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Been a sec since I made a new rp, but I’m craving one at the moment. I don’t really have a set plot, but I tend to choose my character before making a plot. So, I’ll list a few character options, a breif description, then go from there.

Character Options
The Jester: A reptilian wandering jester who is as endearing as he is rude. He’s extremely promiscuous and a chaos incarnate.

The Ex-Warlord: An insectile ex-warlord who is extremely traumatized and grieving. He is an apex predator both by nature and by his upbringing, however he secretly wishes to live a simple life with someone who loves him.

The Servant: A reptilian half-breed that serves a demigod. He’s a very timid soul, but he’s got a heart of pure gold. Unfortunately, his powerful Alter-Ego does not.

The Telepath: Once cohort to the Ex-Warlord, he now travels alone, seeking adventure and company to alleviate his loneliness. He is an odd creature, both because of his race and his personality.

The Vampire Nobleman: A former snob who became a jaded book collector/historian after being turned into a vampire.
~~Canonically, he’s an ancient vampire in a medieval setting. However, I can rp him as a living human, or alternatively put him in a modern setting either as a human or a vampire.

Note: I have more characters options available, so if you want to see them, just ask.

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules
• Must have good grammer, spelling, and punctuation please.
• A paragraph or two is a preferred minimum.
• Possible events may/will include cursing, graphic violence, death, suggestive behavior, triggering/mature themes, etc. If you cannot handle any of these possibilities or you’re under 18, please do not join.
• Anything explicit goes to PMs
• I’d prefer someone who is, at least, somewhat active. I usually peek at Notebook multiple times a day, but my response time can vary. I try to reply at least once a day though.
• Ask before you join.
• I may ask for a writing sample.
• I reserve the right to say no.
• Ideas are always welcomed.

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(Greetings! Lol, yeah, Ōn’nyosh [jester] and De’Tearion [ex-warlord] are among my favorites to rp with, and the others I’ve had in my brain on/off lately. So, any specific character catch your eye, or do you want some other options?)

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(Lol! Well, the telepath is Nwalan and the nobleman is Norkhal’rokh, or alternatively Nokhal’rokh, or just Nok for short. I actually had rps with Camie that had them in it [the Nwalan one was still getting started. The Nok one was one of the first handful I had with her])
(So, a little more detail on them two. Nwalan is of an OC race called Vanishers. They’re kind of OP, mostly in the sense that they are iconic for telepathy, teleportation, invisibility, and an odd form of shapeshifting, but the power level varies. They’re also known for their individual obsessions. Nwalan is rather powerful, but he’s very mellow, and more a prankster. He’s also obsessed with tapestries)
(Nok varies depending on his living status and the genre. His canonical personality is pretty much already summed up in the first post. Kind of a loner-type, and viciously protective of his books, but probably one of the more trustworthy vampires around. As a human, he was a naive and spoiled dandy. In a modern story, he’s either a filthy rich but lonely dandy with anemia or a traumatized vampire that’s just wanting some company but is too afraid to reveal himself. There’s some variations depending on the story)
(Also, both Nwalan and Nok are among my lgbtq+ characters. Nok is bisexual. Nwalan is technically pansexual leaning toward straight, but he can also assume any gender, to a point, so he’s a bit of an oddball lol)

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(Ok. Vanishers actually sounds familiar but I must have missed the one with Nok in it.)
(Anyway… I have two… maybe three characters that could work depending on the genre we go with: Meghan, who was made for a Grimm based rp but I'm sure I can adapt her. Pip, who is a short, very shy, quiet bean… he can be a child if we do a found/adopted family thing. Or I have Marcus, who was a “monster hunter” type character… however I do have another rp with him and I don't want to get mixed up but 🤷‍♀️)

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(I can link Nok’s rp if you want, just for the hell of it. I think I had him in a couple other short-lived rps, but I forget which ones)
(Hm… I haven’t watched Grimm, but I think I get the gist after looking it up. Meghan could probably work well with Nwalan [and he can be in either a fantasy or modern setting as well. I forgot to mention that. He’s only familiar with medieval places, but he’s a very curious individual and likes exploring])
(Pip could work with several of my characters, whether he’s a kid or not, lol. De’Tearion, Phalakros [Servant], Nwalan, and Nok, plus a bunch of others lol. De’Tearion is pretty much a big brother type. Phalakros is a kindred spirit, up until his Alter Ego emerges. Nwalan takes after De’Tearion with the brotherly theme. Nok, as his canon vampire self, can be pretty fatherly. Maybe even Ōn’nyosh, given enough time for him to get in a paternal mood. Or I could just make Ōn’nyosh older, where he’s already more mature and paternal)
(I won’t pressure you into using Marcus if you don’t want to. I understand the curse of getting rps confused. But, he might work best with Nwalan or Nok as a vampire. Or maybe he could attempt to help Phalakros get rid of his Alter-Ego)

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(Oh geez… honestly, all of these sound good. I've put Meg in a Medieval setting before so that's not a problem. As for Pip… I can see him with De'Tearion, Nwalan, and Nok. I remember reading the rp with Ōn'nyosh and Camie's "Thrice Crowned Queen" rp and don't think a kid would be a good idea. Phalakros, at least his Alter Ego, might scare him… but could still lead to some interesting situations considering in one rp I gave Pip the ability to manipulate shadows. Not just change their shape, though he can do that too, but also make them have a physical effect like turning them into spears or a shield to protect himself or even make himself seem to disappear into them. And I agree with your suggestions about Marcus. Considering the situation, I think I can handle having him in more than one active rp.)

