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(I wasn't really satisfied with how I made this the first time, so I'm starting over)
Heroes from all over the ANCIENT Mediterranean (Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa) are all gathered in Egypt when a tragedy occurs, the Pharaoh fallen ill to an unknown seemingly fatal disease due to a strange encounter from displeased mage, for which there is no known cure. The Pharaoh's son, taking his position as a temporary ruler, sends a party of distinct team members are pulled together to look for the Garden of the Hesperides, where all sorts of different medicinal and botanical rarities and creatures exist, including the Tears of Ra, mythological honey bees that produce a honey that can cure any illness. The Pharaoh's son is also holding a ransom over the head of the seemingly evil mage. Each member of the party has their own reason for going to this place, and will develop strong bonds with each other along the way (I'm a slut for found family). The setting is the Pre-Classical Era Mediterranean/Mediterranean Antiquity. Only minor angst plz
Active Roles:
Sorceress- @Serpentess -Ehlaea (Greek)- Pg. 1
Warrior- Me -Tilila (Libyan)- Pg. 1
Healer- @Arya-Kat (previously @Otto_OtterOverlord) -Cassia (Roman)- Pg. 1
Spy/Rogue- @all-hail-denny -Chi (Egyptian)- Pg. 5
Royal- @Leo_the_lion - Bast (Egyptian)-Pg. 2
Artist- @Tired-but-passionate -Efraim (Israelite)- Pg. 5
Character Template:
Reason for joining the expedition:

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Name: Tilila Aẓerwal
Age: 19
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Shipping?: Sure
Ethnicity: North African (Libyan)
Personality: Very kind and sweet, a little high strung, but very strong in face of danger. She's generally a cool person to be with, especially in the moments where you need silence and comfort. A little sassy and sarcastic from time to time, but almost never mean.
Reason for joining the expedition: Tilila's grandmother use to tell her stories of many different magical herbs and animals that existed throughout the world, and every realm above or below it. Once her grandmother was on her deathbed she told her one final story. In the garden of the Hesperides, there was a magical calf that could consult with the dead and bring messages back from the afterlife for them. She decided to make it her responsibility to get that calf, just so she could hear from her grandmother one final time.
Appearance: Light brown skin, soft facial features, big amber eyes, big curved nose, round cheeks and plump lips. Her body has a soft roundness to it, she has wide hips, small shoulder and has a little belly fat around her torso. She has curly brown hair stretching down to her thighs. 5'6.
Style:Long robes and veils with different brights colors, usually warm colors, like orange and red. She ties her hair up most of time, braiding different plants into it, like hyacinths and holly. She also uses henna and indigo to temporarily dye her skin and hair.
Profession: Weaver and Warrior

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(This work?)

Name: Ehlaea

Age: 21 years

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Shipping?: Sure

Ethnicity: Caucasian (Greek)

Personality: Quiet, shamanic. Prefers nature over civilization. Loves birds, of any kind. She is sweet and polite, but when provoked can be vindictive and cruel. Doesn’t mind that she became an outcast because of her ‘Moon-Sight’ abilities (divination and protection spells mostly, though she does have a few offensive spells that she typically avoids. Works best at night). Lives in a small cave on Mount Parnitha (north of Athens).

Reason for joining the expedition: She has wanted to visit the Garden of Hesperides since she was a child. She had always been fascinated by the tales of the powerful and mystical herbs there, and it inspired her decision to become a herbalist.

Appearance: 5’3”, left eye is blind (and the source of her divining abilities), wild shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders/hips, curvaceous hourglass figure. Has green painted markings on her face.

(Pic from Heroforge. She’s holding a mortar and pestle)

Style: Simplistic. She usually wears a simple chiton, sometimes with a himation (both are ancient greek clothing), and sandals. She also has a gold earring in her right ear.

Profession: Oracle/Sorceress, Herbalist

(Her eye and ‘Moon-Sight’ abilities are themed off of the Eye of Horus)


Role: Royal
Name: Leo Noble
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Shipping?: Sure!
Ethnicity: Egyptian
Personality: Cold and uncaring, as he was taught to be by his father, Can be manipulative at times, hard to open up to people, and feels unloved by family. Since he the second eldest, he won't be the future king which leaves him forgotten about at the castle. Enjoys reading, knowledge, and weapon.
Reason for joining the expedition: Needed to get away from home. Needed something to make him feel important. At first, does not tell the group he is a royal.
Appearance: Tan skin, slender, small (5'4"), slightly muscular, green eyes, medium length, wavy, raven colored hair.
Style: Navy blue tunic that shows his muscles, black tight pants, black dress shoes, and wears golden rim glasses when reading
Profession: Being a prince

(Is this ok or do I need to make changes?)


Name: Cassia Lucius
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Shipping?: nope, to young
Ethnicity: Rome
Personality: Talkative, loyal, and always trying to make people smile. Secretly she’s extremely depressed but doesn’t like that so she is always in a fake peppy mood. Youngest of nine children and the only daughter.
Reason for joining the expedition: First people she found after escaping her brothers. Has no clue what the heck is going on.
Appearance: Ivory skin, willowy, olive eyes, 5’3”, chin length hunny colored hair (short because cutting it is a way of punishment for when she miss behaves).
Style: prefers to wear an olive green tunic and white pants. But if needed, will wear a midnight blue chiton. Almost always barefoot, but does own a pair of sandals.
Profession: technically to young to work, but classified as a healer/surgeon unofficially.

@The-Dyonisia group

(Hi, I clarified in the description that 2 characters can't bd from the same place. You can be Roman or Egyptian or a lot of other things, but not Greek. That was taken. Also, can I have a writing sample?)


(Cassia sat on the edge of the hearth braiding some of mama’s silver chains into her hair. After she had finished, she tied a knot at the end and stood up only to fill a firm hand on her shoulder. She spun around to see her third oldest brother standing behind her. “Cato,” she said persuasively “I did not know you where home. Have you come to fetch me so that… um” she looked around the room for inspiration, finally her eyes rested on a vase. “So that we can trim the roses together?” She walked over to the vase and dumped the old flowers into the fire. “This vase is empty and we can’t have that.” Cato chuckled. “No, we can’t have that.” He agreed.)


(My sample:
Leo looked around in fear, there was no way this was happening. He looked up at the man, a man he used to call his best friend, in fear. Leo's voice trembled as he spoke, "D-Dean? You don't have to do this You don't have to kill these people and you don't have to kill me. Please Dean, you are so much better than this." Dean looked down at Leo with a crazed look on his face. Laughing he shook his head, "Silly Leo. This is why I liked you. Your so naive and so trusting. No Leo, I'm afraid nothing can change what's going to happen." Leo flinched and closed his eyes as Dean came towards him with a bloody knife. Then, all of a sudden there was a grunt of pain and Dean was on the floor. Leo opened his eyes and to his surprise, was Thomas who was Leo's nemesis, protecting him.)