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(rebooted bc the old one died)

"The prophets have chosen you. You are the chosen one."

(Name) had never expected to be found by the Sentinels. Certainly never expected to be the Chosen one whispered of for so long, in rumors and half remembered prophecies. The prophecies are closely guarded secrets kept by the prophets, told in full only to a chosen few. So when a group of the Sentinels show up to bring (Name) to be trained, well, how can they refuse?

The country of Kaedum was once just like any other kingdom; of a good size, prospering, and wealthy. A trading partner. But when its previous king ascended the throne, it changed course from peace to war, savagely attacking its neighbors with brute force and destroying them. Kaedum has swelled from a moderately sized kingdom, to a sprawling empire. This has been going on for 3 generations, now. The current ruler has continued the expansion, and now the small country of Lorion now rests at the edges of the empire, and already Kaedum has turned its sights on it and the remaining kingdoms on Kaedum's borders. Lorion has been fighting since the reign of the previous king, and cannot last much longer.

The prophets say that all of this was foretold; that before Kaedum will be able to take over Lorion, a champion will rise. A Chosen one, who will defeat Kaedum and its emperor for good. This is the legacy and expectation that (Name) is being told they will shoulder.

(Name) is taken to a school hidden away in the mountains; attending the school are all the different people who are the subject, supposedly, of a prophecy. It is not a large school. Some prophecies are minor, their subjects a small piece in the larger game. Some, like (Name), are subjects of far larger prophecies, with far-reaching consequences. The teachers are all Sentinels, and some are prophets who spend half the class just watching their students from heavy, serious eyes.

It's intimidating, but (Name) is sure they can do this. Perhaps they are a bit naive, but it will all work itself out in the end…won't it? After all, they are prophesied to win.

They soon make friends with their roommate, who is the subject of a more minor prophecy. An important one, but not nearly as much as (Name)'s is. For the first few months, things go smoothly. They are learning a lot from their various classes, things they never knew.

Everyone in the school has secrets, though, and (Name) soon begins to realize this. Begins to realize that the teachers are keeping secrets, that even their roommate seems to know something they don't.

The first major bump in the road comes when they go into the library at night and meet a stranger. It's a small school, and (Name) thought they knew everyone by sight, if not by name. But they have never seen this young man before. They would remember him.

Unlike most of the other students, who show some measure of deference and respect towards (Name), this young man mocks them. His tongue is sharp as a knife, and his lips curl in a sneer rather than a smile.

(Name) asks if he's new. He laughs at them, and gives them a pitying smile. "You'll figure it out eventually. The prophets know better than to pick stupid kids for this prophecy." then he leaves, vanishing. They are unable to find him again that night.

They keep running into him, every now and again. He never stops mocking, never stops saying things that (Name) cannot quite understand, but feels that they are important.

Soooo basically, this is gonna be enemies to lovers between (Name) and my character, the asshole mocking young man lmao. I have…..many secrets and surprises up my sleeve for this RP, and I'm not gonna tell you the big twist. You might have figured it out already, you might not have. Either way, I want to surprise you. Makes it more fun for me lmao. I'll also be playing the roommate/best friend, so that your character can have interactions/learn without interacting with the mocking young man all the time.


  • Andrew's rules apply
  • Smut, if/when it happens, will go to PMs
  • I would prefer experienced RPers only, since I have big plans for this RP and really want to be able to accomplish them. Also worldbuilding! Will be a Thing!
  • Five sentences per reply minimum, please. I do my best to match my partner's response length, so the more you give me the more I give back. Tis symbiotic
  • If you have any suggestions for plot twists, throw 'em out there, I love suggestions
  • This RP will very likely have triggering content, so please let me know of any you may have
  • I reserve the right to say no

@Becfromthedead group

I would totally be down to do this 👀 I'm looking to start rping again, especially with people that I used to rp with (alternatively, if you'd like to do a different one with me/start up our old one, that would be cool too)

