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I'm doing a fantastic episode with one of my friends but my indecisive ass doesn't want to choose, anyone interested?

I like all if them but prompt 2 can be changed, I like the concept but not the plot

  1. A is a seamstress/weaver in the modern world. They weave fabric from the thread of fate, given to them by the three fates. The garment made from the fabric is then sent to the person who's fate it's made with. This time A recieved 2 spools of thread at the same time. They had a few things go wrong, first their loom broke, then they accidently combine the two different threads, and finally they sent the two garment to the opposite people (if a made a sock for B and a scarf for C, they sent the sock to C and the scarf to B). B recieved the wrong fate in the mail and accepted it as their own. Which is why it was so weird that the maker of the garment came urgently to their door and told them that they were going to die unless they switched their fates. What happens next?

  2. In a modern day world where magic is widely accepted, witches offer potions of strength and such as add-ons at starbucks, nymphs build lavish houses from the trees and plants they live in, sirens teach music to students, and so much more! The only thing that isn't accepted is the dark forest. Where thorny vines block the entrances, strange red-eyed creatures watch from the dark, and where the sounds of laughter and happy chatter floats over the trees. What happens when the dark forest suddenly opens a few paths to allow people to come in?

  3. In a school of magic, A is the top student, mastering the basic spells and striving to learn more. The school announces an exchange student program, the school of magic and the school for non magical beings decide to send students to see how life is like. B is a non magical student who come to the magic school. The longer they stay there, the more strange things happen around them until one day, A runs into B's dorm to see everything floating in the air and B sleeping. What's going on?

  4. The lost City of Atlantis has been found and the people who reside there are actually humans who have adapted to survive underwater. With fins for feet and gills that can be closed to breathe air, what happens when A, a human living above the surface, meets B, an Atlantean who speaks languages never been heard before. B seems to be hiding something, why do the Atlanteans look at B with fear and respect? Why does B never want to talk about their parents?