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Name: Sylvia Forest

Age: 23

Race/Species: human

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Hair Color: Black with silvery white streaks

Height: 6’0

Weight: 135 lbs. (idk?)

Basic Personality: She is very outgoing and is very emotional. She usually lets her actions speak louder than her words. At first, she may come off as seductive, villainous, and maybe insane, but she is really childish inside.


-She lives alone in an abandoned, hidden castle in the forest, that she rarely leaves. She loves collecting and using weapons and loves experimenting with potions.

-Her powers are creating and controlling plants, telepathy (sort of), controlling pain and healing, communicating with snakes, levitating, is immune to poison and venom, and can shapeshift into a venomous black cobra with aventurine green spots. Snake Pic, and more depending on where she is.

-Pic of Sylvia (both of the girls shown are Sylvia)

-She wears a golden snake collar on her neck, that can become a real snake. (She named him Sylvester.) Snake Collar/Sylvester Pic

-She had to fix her voice after accidentally messing with a potion that made her voice sound high pitched and obnoxious. (Kinda like a female villain from a nickelodeon kids show.) She lived with it for a while but grew tired of people (and snakes) mention it. After getting many treatments and potions, she now has a seductive voice and has an occasional lisp (kinda like a snake hiss, it mainly shows whenever she says something with an "s")


Name: Knight Bile
Age: 23
Looks: I'll put a picture up
Height: 5'10"
Personality: He will judge you, he will always judge you. Quick to insult you and laughs if you cry
(I'll reveal more about him as we go, sorry that took a while)

@letsgetlegit_9113 group

(Man, he's cool already! Don't worry. ^^)

(So, should we add more details or go in blind? (if we go in, would you like to start? (^-^") )


Knight sat in the park, next to the water fountain. He watched Sylvia approached him, "ugh why are you even wearing that, it looks awful," he sneered, resting his head in his hand

@letsgetlegit_9113 group

"Look," Sylvia rolled her eyes at the so-called hero, "I needed something comfortable and semi-modern to demolish your sorry ass with. Besides," she untied the strings on her cloak and let it slip off of her back, "your clothes look awful as well." She flashed Knight a teasing smile.

"So, I'll give you one last chance to back off unharmed and let me take the Diamond or…" She played around with an aventurine flame between her fingers, "we can fight and raise the odds of you, well, dying. What'll you choose?"


Knight wiped his nose, "Uhhh, when was the last time you even beat me.." he stood up slowly, using his knees for support, "the only thing you have on me is height," he talked as if he never got any sleep, voice always deep and eyes sunken in

@letsgetlegit_9113 group

"And I'm proud of it, every extra inch." She said, ignoring his question.

"So, back to my question, which one will you- you know what, screw it. I know you just wanna fight to your imminent death, for frick's sake. Well, at least you'll get better sleep underground." Sylvie laughed.

Little did the hero know, a venomous black garden snake subtly made its way up the hero's neck as they spoke. It was already injecting venom into his bloodstream.


"ouch.." he grabbed the snake, holding it under the water of the fountain, "not like you haven't played that trick before," Knight rolled his eyes, "what is it with you and snakes, creepy,"

@letsgetlegit_9113 group

Sylvie's left eye twitched as he drowned the snake, "You know, have you considered becoming a villain? I see you perfectly as a cold-blooded killer."

At least the venom will slow him down a bit… hopefully. "Um, snakes are beautiful creatures, but let's just get this over with." Her eyes glowed a vivid green as she levitated a few inches off of the ground, "You ready?"


"I enjoy being able to walk around without heroes trying to kill me, so no thank you." He flung the dead snake at her, "sure let's get this over with.."

@letsgetlegit_9113 group

"Well, they don't have to kill me if they don't have a reason to, but either or…" She barely flinched when he threw the snake, however her golden snake collar unfroze, becoming a real snake. She tried to cover her snake's eyes, as he lifted his trembling head, but it shook its head.

"Just like my family…" it hissed sorrowfully.

"Sylvester," she whispered sympathetically, "Just go to sleep, please." She shouted to the hero, "See, now Sylvester is depressed and re-traumatized." Her golden snake froze into its collar from, as she created another green flame in her hands. "So, you wanna start, or will I?"


He rushed towards her, in the blink of an eye. Knight whispered in her ear, "sleep" the power of words fused with magical power, he often put people to sleep