@Becfromthedead group

Name: Aesir Corvus
Age: 21
Gender/Pronouns: Amab nonbinary/genderfluid, they/them, he/him is also okay, but not preferred
Sexuality: Gay
Appearance: Aesir is a little on the smaller side. 5'7, thin and lithe, almost catlike. They have long hair that's usually tucked back into a bun, and it's a bluish-black in color. Very icy blue eyes. Pale complexion and a scarred face. They seem to have been through a lot of past fights. They have some symbols tattooed on their arm in black. Aesir always is wearing black nail polish and tends to favor black clothes.
Personality: Aesir is a bit of an enigma. Overall, they are a good guy, but they find themselves facing a lot of moral dilemmas in day to day life. Aesir is not the most sociable. In fact, they have trouble with social interaction, being liked in general, and they find themself always feeling like they have to justify everything they do. Aesir is a very intelligent individual, often the smartest person in the room, although they sometimes lack practicality. They are very calculating and good in a fight, but even better at finding escapes.
Likes: Mice, shiny things, target practice, pretty knives, libraries
Dislikes: Loud noises, being in the spotlight, dogs
Background: Aesir lived most of their life on the streets. Their father got their mother pregnant out of wedlock, and he left. Their mother died of a fever by the time they were eight. Aesir avoided any sort of foster care or adoption, instead opting to live as a petty thief. They have a knack for pickpocketing and lockpicking, and they are very good with their hands as a result. Aesir hates fighting, but they have had to defend themself more than a handful of times, and as such have been essentially cornered into killing. They are used to having to take care of themself. They never really had much of a childhood, and they never really got to learn a lot of lessons growing up. They have made other friends on the streets, but only one person ever really gained their full trust. He died about a year ago, beat to death when he crossed the wrong person.
Other: Aesir Corvus was not the name they were born with. They picked it for themself at about 16.

Are they alright? I can always make little edits to fit the setting better if need be.


Name: Mazen Boral Raffield (raff-ee-eld)
Nicknames: Maze, Mae
Age: 21
Gender and Sexuality: AMAB demi-guy, he/they. Panromantic demisexual
Looks: A Picrew. Maze stands at 5'10", with a slim but slightly curvier form than most AMAB people have. They have warm brown skin, and dark brown hair that is currently in short box braids. He has his ears pierced, and often wears earrings.
Backstory: Mazen, the seventh son of a seventh son, is the subject of a prophecy that has to do with, well, prophecy. Basically, it was prophesied that they would become one of the greatest prophets in the history of Lorion, ushering in a "new age". Originally from a small city, they have lived at the school for five years now, preparing for their prophecy.
Theme Song(s): "Sober Up", by AJR. "Something Wild" by Lindsey Sterling and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. "I'm Still Standing", by Elton John
Other: The Best Friend, not the asshole. Easy going, but has secrets of their own

Name: Soren Henry Darlington
Nicknames: Ren
Age: 23
Gender and Sexuality: Cis male, he/him. Bi
Looks: Ren stands at just over 6' tall, with a lanky, angular form. He has black hair that falls into his face just a little bit, which is straight and void of any curl or wave. He is white, with very pale skin. His eyes are a slate grey, and they look haunted. Has shadows from lack of sleep beneath his eyes. His face is sharp and angular, just like the rest of him. Has a long scar wrapping around his throat, and another one arching from the left side of his chin all the way over his cheek until it meets his nose. Has assorted other scars scattered around his body. Usually wears long sleeves and pants, often in black so he melts into the shadows.
Backstory: Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Theme Song(s): "Runaway", by AURORA. "Reaper", by Glaceo and RIELL. "Used to the Darkness", by Des Rocs. "Redemption", by Besomorph, Coopex, and RIELL. "Gasoline", by Halsey
Other: The Asshole/Love Interest


(:D perfect! You don't have to, Maze's role is the best friend and he's mainly there so your character can have interactions with/learn without interacting with Soren all the time. It would destroy the mystery too fast lmao. But yeah if you wanna make a second character, go ahead!)

@Becfromthedead group

(I gotcha! I might later, if it fits the situation, y'know? I don't know very much about the world yet either, so I'm gonna be learning about it along with Aesir.)


(yeah I mean…I basically laid out a lot of what I know in the description for the RP; I figured we could both do some worldbuilding in it as we go (unless you'd rather I do all the worldbuilding stuff? I don't mind if that's what you would prefer) but yeah I definitely get not wanting to do a ton yet. Do you have any questions, or should we get started?)

