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@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

Hello, I want to do a enimies-to-lovers rp but their roommates. Collage students. WlW or NBlW please(pretty much no mascs, I'm sorry for Eri's love interest). I am a minor so keep it as sfw as possible kissing and slight makeouts are ok but nothing further. Heres a character sheet to fill out!
Backstory(if u want):

Heres mine:D
Pronouns: They/them ze/zir
Appearance:Pink hair, very punk and kindof scene.
Major: Education
Personality: Sweet but if their in a funk they are pretty mean.
Backstory(if u want): Has an ed and self-harms sometimes. (I don't have the energy to fully flesh it out right now this will be updated as we go)

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

I have more info bout htis. They are roommates, both with reasons to try to be top of their class. Because of this they become academic enemies. Through random parties and social events they become more infatuated with each other.

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

hello, up either or i guess i did not think that far ahead(mainly cus I'm stoopid). I like the poly idea tho!!

Wait, I just remembered it was gonna be 4 peeps, I didn't include m character in the character count up top-

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

Name: liana chen

Age: 20

Gender: female

Pronouns: she\her

Height: 5'10

Appearance: asian, long black hair, always in a high ponytail, pretty much always wears sweater vests, button ups, tight skirts and stockings.

Major: Psychology

Personality: pretentious, awkward, smart(ish), restless (has a tendency to walk around aimlessly when she has nothing to do.)


(Hey, is this still open? Totally ok if not…I still have the chicken chat to look to XD)

(Maybe just say in the title it is full, so people aren’t like, aAaAaaHHhzhzz OMG ITS AN OPEN RP HSHDIKSLAMNCHUEKWMMWMWKW)


Name: Spade Willow
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Height: 5”6
Appearance: Long, silky, red hair, curvy and loves it, forest green eyes, super cute dimples
Major: Medicine
Personality: Spunky, sassy, comedic-relief kind of character. Loves having fun, absolutely hilarious, but behind it all extremely smart (if y’all know iamJordi from TikTok, similar to her personality)
Backstory(if u want): Recovering from an ED and a nasty and abusive relationship (hence why she had the eating disorder). She’s questioning her sexuality. Comes from a good family. Her most visible (of many) scar on the back of her neck from her ex throwing a broken plate at her.