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I love that you shake
When I ravage your skin
It's so easy to bite with your hands pinned
Shadows dancing on the sheets
If you obey I might give you a treat

Yeah anyways I’m a total gay mess what’s new with you? Plot is basically as follows:

My character is a trans man. He has no idea he’s a trans man. He works at a Victorian brothel after escaping the sanatorium he was sent to by his family for the sin of loving another man premaritally.

Your character is a gay cis male country boy who moved to London with a hope and a dream, with a heart of gold who was pressured by friends to “find the love of a good woman” and essentially just visits the brothel to have a one time wham bam deal and be done with it.

But after conversing with my guy and making some love, he quickly realizes that he is enamored with the strange “woman” and needs to learn more about my character. Ok so yeah just some Victorian gays having a time. Oh welp.

Ultimately this roleplay will contain lots of angst and smut. Dark themes abound. Have fun though, and let’s jump in!

Templates are optional but ultimately if we use them I’d like them to be fairly detailed. Detailed and descriptive writing styles are welcome here.