deities’, as the shrine-owner called them. The man - known to the magical as ’Yusuf’ - named and raised Tali as a deity of mischief and darkness. His power wasn’t quite like the other deities, more sinister and selfish. He could mimic appearances to get what he wanted. The other’s could speak with plants and help them grow or lift things with their minds. They were praised heavily for it, given gifts from those that worshiped them and asked for their assistance.

He grew through his entire childhood being told he was a dark spirit and a bad omen. It didn’t take long for Tali to decide he wanted to leave the shrine the second he turned 16. And leave he did, taking what little possessions he had and entering the world blissfully unaware of really anything.

It didn’t take him long to learn, however, and as soon as Tali turned 18 he found himself quite popular and very well off. He had completely aced the art of seducing people to get what he wanted, and quite often he found himself surrounded by people giving him gifts and compliments. That he loved. He was no ‘deity’ of darkness and ill-will. None of those ‘deities’ back at the shrine were real deities. They were simply beings with power, beings with a gift they didn’t take advantage of.

He now spends his days lazing about in different apartments of the wealthy and rich, taking every chance he could to sleep with some important CEO to get what he wanted. He takes up modeling jobs as a side job and has become quite popular in magazines and in the gossip schoolgirls spread.

But he feels empty with it all, wanting to find purpose in his life. He seeks authenticity, real affection, and something to make him feel whole.


Sulky and yet strong and confident. Tali lives to impress others as much as he can. He’s often very cocky and does well with people and crowds. He is always super popular at dances, raves, night clubs, and bars as his personality is almost as alluring as his borrowed looks. It really doesn’t help he’s a pansexual mess of flirtatious attitude. He has an inflated ego and a superiority complex along with an inferiority complex he tries to mask with overconfidence and drinks.


Cats (absolutely adores them), pastels, Korean style clothing, rings


Pizza, avocado’s, the smell of pineapple, loneliness

Gen. Appearance:

When he’s not shifted or stealing another’s face, he’s not too shabby looking. With dark hair he usually slicks back and a celebrity face he could probably pull off just being himself. Unfortunately he really dislikes how he looks and prefers to steal the most attractive parts of humanity for his look.


A good 6’1

Eye color:


Usual outfit:

Pastel or light colored clothing. Relies heavily on the popular Korean style clothing, as he was raised with an American-Japanese-Korean ‘family’. Loves sunglasses. Enjoys street fashion and as many accessories as he can fit on his person (especially rings. He loves rings.)


Is able to steal another’s appearance if he first see’s them. He can completely rebuild his body shape and attributes if he so wishes to do so. He cannot transform into animals or objects however he can mimic certain attributes such as fangs or claws.
He can't hold an appearance forever, as it drains his energy so every few nights he sleeps with a mask on to hide his real face as he recharges.

And as for his shapeshifting:


Whatever he pleases. Usually he steals the looks from popular Korean and Asian celebrities, combining their best features to make him the most handsome he can be. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped him any. He only attracts shallow females and horny men. Surprise surprise.

Shifting is actually quite painful, as his bones and muscles rip themselves into new shapes and forms. Over time he has grown used to the pain, and can shift easily without any complaints. He can’t create new mass, however, and has to work with what he has on his body already. (It’s a good thing he works out regularly and keeps himself rather fit. He’s gotta keep up that modeling body ;))

Usual Facial Structure:

(Same person as the clothing reference above)
Narrow face, soft features, think of K-pop idols.

(Sorry for big photos, cant get them to size down XD)

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Name: Azusa (Azu) Clementine

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Sexuality: Bi

Bio: Never the center of attention, Azusa was adopted and raised with her three foster siblings, who were often her foster parent's favorites, which, to Azu, was more of a given. Azusa excelled at classes and earned herself a Business Management degree. Currently, she's a manager at Target, but besides that, she works part-time at her local library.
One thing she had going for her was her parents' investment in her education, so Azusa doesn't treat them like total jerks. She feels that they could do better, though.
One of Azusa's favorite hobby besides writing has been singing, but she is too timid to sing in front of anyone.

Personality: When you meet her, she seems like a workaholic–which she is, but she also cares for those around her. More often than not, if someone needs her help, she will drop everything to do so. She aspires to have a better bond with her family, but is unsure if that's entirely possible. Azu has always had guys for friends, never truly understanding girls nowadays with their drama and social media. The most Azusa will do is browse Facebook every so often.

