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One shitty title for a (hopefully) great roleplay? Yeah. That's me.

Anyways! I have two characters that are best friends that I'd like to RP with. Basically? I want you to also have two bff characters, our four characters meet, and date. Romance. Fluff. Perhaps angst. I don't care. I just,,,, really like the dynamics between a friend group that's also dating, so that's what I wanna do! A and B meet C and D. A and C date. B and D date. Hijinks. Fun. Excitement. You get the gist.

Both pairings would most likely be gay, simply because, well, A is gay and B is bi with a preference for masculine people, sooo lol.

As for setting? That's negotiable. It could be present day. Could be fantasy. Could be urban fantasy. Could be sci-fi. Only thing I'd rather it not be is historical, since that setting wouldn't really work for me. Characters are college-aged, btw.


  • Andrew's rules apply
  • There could be some triggering content in this RP, but the likelihood depends on how angsty we go lol. Really could go either way, the likelihood of triggers being present is way lower in this RP than in most of my RPs
  • Smut will go to PMs
  • Three sentences per response at the minimum, please, and try to have good grammar/spelling. I understand some mistakes but constant ones grate on my nerves :)
  • Feel free to do whatever with your character! My only real limit is please don't be OP or powerplay, or (obviously) kill my characters, unless we've talked about it beforehand. I'm very open to new ideas, and would love to discuss plot whenever you'd like to
  • I reserve the right to say no

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Uhhhh,,,, maybe just the generic like, there are aliens that kinda resemble fairytale species? Could be fun.


Age: (between like, 20 and 25, please)
Gender and Sexuality:

Name: Jay Armstrong
Nicknames: None
Age: 22
Species: Human(?) (as far as he knows)
Gender and Sexuality: Cis man, he/him, gay
Looks: Jay is,,, a twink. That's literally the best way to put it. He's short and slim, with straight, light brown hair that hangs down over his forehead. He has pale blue eyes. His skin is pale, with a light smattering of freckles across his cheekbones. He's 5'5", and he's slim with a dancer's body. He's just. cute. Wears makeup every now and again, mostly at the urging of his best friend, Marco. Has a few scars, but not much. No tattoos or piercings (yet; has considered getting some but doesn't like needles). Has a soft, full mouth.
Other: Was in an abusive relationship for a year

Name: Marco Kennedy Torran
Age: 23
Species: Human, with a touch of Fae
Gender and Sexuality: AFAB demi-guy, he/him, bi with a preference for masculine-presenting people
Looks: Marco is taller than his best friend, standing at 5'10". He has a mostly rectangular body shape, though his hips are just a little rounder than most guy's; this is offset by his shoulders, which are just broad enough to offset the curve of his hips. He has bow-shaped lips and a straight nose. His eyes are a medium green with hints of blue and brown in them; not quite hazel, but not quite pure green either. His hair is a dark brown with tints of red in it, and is curly. He is white, with a tan and no freckles. He has had top surgery, and bears the scars from it. Has his ears pierced, and a tattoo of a semi-colon on his right wrist. Enjoys wearing makeup, and is usually quite comfortable in his masculinity and gender expression.
Other: Parents are divorced; his father accepts him for as he is but his mother does not, and it has caused a lot of tension and anger and heartbreak since he first came out at 11

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Name: Bishop Wire
Nicknames: Bitch Boy, much to his distaste.
Age: 22
Species: Vampire
Gender and Sexuality: Cis man, he/him, pansexual
Looks: Bishop is tall, standing at 6'4", and incredibly buff. That lad lifts. Thus, the massive man tits pecs, rock solid abs, and thighs that could crush a watermelon. I am going for a Kronk type model here, ladies and gents (and little creatures from the depths of the ocean too lol). Short but fluffy black hair that sort of goes everywhere, fangs coming from his lower and upper jaw that are sharper than a bee sting, and also give the lad a bit of a lisp. Pale, and you can practically see his empty veins, with a tattoo on the neck covering the vampire bite mark he got when he was turned (it's a tattoo of a skull, specifically of Poor Yorick I Knew Him Well).
Other: Bishop is just stupid. He has no braincells. He loves and respects his partners, and would never swear for fear that his mom could hear him. He's just a literal baby who must be protected at all costs because we stan men like Bishop. He's just,,, he's the ideal (cis) man lol.

Name: Alan Alan
Nicknames: Battery Pack (cuz double a, get it? I'm not funny.)
Age: 24
Species: Human but a really fucked up one as in Alan experimented on himself until he was barely recognizable as human anymore. Because all trans men know is body mod, be himbo, and cry.
Gender and Sexuality: Trans man, he/him, t4t, bisexual.
Looks: Alan is basically just a feral little man. Words cannot describe him, but I shall try. The image that comes into my head when I think of him is a snek. Which, he did infuse snake DNA into his own DNA so it makes sense. Slitted eyes with gold around them, gold scales patching around his skin, and hair that can only be described as greasy fuckboy blond. He's just,,, stinky man. Very stinky. Mostly gone nose save for two slits, and heat pits around his mouth giving him a mustache-ish look. He's a little tanned, with pink undertones to his skin. TMI but yes because he is a snake he does, in fact, possess a cloaca. Don't ask me why I know so much about snake biology in regards to smut, all I'll say is I had a scalie phase lol.
Other: Asshole. Idiot. Stupid feral little man I want to put him in a test tube to study. He makes me want to vomit. I hate him. I love him. I am seriously going to just crush him between my fingers. Other than that he's pretty estranged from his parents, drinks a lot, and cusses too much.


(lol well how should they meet? I'm thinking one couple meets each other first and then introduces the friends eventually? A meets C and then they meet up later and each bring along a friend)