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Character A is working on their laptop when it suddenly stars to flash low batter in the middle of a huge school/work assignment and character B is sitting at a table by the outlet.

I got this idea from @/salami who in turn got this idea from tumblr. Open to a straight or LGBTQ+ au. If I havent Rped with you before, you will be required to post a sample of their writing.


  • Joining
    I can choose to let you join or not, this is my Rp, my idea so the decision is mine to make. This depends on whether I have role played with you before, if I like your attitude, and if I like the way you Rp. If I say no, please respect my decision and leave peacefully.
  • Characters
    The limit I have on characters is 2, anymore than that means more confusion and annoyance for the rest of people. If you have a good reason as to why you want more than 2, you will be allowed. After I allow you into the Rp, I would like characters to be up before we begin. I understand that life is a thing so I will not be pushy about it unless I see you active on other Rps but not this one
  • Shipping
    I am hella fine with shipping! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am a-ok with non-straight relationships. Both people, or more if that is the case lol, need to be ok with this. If one person changes their mind about the ship, that is fine. This isn't a legally binding contract so "break ups" are ok
  • Conversation
    Any OOC or Out OCharacter conversations should take place in brackets. '()' these are the brackets. Do not 'quote' OOC chats, just respond by saying the persons name and, if applicable, page number.
  • Language
    I have no issue with foul language although I would suggest not using a swear in every. Single. Sentence. If you fail to respect this rule, you will be given a warning and then asked to leave.
  • Other Rules
    I will not tolerate bullying of any kind however, if anyone starts acting out and others are only responding to their statements the person who started it will be given a warning. If for whatever reason I am not avalaible, I will let someone know and they will be "in charge" of the plot until I return. If you have concerns about another Rper, you are welcome to publically or privately discuss your reasoning with me and we can decide what to do from there. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from this Rp. If you argue with my decision, or refuse to leave, you will be reported. Any other questions or concerns, just ask!



Appearance: (links are perfectly fin as long as you describe them a little)
Clothing style: 
Distinguishing features: (tattoos, piercings etc)

Family/friends: (opt)
Major: (this is based in college so…)
Job: (opt)


Name: Elijah Kingston
Nicknames: Eli
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: bi-sexual

Appearance: Eli is a small guy, standing around 5'5. He's not muscular in anyway, very lean, looks under weight - unhealthily so. He has light brown hair, very fluffy and constantly falling across his face, slightly wavy. His eyes are charcoal grey with green undertones. Very pale skin, freckles across his whole body - natural blush to his face.
Clothing style: loose fitting clothes, generally long sleeve shirts or sweaters. Jeans with rips on the knees, converse or vans.
Outfit: see above
Distinguishing features: He has a small tattoo on his wrist of a moon, scar marks across his wrists and neck.

Personality: Eli is generally a very shy, closed off type of person. Doesn't really like opening up to people and keeps to himself. Introverted, very sensitive, takes a lot of things to heart. He's super sweet, hates confrontation of any sort, doesn't get angry often and when he does he tends to pout a lot. Cries a lot. When he opens up to you and is comfortable around you, he's super bubbly and maybe even energetic at times. Trust issues.
Likes: cats, plants, tea, sweets, peace and quiet, painting
Dislikes: loud noises, crowded spaces, confrontation, yelling, the colour orange
Habits: bites his lip a lot, pouts when he's mad or confused, fiddles with the end of his shirts or anything he has in his hands.
Family/friends: N/A
Fears: drowning, the dark, small spaces, being alone forever
Backstory: Grew up in a small town on the outside of the big city. Grew up with just his mum until he was 11 when she passed away in a car accident. Never met his dad and doesn't want to. Moved in with his grandparents after the accident and developed depression which he went to therapy for (after the suicide attempt) and is on medication. Moved away when he went to collage and has a cat to support him.
Major: Arts - visual
Job: part time job at an arts and crafts store near his apartment building.