Likes: Singing, dogs, a good meal

Dislikes: Stuck-up people, Chaos/Disorganization, Honey

General Appearance: Azusa has wavy, messy hair. Whenever she isn't working, she normally wears whatever top she has, normally something sarcastic or just a one-colored T-shirt, with whatever pants she has, usually jeans. In a party setting, she wears a baby blue slip dress with black leggings and a black shawl.

Height: 5'5"

Eye Color: Dark, stormy grey.

Other: Nothing I can think of–does she look alright?

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That’s perfect!
Thanks for taking the time to drop a character profile!

I can start us off as well, do you prefer here or PMs? I’m alright with either. Whatever you’re more comfortable with,
And setting wise, would you prefer the nightclub kinda vibe or something more suited for Azusa?

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(Social anxiety go reee)
I'm fine with keeping it here if you are!
As far as Azu goes, maybe a coworker was persistent enough to get her to go to the party/nightclub/whatever-you're-fine-with-because-I'm-flexible-and-don't-wanna-mess-with-plot.

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I’m cool with keeping it here too!
And ooo like they bring her along and she just kinda vibes cuz ya know, the party setting isn’t for everyone
And then Tali just kinda like
Swoops in and offers a drink or something??
(And you’re okay! Y’all can add or change whatever you’d like as well, it’s just as much your rp as it is mine!)

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Alright! I'll probably work on mine because knowing me it's gonna be paragraphs long and it's gonna take a bit so I can just merge it into a response after your starter. That's how it works, right?

@Toxic_Persephone language

You can wait to read the opener or you can work on yours before it’s really up to you and how you like to write/go about it.

I’ll get that up soon!
I might not reply until tomorrow as it is like 1 AM here 😂

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Elysium was alive with flashing lights and drunken groups dancing to the dull throb of the bass played over the speakers. The bar was full as it always was on a Friday night, the alcohol buzzing in nearly every person's system. One didn't visit Elysium to sit off to the side, no. Elysium was for those looking to find something a little more than a desperate hookup.
Here you could find nearly every type of person, every possible match you could imagine. And hell was Tali good at finding those matches.

He knew exactly what to look for: small groups of women wearing expensive jewelry, serious-looking businessmen with their fancy suits and ties, the vodka drunkard ordering far too many bottles for their own good, and those single shy types who's friends dragged them along. Oh hell did he enjoy flirting with those shy singles. They always had the most interesting of reactions to his flirty and cocky personality.

They either blushed and grew flustered or stood up for themselves with angry determination. God, he found them so much fun to converse with and lately he had been feeling rather lonely. He needed the soft attention they gave him. So of course he went into Elysium this night with the purpose of singling out those dragged into a situation they didn't want to be in.

Now he had tried a few people that night, letting them take in his expensive jewelry and flashy style. He had been turned away more times than he could count but Tali was persistent in his endeavors, managing to steal a kiss from a young, drunk, and cute boy from the bar but he was starting to grow bored of the crowd and the women fawning over him. They just weren't interesting enough for him.

Or at least, he thought none of them were interesting enough for him. Just as he was about to give up and club hop, Azusa caught his eye.

That's how he found himself taking the seat right next to the gorgeous brunette, flashing her a dazzling smile as he brought his glass of lemonade and vodka to his lips. "Aren't you having fun sweetheart?" He cooed into her ear, his voice smooth compared to the heavy beats playing over the speaker. He gave her her personal space, not wanting to already lose her. Personal space was important when speaking with the feminine type. That's what he had found.

"Ditched by your friends?" He asked as he leaned back, eyeing her from his peripherals. He was absolutely enamored by her already. It was obvious very quickly that nightclubbing wasn't her usual activity. She just gave off the vibes of someone who wasn't one for such a noisy, hot space.

