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The Fates were cruel. They were vicious and callous and cruel. They had no love for those whose lives they held in their hands. They had no empathy or compassion. The fates of those they held were a thing to be played with. Something to have fun with. To watch those suffer under the choices they made. To watch their cruelty play out and take the lives of those who did not deserve to die. And they did this with a smile on their faces and joy in their eyes.

Vallasaria and Araniel have been at war for ten years. For ten long years, thousands of lives on either side have been lost, innocents and soldiers alike. Too many civilians had been caught in the crossfire. Too many lives had been taken. The people on either side had begun to protest, their complaints loud and many. The soldiers were beginning to question their command, the morale falling. No one wanted to fight a losing war. And more importantly, no one wanted to fight a never-ending war. How many lives need to be lost before either kingdom truly saw the damage that was unfolding? How many lives needed to be lost before they truly saw the significance in life? Apparently, ten years worth of war. More lives were lost than those being born. Birth rates were on the decline and they were losing more soldiers than they were gaining. Each kingdom was reaching bankruptcy and something needed to be done and fast. A ceasefire needed to be called and a peace treaty needed to be made. And what better way to ensure peace than a betrothal?

Emmeline had stayed out of the first part of the war. All of her brothers, the princes, had joined the war efforts. And she was a skilled warrior herself, there was no reason for her not to join. And yet she had been in the beginnings of love. She had found a male that she had fallen head over heels with. And while her father might not have liked that his only daughter was in love, as any father would be, he was happy to have her home. She was his only daughter, his jewel. He didn't want to risk her life in the waging war.
Time passed on, years went by, and Emmeline found herself falling further and further. One day, her lover proposed to her. All was well. She was happy and planning a wedding, despite the carnage happening outside of the palace. Everything was right in her little world, until it all came crashing down.
Her fiancé was traveling to see family when his carriage was attacked. He didn't survive. Since that day, Emmeline had vowed that she would spend the rest of her life avenging her lover. And she had almost accomplished it. There was only one more person left on her list, the King of Araniel. She had the plans all drawn up to infiltrate his palace and kill him when the news came of peace. And her betrothal to the very male she vowed to kill. Hurt and betrayed by her father, she shut herself in her rooms for a week, until she had to leave to Araniel to be wed. And during that week, she came up with a plan. It was full proof, really. Nothing would stop her, or would it?

If you can't tell already, this is a medieval fantasy setting. This is for mature and experienced rpers who are a bit more consistent with replies (I'm not a big stickler because I understand life happens and I can't always be on all the time).


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And that's about it. I'll post a character sheet if anyone is interested in playing the love interest


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