Name: Oliver Winslow
Nicknames: Ollie
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: the big Gay

Appearance: Oliver has dark grey eyes, ash blonde hair with the tips dyed black, fair skin, dimples, and a cute smile.
Clothing style: simple, casual, and comfortable
Outfit: long sleeved sweater type shirts, jeans, socks with high tops, sometimes a beanie, and a zippered hoodie
Distinguishing features: ear piercings and a tattoo of an anchor with a rope wrapped around it on his arm. It's about 3 inches square. Ollie also has a British accent from moving there at age 4 and moving from there at age 18

Personality: Oliver is a quiet soul. He prefers reading and writing than playing sports but enjoys going horseback riding.
Likes: rain/thunderstorms, forests, early mornings when everything is asleep
Dislikes: injustices, dogs, thick blankets, campfires
Habits: bites lips, likes to make sweater paws when upset, bites his lip a lot
Family/friends: (opt)
Fears: becoming unloved by the one who loved him before(past experience)
Backstory: TBD
Major: History major with an Astronomy minor
Job: works at a bookstore (think Aziraphale's from Good Omens)



It was a crisp autumn afternoon, the leaves on the trees were gorgeous shades of red and orange, pumpkins and Halloween decorations littered the storefront and lawns of houses as they waited for the spooky holiday to arrive. The smell of warm coffee drifted through the air as the door to the coffee shop rung open, calling to the white haired boy who just got off the bus and was tying the laces to his boots tighter.

Oliver fixed his beanie and blew on his hands to warm them up a bit before running across the narrow street to the quaint cafe. The atmosphere was magnetic and Oliver couldn't help but feel the aura of warmth and love this beautiful store pulsed with. He found a table near the back of the store and asked the waitress for a simple white chocolate latte and a plain doughnut. As he waited, he decided to read the astronomy book he picked up from the library, it had so many theories and studies about the universe and everything in it that he didn't even notice the waitress bringing him his order until she tapped on his shoulder.


Halloween had always seemed like an overrated holiday to Elijah. He'd never seen the point in it even as a child and even more so now he was an adult. The only good thing it brought around was discount candy and good food. Besides, the colour scheme was appalling. The cafe had always been a good place to study. Usually quiet, nice decor, friendly staff and it wasn't too far away from where he lived. It was nice, just how he liked it.

He was currently situated by the windowsill, peering over his school notes and transcribing them into his document so he could write up a report on it later. Art had been a passion for him for as long as he could remember, and the pain splatters on his laptop case and clothes were a dead giveaway for that. It was only then when the battery beeped, an indication that if he didn't charge it soon, he was going to loose everything he'd been working on. He frowned, well pouted, looking around for an outlet. When he found one, he was disappointed to find someone there. However it was the only free one available and he needed these written up urgently.

Gathering his nerve, he grabbed his things, slowly making his way over, "Uh.. hi."


The steaming cup of coffee was raised and blown on by Ollie. He was just about to take a sip when the voice of another person startled him and he burned his lip on the hot coffee. "Aw fuck!" He groaned in pain and sucked on it to lessen the, not much that did. "I'm sorry, yes?" He asked looking up. His eyes widened at the sight of the nervous, and cute, boy in front of him. "Hello." He squeaked, suddenly self conscious about his outfit.

He was running late for his class, they were going to the next city to visit the natural history museum and he was about to miss the bus. He hadn't had breakfast and, thankfully, had packed a lunch last night. He wore a simple navy blue long sleeved shirt paired with maroon pants, a grey sweater and a pair of dark tan boots.

Oliver ran a hand through his messy hair and shifted uncomfortably under the gaze of the other male.


Eli gestured to the plug behind the other male, holding his laptop close to his chest, "I need you to move," Gosh he hoped the other didn't ask too many questions. Even though he was, undoubtedly very attractive he was still much bigger then him and if Eli pissed him off then that wouldn't end well for him, "Please."

Eli himself wore a pair of black jeans, a light blue sweater hanging off one of his shoulders that he couldn't currently fix as his hands were full. Usually he'd wear a turtle neck to cover up, however all of them were in the wash and he'd been feeling well, good for once this morning. He was now thoroughly regretting that decision.


(Adorae self conscious baby's)

"What? I can't move, there aren't any empty seats." He frowned, pulling his sleeves down and making paws. "I'm not moving just so you can have a plugin, it's your fault for not charging it beforehand." He said, brushing hair out of his face.