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(Lol, I know! It’s already a hard call lol)
(Alrighty. And, it honestly doesn’t matter. Nwalan is fairly versatile, and his canon story is an open cliffhanger, so he can end up anywhere lol)
(Yeah, those three are definitely solid options. Real hard call there lol. Considering, I’ve never done any found family scenario with De’Tearion and a kid. Same with Nwalan, though I don’t have a lot on his explorations anyway. I have done it with Nok though, and it turned into an apprenticeship sort of thing)
(Oh dear, that’s right lol, it was you that mentioned you were following the Ōn’nyosh/Cleopatra rp lmao. I get what you mean, though to defend my dear boy lmao, he’s crazy in his 20’s, but he tames down a lot by his 40’s, mostly because he actually does become a dad, but before I start rambling lol… It’s still probably better to steer away from Ōn’nyosh though, whether it’s because of his promiscuity or his brash rudeness lol)
(Yeah, without a doubt. I’ve actually had an old rp where Phalakros was bonding with a kid before frightening him with his Alter-Ego. But, the Alter-Ego actually revolves around fear. It feeds on it and can only emerge when Phalakros is frightened. Hard part is defeating it so Phalakros can come back. The shadow magic would be an interesting twist though. The Alter-Ego uses something I currently call Tar Magic, which is basically like you put extra-evil shadow magic and water magic in a blender lol. I’d probably be on full improv though because I have no idea how the Alter-Ego would react to shadow magic being used on it lol)
(Lol, alrighty. So, for Nwalan, I kind of see a hunter/hunted theme, but Nwalan is very difficult to catch and it might frustrate the hell out of Marcus, either in a serious or humorous way. Nok would probably have a ‘piss off’ attitude, proceed to throw Marcus across the room, and just get seriously annoyed if Marcus continued trying to hunt him down. It could also lead to an odd impasse/friendship thing where they end up talking and Marcus discovers that Nok is actually fairly peaceful for an ancient vampire (this might actually be an option for Nwalan/Marcus too). Phalakros would probably be the trickiest, especially with the exorcising bit, as it requires multiple battles with the Alter-Ego and a lot of powerful Light magic. Also, technically, the Alter-Ego is more or less OP, but I can tame it down if need be)
(Also, I am completely open to multiple rps in case we can’t decide on just one duo, lol)

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(Yep, that was me. Can't believe I forgot Cleopatra’s name considering I was doing an Enemies to Lovers RP with that character!)
(I have no idea about Phalakros and his Alter Ego but I think we might have to do multiple rps too lol Maybe one of each? One with Pip and De’Tearion, one with Marcus and either Nok or Nwalan, and one with Meg, again, either Nok or Nwalan. As in one of those two with Marc while the other one with Meg.)
(If that's too many we can drop either Meg or Marcus, no worries)

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(Lol, no worries. Probably the only reason I remember is because I would usually call it “Ōn’nyosh/Cleopatra” anyway. Plus I’ve reread it like dozens of times now lol)
(Phalakros and his Alter-Ego would probably be one where I’d have to give hints/tips here or there. My magic system is based on the traditional elemental system, but splits off from tradition with some oddball elements, so the Alter-Ego is tricky to explain. Casual shrug)
(That works with me. And, no worries with the number. I had 15 rps going simultaneously with Camie, so it’s no big deal lmao)
(Hm… Meg/Nwalan and Marcus/Nok?)

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(Sounds great to me. But doing 15 is a pretty impressive number!)
(So, which one are we doing here and how do you want to do the others? I really like your idea for Marcus and Nok; the whole Marcus is the annoying persistent hunter who doesn't take a hint as to when he's beaten, leading to the unlikely friendship/alliance plotline.)

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(Yeah. It was definitely a juggling game, lol)
(Lol, yeah, I really like that plotline too!)
(Um… Well, since we’ve got a good idea for Nok/Marcus, we could do it here, if you want. And, I can go ahead and make the other threads real quick)

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(lol I’m pretty casual too so I'm good either way. I have a character sheet for all three of my characters so I can post them to each of our rps if you want. But as I said, I’m fine with going in blond too)

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(Lol. Well, I’ve got one for De’Tearion. But, it turns out that I don’t have templates for Nwalan and Nok. I completely forgot about that from ages ago, lmao! So, just to speed things up, we can go in blind)

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The sun’s presence had finally faded from the sky when Nok strolled out of his library. The moon had yet to appear, but that was fine. That meant he could enjoy a meal with the moonrise. That was always a lovely start to his night.

