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In the height of prohibition and the Roaring Twenties, a man who had it all is found dead in the cellar of his renowned speakeasy. His name was Paolo de Marco; he had two daughters and a son. De Marco was a cruel man with many enemies. He had a cigar in his lips, a cane in his hand and a tommy gun always hidden beneath the folds of his luxury jackets. Nobody questioned why he was murdered, but it was a simple question of who. The murderer could've been anybody, and they aren't stopping with just Paolo de Marco.

The son, Claud de Marco, is set to inherit everything from his murdered father–including the target on his back. The killer, whoever they may be, just secured a position as the bartender for the de Marco speakeasy. Their eyes are set on Claud. However, before they inevitably kill the man, they must first obtain secrets that they couldn't quite wrench from the lips of his father. The killer has to be close. So close.

I want some good murderer/target to whatever-with-benefits to lovers with emotions and spice and grit. This will mostly be in the pms, just because of how spicy I want it to be. If you aren't comfortable with murder and homophobia and smut, this probably isn't for you. If you're interested, just shoot me a pm and we can get going.

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Hi! You responded to my RP, but I just saw this and I’m just like… obsessed with this idea, if you’d have me.