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Some random, stupid, cheesy plot idea I had—

Character A is the crown prince to the kingdom of Trila.

Character B is the 4th daughter of a king from a nearby kingdom that is close to war with Trila,

Character A needs to find a wife, but he’s said to be cruel, short tempered, not interested in married life at all, and lastly, he has no inclinations of peace between his kingdom and Character B’s. So when his father tells him of the arranged marriage between him and Character B, he rages.

Character B is not a meek woman, willing to lie down and be sent over to perhaps the cruelest people alive. She will fight tooth an nail against this marriage. But she didn’t find out until she was carted away and had already arrived at Trila for ‘Peace Talks’.
When she finds out about the marriage, they are not happy, and dose not want to be in the Prince’s presence.

Character A may be misunderstood, and puts on the pretense of cruelty to protect his kingdom. But no one knows that, and he doesn’t want anyone to know this. He decides to take his rage out on the princess, hoping to keep her far enough away from him and who he really is.

Will Character A succeed in keeping B pushed away from him? Or will B see the soft side of A? Will the two forever hate each other? Will A declare war against B’s kingdom, even after the marriage?

  • If you want to join this RP, please make sure replies are at least 100 words, 150-300 would be preferred and anything more is welcome. I just dont know if I’ll be able to reply with the same gusto if you go over about 400 words.
  • If you know that your life is going to overtake you, or you simply need a break, please let me know, as I always try my best to do the âme for others.
  • Please be kind outside of RP, inside, I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t break Andrew’s rules.
  • I have no limitations on topic’s within RP, but if you have anything you’d prefer not to do, just let me know! I do not want to do anything to offend any possible RP partners, and I always try to make sure there are boundaries if they are wanted and/or needed.

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(Yeah, of course!)
(Calixto eventually let his mind wander again, looking down at his chest. He frowned at the wound, unappreciative of the pain that still ebbed in and out. Despite this, he moved to find the light bag of his things. He couldn't keep he had on previously for… obvious reasons. It had a gigantic tear in it and was soaked in blood. Being careful about leaning over, he managed to pull out a clean shirt. It was still of the monochrome color scheme, but it was one of the larger ones. It hopefully wouldn't rub at his skin and irritate the wound. Especially when he planned on just lying down again.)

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Name: Sora Calderon
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance -
Hair) Red, with gentle waves cascading down to just above the middle of her back. Occasionally done in an ornate braid.
Eyes) Olive green, borderline hazel
Skin) Vanilla, though dotted with freckles, especially across the bridge of her nose
Height) 5'6
Weight) 170 lbs
Personality: Sharp in both tongue and wit, bold, stubborn, confident, if not a touch arrogant. Can act refined when required, though sometimes a swear can escape her lips. She cares deeply for her people, having a protective nature for those she considers family or friend. Very adventurous, though it can lead into carelessness. Tries very hard to hide her timidity upon mistake. She can hold quite a grudge when she wants to. Has a weak spot for tears.
Likes: Cooler weather, spicy foods, competition, poetry, starry nights, rain, marigolds, herbal teas, citrus, the outdoors, trying new things, travel
Dislikes: Clinginess, unprovoked aggression, humidity, classical literature, most fish, being sick, chocolate, pure silence, tight spaces
Fears: Manipulation, insignificance, being unheard, submissive silence, bleeding, feeling trapped
History: Being the fourth and final princess of the neighboring kingdom to Trila, Sora has yet to have reason to be wed, despite being a touch older than traditional betrothal age. Some might have opposed due to her "harsh vocabulary" and to the lesser fortune of being fourth in lineage. That, in addition to her stubborn nature. No one likes a royal who will fight back.
Her siblings had all been wed for peace between other kingdoms instead of whom they chose. This inspired the idea in the youngest to oppose to anything of the same arrangement. Hence the reason the wedding wasn't explained in full.

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Name: Roazin ‘Roa’ Democarcius
Age: 21
Gender: Male He/Him
Looks: Onyx hair, with a slight blue tint in direct sunlight. His hair is closely cropped on the sides and back, while longer on the top. He has pale skin that burns easily in the sunlight. His eyes are golden, slightly almond shaped and framed with dark lashes. He stands at about five feet and six inches. He’s lean, slightly muscular and weighs about one-hundred sixty-five pounds.
Clothing Style:
Typical Court Attire)
Typical Street Attire)
Personality: Around Everyone Kind, gentle, sweet, soft, quiet. around friends and family Stubborn, sassy, slight temper. (Things may mix slightly depending on who else is around- you hath been warned)
History: Roa grew up in a smaller (but mighty) kingdom bordering Trila. He didn’t have the best realasionship with his father, which is probably why he’s getting married off. He was always to strong headed and willed for the liking of his father.

(I’ll add more to his history. . . Eventually)