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Apocalypse rp. LeTs g0- ;-;

You already know what’s up. We are in a zombie apocalypse, yeah yeah. But this time, hehe your character can have SMALL powers like seeing into the future or telekinesis or what not. Ooooo spicy- (it has to be SMALL- something that has gotten them this far-)

We follow a young boy named Diego who you stumbled upon while exploring. What’s this 13 year old doing all by himself? only one way to find out :D

I’ll post Diego soon. andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules. Cursing is fine. No nsfw that’s- dirty. If you’re sensitive to death and gore skip this or if you’re rping here then just hint at it.

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Name: Lincoln Lisworn (Lice-war-n)
Nickname(s): Link, Ell (L)
Gender: Male; He/Him/His
Age: 17
Sexuality: Stright
Looks: Lincoln Has unkempt black hair. He is pale, like a sheet of paper. With all that he has, He tries to dress formally, but if anything else he just wears a dark blue hoodie. He has Reddish-brown eyes And his purple represent swirls. He covers his left hand in bandages due to a big scar that he is ashamed to show.
Personality: Lincoln is a very secretive kind of person. He loves to talk but not talk about his past. If someone would ask him he'd ignore them and continue to another topic. He is quite nice if you get to know him. He hates when people tell him to 'let lose'.
Likes: Friends, Reading, and walking in the rain.
Dislikes: Talking about his past, Getting ignored, The dark (Or what's in it)
Hobbies: He likes to read and his passion is writing.

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Diego was attempting to scavenge for supplies in a very shady looking movie theater when somehow, the whole fucking floor fell just under his foot. He almost fell and just managed to catch himself before he fell into a pit of zombies.

The boy blinked as he looked down at the hourd just under him in genuine surprise and confusion. “How the fuck did all of you get down there?! Fucking weirdos!” He yells down at the crowd, throwing a mask down at them. “Yeah! Eat shit!” He spits at them as laughs, “See ya, fuckers! Kiss my ass!” He snickers and walks off out the door into the sunshine. He smiles and takes a deep breath. Ahh. Toxic fumes. Fun. Nothing like a destroyed planet. At least the nature was kinda growing back. The air definitely smelled cleaner.

Diego started running back to his little base, sighing. It would be dark in a few hours. And he did not want be caught out today. He already knew what would happen at dark. Hell no would he do that. But just as he was at his base, he heard something and paused, taking out his bat. After a moment of listening, he calls out, “Aye!”

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The constant sound of hissing zombies was normal to Lincoln. He had accepted the fact that his life was this, and there was nothing he could do about it.
Lincoln had been in the local supermarket, scavenging for the food that hadn’t been taken by the rest of the survivors. He had mostly lived on bottled water and canned foods. It was easier eating, knowing the food wasn’t contaminated.
A groan of a zombie broke Lincoln's concentration. “Oh you fuc-” He slipped off the ladder he’d been standing on. He had caught himself on one of the shelves. The hissing seemed to be coming closer. Lincoln silently slipped out his Machete that he had borrowed from a zombie a while back and Smiled to himself. These buggers really don't know when to stop, aye? Lincoln chuckled to himself, Now spotting the zombie. He rushed the other way, near the exit of the store. That was his safest bet. He didn’t really want to take any chances.
As he ran out of the store he realized that the sun was going to set soon. “Oh c’mon! I’m nowhere near home!” He hissed to himself. And I won't be able to get home in time. I’ve hurt my leg because of that ladder! He looked over to the theater that was nearby and smiled. It was a good spot to spend the night. As long as he took the right precautions.
Thats when he heard a voice call out to him.


Lincoln gripped his Machete, Ready to attack if needed. "Who's there?!" He yelled.

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A small boy, about 13 years old raised his bat as he heard the person yell. After a moment, he then blinked. An alive..human…an…alive…person. “Oh my fucking god!” He yells. “No way! Naw I thought I was the only one! Thank god!” He laughs, rushing over. That’s when he saw the machete and paused, staring the man down.