He walked calmly along the cobblestone sidewalks, his movements fluid among the nightly traffic. Though he was tall with pale skin, sleek black hair, and grey eyes, he was elegantly dressed in dark silk robes, giving him an air of nobility that allowed him to slip unnoticed amongst the common people. After all, who would want to piss off a noble when they could earn his friendship and money? That is, if they spoke to him at all. Few did.

And so, he traveled the streets, seeking out the more seedy areas. Places with taverns and brothels, where no one would be missed if they vanished. He wasn’t too fond of these spots, but the drunks were easy prey and never remembered his visits. It also meant he could feed on them again and again with little trouble. He wasn’t much on killing his prey, unlike others of his kind. Especially the clans. He hated those territorial bastards.

Nok quickly shook those thoughts from his head as he neared a tavern. Thinking of the clans would piss him off. Particularly now since he was in hiding because of them. One stupid clan newborn almost cost Nok everything by deciding to follow him while leaving a trail of rat corpses. He had to maim the little prick before they were both found, but all that did was piss off the local clan alongside the city hiring a hunter to find the ‘rogue vampire’. A damn nightmare it all was.

Nok sighed and pushed the tavern door open, ignoring the many candles and lanterns as he headed for a table in the corner of the building. Already he could see several potential meals, but he wanted to scout out things first. Hopefully, he could have a peaceful meal, go back and open his library, and enjoy a nice night of reading. He had suspicions though that this night wouldn’t be so easy.

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Marcus sighed to himself, keeping his head down as he scanned the patrons of the tavern. He still couldn't believe that he had been hired by a clan. Normally he stayed away from all of that. He had to earn a living, of course, but he preferred when normal humans came to him for a case like this.

The tavern was filled with the usual drunks, wretches, and ladies that it always had. Perhaps the occasional… non-human but no one in here caught his eye as his target. As much as he avoided directly interacting with Clans, he was almost grateful for them. It was a turmoilious arrangement but they at least kept to themselves. As long as you left them alone, they would leave you alone… or so everyone said. Marcus didn't think himself dumb enough to believe that. Yet the danger of a rouge was still not something to ignore.

The young blond took a gulp of his drink to keep from sighing again. It wouldn't be much longer now that the sun was setting. He had been advised that this particular rouge fed off drunks… from which tavern, he didn't know but he was certain in his abilities as a hunter that he could play the part and hopefully lure the bloodsucker out before killing him. The only concern on his mind was that the “fight” would be over too quick.

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Nok watched all the folks patiently. He ordered a drink to keep up appearances, though he never touched it. The waitress was nice enough, and somewhat more appealing than the drunkards, but Nok was still trying to lie low. He’d remember her for another time.

As he watched, he took note of somebody else who was eyeing the crowd. A youth with a keen eye. He wasn’t a regular either. Who was he?

Though he was wary of the young man, he wasn’t focused on Nok. Which meant he was probably waiting on somebody, or searching for someone else. Or, he didn’t know what Nok looked like. He hoped that wasn’t the case. He didn’t want trouble. He’d already had enough of that lately.

Going back to his own search, Nok quickly decided on one of his previous choices. The drunk was an older man, a gambler, and had clearly been low on his luck for years. He was also into men. Which worked out perfectly, because he was almost always shit-faced and he was easy to please with just a few simple kisses on the cheek. The downside was that it brought back old memories that Nok tried to avoid. Namely, what he used to be.

Nok waited a moment, letting the man order another drink before he got up and casually meandered his way over to his table. He sat down in the chair next to the man, leaning toward him and playfully sliding a hand over to tap the man’s arm.

“Whiskey man, eh? I too enjoy a good shot of whiskey e’ery now an’ then,”Nok cooed in the man’s ear, deliberately adding a slight accent to somewhat disguise his lingering aristocratic nature.

The man glanced at him, inspecting him for a sec. There was that familiar gleam of interest. Nok couldn’t help a little smile.

As they started to converse and flirt, Nok’s attention lapsed a bit. Mostly in regard to his much closer proximity to the young watcher he’d spotted earlier.

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Marcus knew he would be singled out by the staff and regulars who were still sober enough to know that he didn't come here often. But that wasn't his concern. He was polite and charming when anyone spoke to him. An easygoing grin, a sparkle in his grass-green eyes… a mask he had worn many times and worn well. It had been a while since it had been truly, completely, genuine but no one ever seemed to notice. Otherwise, they would be more suspicious of him.

He continued to observe the people when a curious gaze caught his. A man, who seemed older, with clothes that didn't quite fit in with this crowd, and…

Marc simply lifted his drink slightly in acknowledgment and nodded with the same roguish grin before taking another swig.

He watched in amusement as the curious man started flirting with another man who seemed a little too far from his senses and shook his head. Maybe he wouldn't have to play a role tonight after all.

“Miss.” he called, waving a barmaid over. “Send those two another round of their last drink on me. But let's keep that part to ourselves, shall we?” he teased in a way that anyone would assume was a flirt. But that's exactly what he wanted.