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Ok my character-

Name: Mason Mcclain
Age: 24?
Gender: Demi boy (he/they)
Sexuality: pan
Job: night guard and day worker. He…needs the money-
Looks: ungodly tall- standing at 6ft 8. He has a very muscular build which tends to scare the kids.

Personality: He is incredibly sweet and kind, which makes up for his ‘scarryness’. The kids love playing with his blue hair and putting stickers all over him. He lets them of course. When he gets off of work, he is usually covered in brightly colored stickers. He usually is too tired and leaves them on most of the time, so he will usually come to his night shift still covered in stickers.
Backstory: you’ll see- heheheheh
Likes: the color blue, food (especially chocolate), music.
Dislikes: loud noises, crowds, mean people, needles.
-physical: lung cancer.
-mental: adhd, autism, ptsd and anxiety, disassociation and depersonalization.
Other: has a service/therapy dog named Teddy

@Eli-the-transboi group

Mason had gotten a call from his boss that they wanted him to retrieve an old animatronic from the old location Circus Baby Pizza world. Man that place always gave Mason the creeps…but he went anyways. How hard could it be?

Mason makes his way to the ‘scrap room’ as he’s heard it be called and opens the door, looking around. Sure enough…he found it.

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he was just walking around and touching things, he accidentally knocked over some scraps from a table and flinched when they hit the ground, cleaning them up very quickly before acting like he did nothing. it was really boring here