Diego stared at the man a few feet away. He was also armed, and looked to be a much older teenager. Way taller than Diego. The boy then backed up slightly and gripped his bat. “Don’t slice me- please-“ he says, lifting one hand. “I’m friendly- well…unless you try to kill me. Or are bitten. You’re not bitten right? You better not be. I’ll kill you then. Uh- sorry that’s inappropriate-“ He coughs, shaking his head. “You ok? Need help?”

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Lincoln lowered his machete. “Are you…” He took a big breath. “Look… First off, Keep your distance. I have no Idea who you are!” Lincoln Scowled at the boy who was a few meters away from him.

“I’ve never seen you around.” This was the truth. It was only the truth because of the fact that Lincoln barely ever went out of the area of his home. The resources were running low near there so He had to start to go farther out. He knew it could be dangerous but finding another survivor? That thought had never crossed his mind.

Lincoln stood still for a moment, examining the kid Infront of him. He didn’t look older than 14. This was interesting. “Kid… How did..” He stopped. “This isn’t the right place to talk. Do you live near By? Seem’s the sun is setting…”

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Diego pauses, “Oh- right- sorry. Yeah I do! Come on. Hurry. A hourd’s coming tonight and it’s not pretty if we stay out here.” He keeps his bat in one hand, his free hand going to grip his bag. “Do you need help? Are you hurt? Sorry let’s just walk and talk.” He starts walking down an ally way, smoothing back his matted hair.

“Are you hurt? I got some medical stuff. I think I remember how to treat really big wounds. You hungry?” Diego bites his lip, Dude you’re talking too much…shut the fuck up. You have no idea who this dude is!

Yet…despite his conflicting thoughts, he pressed on. “I’m Diego. You can call me DJ though. That works too. I just moved over here. My last base got ambushed.”

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Lincoln let out a sigh of relief. He had thought that he would need to spend the night somewhere else. Lincoln Hoped that the kid would have a safe space to stay for the night. "Thank you for the offer kid. And If you do have some first aid, That would be nice." Lincoln slowly walked up to DJ, only because his leg was hurting from the fall he took in the store.

"My names Lincoln. You could call me… What ever you'd like. I don't mind." Lincoln gave a small smile and then winced. The wound on his foot didn't seem to be getting any better than it was. He was losing minimum blood, which was good. Though He was hoping the zombies wouldn't sniff him out. That wasn't going to be fun.

Lincoln looked at DJ. "How did a kid like you end up in this scenario? Sounds like a story I'd want to hear." Lincoln gave a soft chuckle.

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DJ went down a few stairs to an abandoned subway station and slipped through the fence, murmuring Lincoln’s name over and over so he could remember it. “Lincoln, Lincoln…Lincoln.” He nods, “Nice to meet you!” He helps Lincoln through the fence and starts walking to a door a few feet away. He then grabs a key from his pocket and unlocks the door. In the medium sized room was a huge mattress pressed into the corner with blankets scattered around it, a cardboard box as a makeshift table with empty cans and containers, and a box overflowing with supplies, batteries, games and more pressed in a corner. “Sorry. My place is…well- bare.”

The boy looked up at the older guy and sighed. “Well- I didn’t die. So-“ He shrugs. “I managed to run away from everything and I’m good at scavenging. I’m just a lucky idiot I guess…” he frowns slightly.

“I was all the way in Colorado when this shit happened. Don’t know how I got here in Texas but hey…lots of supplies, tons of guns to kill everything. And most of the people here had already been shot down when they got infected. Unlike Colorado…it was probably more gruesome.” He shudders as he grabs a medical kit and motions for Lincoln to sit.

“What about you?”

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Lincoln heard DJ mutter his name a few times. He smiled. The kid seemed nice 'n energetic though he still seemed… quiet? No. There was another word for it and Lincoln couldn't quite put his finger on it. Lincoln looked around the room. The room seemed unpleasing to the eyes but Lincoln shrugged it off. His living condition wasn't any better than this.

Lincoln let out a small, sad chuckle when DJ had said that he was good at scavenging. It reminded him of what his parents told him when he was younger.