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God, if I knew Ross was just using me for a hookup with one of those drunk women, I'd just have denied him right then and there. Alas, Azusa was her boss' ride back to his house. Just her luck that she had to wait for him to be done with his female companion. Men are just in it for the self-indulgent pleasure, I swear. It didn't help that Azu had a headache from the so-called 'music' that Elysium played either.
The woman took a long sip of her Sprite, forcing her eyes closed. As if that would help get rid of the pounding in her head. At least this place served soft drinks, that was unexpected when she got here. Another thing unexpected was the voice of velvet in her right ear. She flinched and saw a–Korean? Asian? Mixed? Azusa wasn't keen on race–man.
Well that's odd. With the way the male is looking at Azu-Wait, he's talking to me? Please! Ah well, better to be polite and acknowledge him. "Um, yeah. I'm Ross' designated driver, so I technically have to be here, else he's gonna bite my neck off. I don't think anyone wants that. So, how's the party life? Meeting girls, talking to random strangers and whatnot, but I bet with those looks you'll have the whole audience swooning."

@Toxic_Persephone language

(Guess who’s still up cuz insomnia do be a plague upon my mortal mind XD)

“Ah, the classic designated driver! Don’t be surprised if this ‘Ross’ finds a girl to go home with. It’s a classic move, sweetheart. Happens to the best of us.” Tali leaned back against the counter, lazily crossing his legs. This time he didn’t hide the fact that he was looking over her, offering another one of his dazzling smiles at her praise. It only boosted his already overinflated ego.

“Oh sweetheart! I could get anyone I wanted with these looks, trust me, I don’t let them go to waste~ Give me anyone here and I could have them taking me home for the night.” He purred, signaling for the bartender to refill his glass.

“Now for the night life? It’s one hell of a good time. You don’t even have to end the night with a hookup to have fun here. Though that does make the experience twenty times better.” He watched as his glass was refilled, the clear of the vodka tarnished by the cloudy lemonade.

“You should give the night life another chance. One in which you are not a designated driver and can let loose a little. Just bring a friend to hang around with. A pretty little thing like you is bound to meet some bad men. Bad men who want you only for a night or two of fun. Bad men who might want you for more… dangerous and selfish means.” Talk picked up his finished drink and tipped it towards her in a toast sort of way.

“The names Tali. If you’d like, I can be your company for this night, provide you with a guaranteed safety. No one messes with me. They all know me here.”

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Annoying employees? Azusa could handle that. Distant family gatherings? No big deal. Flirting? Azu was a headless chicken of awkwardness with red flags and sirens popping up all around her.

"Uh…" Words, Azu, words! "Thanks." To be completely honest though, Azusa didn't know if she should be blushing this much when she also wanted to punch this guy in the nose–she wasn't here to have fun, and the way he–Tali–teased her felt like claw marks to her back.

"But I have to decline your offer. Even if what you say is true, I don't think I'd like the long-term effects of 'the night life'." Azusa leaned in to Tali. "And for a person like you, I wouldn't think twice about hooking up with you if it weren't for the unreliability that it will ever work, and the fact that you think you can just swoon every girl here. The name's Azusa, and," Azu started to stand, "if you don't mind, I have work tomorrow."

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(I'm cool with stalking as long as Siberse is)

Tali chuckled at her reply, internally proud that he had managed to make her blush. Though his small victory soon came crashing down over his head. He stared at her, bewildered by her words. Sure he had been rejected multiple times but he never had someone tell him that they would have hooked up with him if it weren't for his attitude. Usually people were drawn to his overconfident attitude and some even shared it with him.

"Ouch sweetheart, that was quite the blow to my confidence." He mused, watching her stand and pouting slightly. "Can I not even get a number? I swear I'm a good guy, could I take you out on a date and prove that to you?"

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(Max, you're good with stalking this, I don't mind!)

Azusa snorts. "Damn, which are you more? Fake or desperate? Maybe go after someone else, love. You're not really my type, anyways. Thanks, but no thanks." Azu took one last drink of her Sprite, but give it to time to make the ice turn the soft drink watery.

"I should be going. Maybe I'll even see you around sometime." Though I hope not. Azusa started walking away.

"Have a nice day, Mr. Tali, and good luck!" She called back, not intending to hear what this guy had to say back. Probably something rude, maybe silence. Probably silence. Regardless, Azu whipped out her phone and sent a text towards Ross: If you really thought you could hire someone to hook up with me, then you're wrong. Find your own damn way home.

Yeah, Azusa was normally nice, but boy could she be mean.