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Yes I’m starting another, and yOu cAnT sToP mE

Got a pretty nice prompt—

Character A accidentally summons the Prince of Hell, aka Character B. A pulls him from hell in the middle of his pretty important work, and because of that, B made a few enemies. Now on the mortal plane without a way back, and people hot on their tail, Character B must learn to deal with the fragility of human life and stay alive, all alongside his summoner— who keeps unexpectedly falling for him.

This will be more of a romance comedy, because why not. I have a great character for character B, so I’ll take that position if it’s alright with you.

Now for a bit of ruuuullleeess:

  • Please have at least ok grammar. I get that sometimes people don’t— heck, I don’t most of the time— but please try.
  • Please respond with actual content, I don’t want to have to keep the story going myself. Have your character act more than react.
  • Have fun, buddy. It’s your rp as much as it is mine. Take it by the horns, derail it, smack it back on track, whatever you want.
  • Please don’t control another person’s character, unless for very domestic actions
  • Whatever you’re comfortable with, do it

Everything else (templates, roles) will be figured out once someone joins :) I’ll probably ask for a sample if I haven’t seen you around.

@PaperHats business

(Since we already have an rp going (that I will respond to soon), I’m going to have to differ. I’m looking for a newer face, or someone I haven’t had many chances to write with :)

@PaperHats business

(Alrighty, glad to have ya :D Little things to figure out before I grab a character temp: are you alright with me being character B? It’s up to you, I just have a good character for it :)

@PaperHats business

(Alrighty, thanks! I’ll probably get the character temps up tomorrow. Also another question— have any preference on pairing? My character is male, but that can be altered. It’s your choice for bxb, bxg, or gxg)

@PaperHats business

Full Name:

Physical Appearance:
Usual Apparel/Clothing:
Other Defining Features:

Mental Age / Maturity:


@PaperHats business

Full Name: Zaelis
Nickname(s): Z / Zae
Gender: Male h/h
Age: 206 (like 19 in human years)

Physical Appearance: Zaelis has a really clear complexion, his skin a nice brazen tan with reddish undertones. He is fairly toned, not extremely so, with more of a lean muscle. He stands at about 5’9” and has burgundy markings which wrap around his wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles, horns, and base of his tail. Unlike many demons, Zae has four horns— two shorter, two longer— and an arrowhead tail; both the color of his skin. His eyes are a glorious yellow, and his hair is maroon— falling into his eyes often and curling around his horns.
Usual Apparel/Clothing: Just standard apparel, like t-shirts and shorts. He really likes colorful clothing, but while he’s in Hell, he normally wears something a little less formal; aka tattered clothing and ripped apparel.
Other Defining Features: He loves accessories! He has two golden rings around his left back horn, two golden rings on his tail, a few ear piercings, and many necklaces— one looking like a sort of collar. He also has a tattoo on the left side of his chest: the symbol of an executioner.

Personality: Stupid and horribly sarcastic. He’s a charmer through and through, and quite the flirtatious one. He devotes his energy to pick-up lines, being sassy— and showing it. He’s not the brightest in the common sense department, but he can really shine in social situations. 
He’s supposed to inherit the throne of the Nine Hells, making him essentially a demon “prince.” He’s totally up for it, unlike many situations relating to the ruling of the underworld. Although he’s relatively unprofessional, and many believe he’s not fit for ruling.
Mannerisms: Lashes his tail when angry / Curls it around his leg when sad / preens his claws when he’s bored or unimpressed
Mental Age / Maturity: Very juvenile and immature
Hobbies: He hasn’t discovered them yet, being in hell and all.

Background: In the past, he worked as an executioner in a place called the Crater, within the Nine Hells. It was a coliseum in which people would fight to the death. He would execute anyone who disobeyed the rules. This is how he got the tattoo on the left side of his chest. 
He was born from a pureblood demon mother and a human father, but when his devious mother left him to grow up with his father, the rest of the humans turned. Knowing Zaelis was something supernatural and demonic, they killed both him and his father, sending Zae to the underworld.
Afterward, Zaelis was found by the reaper, Carcian, who took him under his wing and raised him to be the next ruler. During this time, Zaelis worked as the executioner.
Family: Kineshu (mother) / Walter Clarence (father) / Carcian ; The Reaper (father figure)


Full Name: Aaron Phillips
Nickname: Ace and will not answer to anything else (Unless you're really close to him)
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Physical Appearance: Aaron Phillips
Aaron is 5'5 and hates it with a deadly passion, his skin is a smooth tan with Colombian heritage darkening him slightly. He was called 'bones' by his Aunt for a very long time and he still resembles this look, thin and any fat on his body goes straight to his thighs. His jaw is sharp, his stare is cold and his brows are perfectly-sculpted. Caramel, taunting eyes and full lips inherited from his mother. Very dark Auburn hair that is kept short and messy. Curly ringlets stick out of his beanies mostly at the front of his head.
Usual Apparel/Clothing:
Lots of khaki jackets and jeans but really anything that feel comfortable. His colour is red, the beanie he wears and his favourite jumper are both a dark maroon/red. He prefers plain and simple, easier to blend in that way.
Other Defining Features:
Gash on the right side of his forehead from the car crash when he was little, it's scarred really badly and is the main reason he keeps that same beanie on and lets his hair fall out. He's very self-conscious about it and doesn't even let it be seen at home.

Sarcastic is basically his entire personality, that and his insane love for both Spiderman comics and Coffee. He acts like he's a smartass but he's a total softie. He's lost a lot in his life already, deep down he knows it and is affected by it. But, you know, humour can solve it! Or at least bury it down far enough that he doesn't have to feel it. He's typically introverted and avoids people, despite his confident behaviour which comes from not really giving a crap about anyone's opinions. He will draw the sympathy card of being an orphan if he think it'll get him out of things. He's snarky yet loveable, closed off to the world because he always felt rejected by it. His sarcasm is 100% a coping mechanism. Aaron is level-headed person and has a hard time making simple decisions like what to eat at a restaurant because of this. He believes his life truly can't get much worse and lives as if it were true.
Ace is eternally palm-facing at those around him, eye-rolling at every second thing people say and always has at least one eyebrow raised in disapproval. He's sarcastic if you couldn't tell. He's not often sad or scared so he doesn't have any set mannerisms for those.
Mental Age / Maturity: He's often called an 'old soul' and doesn't enjoy the things people his age do. He can be uptight but is always the first to find the humour in the situation.
Loves reading comics specifically Spiderman who he adored as a kid (and still now but in private), he also makes flawless pancakes and recipes such as that.

Think Spiderman's backstory (which is why he loves him so much), his parents died in a car crash and he was badly messed up for a while there and had to go through speech therapy for five or so years. He found school and interacting with normal people hard from all of the things he'd seen/been through (e.g. the hospital wards, his parents death). He was raised by his Aunt Samantha and her boyfriend Daniel since he was three.
Daniel died last year and despite attending Uni he still lives close to his Auntie because he's worried that she is secretly depressed and might off herself if he leaves. He's very Atheist because of his experiences he can't believe theres anything like God because why would he let this kind of crap happen to perfectly good people?
Living family members consist of two grandparents in Texas, his Aunt and his pet Tarantula Miss Muffet. His parents bought him Miss Muffer a couple of days before they died. He was convinced as a kid that it could give him powers like Spiderman but no luck, he still loves her to death though. Owning a spider did not help his weirdness factor as a kid.