"I," Lincoln started, walking towards DJ and setting his stuff down. "I've been running for a while." Lincoln sat down and though about what he just said. "Oh, that's… Not what I meant. I'm not a wanted criminal or anything of the sort… I think?" That last part was a joke. "No But in all seriousness, Ever since the zombies showed up, Things have been deferent. Though I'm not special. I'm sure about ever survivors life has been 'different' ever since those buggers showed up." He sighed. "My parents got infected… Protecting me and my sisters. They were shot down by my neighbors…" Lincoln stopped for a second, rolling up his pants to reveal a small cut.

"Huh. Who would've known such a small cut could cause so much bleeding." Lincoln turned to his bag, looking for something. "Oh crap. Looks like I've forgotten something."

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DJ immediately got to work at the wound. “Well let’s hope you didn’t bust a vein.” He murmurs. He remembered how much his father taught him about the medical field. He was lucky his dad was a doctor. After a moment, Diego blushed in embarrassment, realizing the misunderstanding. “Oh-“ he clears his throat. “This might sting.” He gently poured some alcohol onto the would and patched it up. He then smiled at his work.

After a moment, the boy looks up. “What’d you forget? You better not pull a gun on me. I’ll kick your ass as a ghost.” He said in a very serious tone, putting his hands on his hips. “I just helped you out so keep that in mind.” He then glanced over to the bag. “If supplies need to be replaced then I got some. If that’s what you need.”

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Lincoln winced at the burning feeling that washed over his leg. He took a deep breath and looked over to DJ, who had started putting on the bandages. He was lost in thought. Thinking of the time after the apocalypse had started; comparing it to the time before it. He always told himself that it would never change, and in his mind, it was the truth.

"Hm?" Lincoln looked over to DJ in confusion. "Oh!" Lincoln snapped back to the room. "Pfft. Well, lets hope it never comes to that. I'd never kill a survivor. No need to get so serous kid."

Lincoln rolled down his pants slowly over the bandages. The wound stinged, which was good. That's how he knew he was sane. That he wasn't a turned. "I do hope this heals soon. I don't want to be a walking liability, do I?" He chuckled softly. "As for the supplies, I'm fine thank you." Lincoln nodded. "I did just raid a supermarket for some food. Speaking of food, you hungry?" Lincoln turned to his bag and took out what looked like canned peaches. "I've got some to spare."

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(It’s ok! ^^)

Diego immediately perked up at the sound of food. “Food?” He smiles brightly, wiggling happily. “Ohhhh yes please!” He knocks off the empty food containers and brings the makeshift table over to them, flopping down onto the floor. He then reaches over under a pillow and pulls out a battery powered dvd player, “Movie?” He pops some batteries into the device. He then digs around. “I gottt…space jam…Disneys Robin Hood…oooo Mrs. Perigrins home for peculiar children!”

DJ kept naming off some movies, flipping through a book filled with dvds. “Oh! I also got some Twinkie's! We can eat those for dessert! It’s better to share. Mainly so you don’t go nuts.”

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Lincoln smiled at DJ's reaction to food. "Looks like someone's hungry!" Lincoln got up and sat next to DJ, still keeping his distance a bit. This was a good chance to make a new… friend? Lincoln didn't really know what to call DJ. The age gap was quite awkward but It was alright. Lincoln could use another voice in his life.

"How about… Do you have One Hundred and One Dalmatians?" Lincoln reached for the can opener in his bag. He started to open the jar of peaches and once it was open, He set it aside on the makeshift table DJ had brought out. "That's a good movie to watch. Never get's old in my opinion. Though, up to you."

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“Ohhh yes!” He squeals, putting a dvd into the player and pressing play. He wiggles more in pure happiness. Something he hadn’t felt in a while. “Thanks!” He looks up at the older boy, smiling brightly. He then drags out a package of Twinkies, “We gotta feast! I haven’t ate this much in weeks!” He beams, “I’ve been tryna crunch down on preserving food.” he began eating, making sure he saves enough for Lincoln. The older guy was a lot bigger than him. Which meant he needed more to eat. Sure Diego was growing…but hey. It was fine.

Diego looked over, watching the movie and rocking side to side. He honestly didn’t care how childish he was acting. No one would judge anymore anyway. Who gave a shit? He didn’t.