@Becfromthedead group

(Oh, okay, cool! I gotcha. We can both work on some worldbuilding, but I'll let you kind of take the lead. We can go ahead and get started when you're ready!)


(Makes sense! Alright, I'll get the starter up! I was thinking of having it start with Aesir first coming to the school and meeting Maze, if that's alright?)


(alright, here we go!)

The Sentinel that had brought Aesir here was not the same as the Sentinels that had told them that they were the chosen one. This was a different Sentinel, tall with brown, almond shaped eyes, and sleek, dark brown hair tied back in a low bun. He wore a deep blue tunic and dark trousers, a sword belted at his side and leather bracers on his forearms. He had been mostly quiet, answering questions with as few words as possible, and now he was leading them up to the gates. The school was big, and old, built of weather worn grey bricks. One wing was vaguely charred, some of the bricks soot blackened. The rest seemed merely weathered, history and prophecy seeping from its very stones.

The Sentinel paused, looking at Aesir. "The school will answer those questions you've asked me." he said. He had a low, steady voice, and he looked directly at the young person with him. "The prophets will help you, but if you ever need anything that I could help with, you can come to the Sentinels' quarters and ask for Athos. I'll do my best." he let his words hang in silence for a moment, then turned to continue leading Aesir into the school.

@Becfromthedead group

Aesir gave a slight nod, afraid that if they kept talking, they'd say something incriminating somehow. They were unconvinced that this "chosen one" shit was real, and wary of everything and everyone associated with this "school." Aesir had a bunch of stolen goods on their person, and if anyone decided to search them, it was over. They had many brushes with death, but these people seemed like the would almost certainly end Aesir's life if they found out anything about their profession.
"I appreciate it," Aesir said, faking a smile, "I um… I'm still really unsure about all this. Are you sure you have the right person? How did you guys find me anyway?"
And there they went. They kept talking. The situation was making them nervous, and they were absolutely coming undone.


Athos sighed faintly. "I'm no prophet. Just a regular Sentinel." he replied. "So I am afraid that I cannot answer that question." he glanced back at Aesir, then led him up the steps to the main doors. "But the Prophets can." he opened the main doors, which opened right into the main hall of the school. The ceiling was large, and the walls went all the way up. Going all the way around it was a balcony, and the ceiling was painted and decorated, though the figures were far off and indistinct from so far away. There were only a few real people visible, and they were up on the balcony.

@Becfromthedead group

"A-alright, well? Where can I find one of these Prophets?" Aesir asked rubbing the back of their neck.
They were overwhelmed by the grandeur of the inside of the school. It was by far larger and more beautiful than any place they had ever visited- at least invited.
"Well, do you know how long this school has been here? I'd never heard of it before, but it looks quite old. The decoration in here is really similar to a lot of the Romantic artists from a few centuries ago, but the building itself looks even more ancient."
Their eyes went back and forth over the paintings on the ceiling.


Athos sighed faintly as the doors swung shut behind them both. "I am bringing you to the headmaster of the school, who will help you." he replied calmly. "And this school has been here for a very long time. I am not sure how long." he touched the hilt of his sword absently as he led Aesir over to a door, opening it and leading the young person inside an office, where an older person sat at the desk.

"Sentinel Athos." the person greeted, standing. Their gender was quite ambiguous, and they had long, silver hair that hung loose about their shoulders. Their gaze fell on Aesir. It was a strange gaze, somehow both far away and all too scrutinous, all at once. "Ah." the word was soft, but full of understanding. "Good."

@Becfromthedead group

Aesir took a few steps back, any and all of the little color draining from their face.
Good? What's good?
"I uh… I'm Aesir. Pleased to meet you."
They were not, in fact, pleased to meet anyone here.
"Are you one of the Prophets that Athos was talking about, by chance?"


"Yes. I am also the head of the school." the person replied. "Sentinel Athos, you are free to go." Athos inclined his head, and left the room, closing the door behind and leaving Aesir alone with the prophet. They cleared their throat softly, sitting down. They wore a long, dark grey robe, and they adjusted the sleeves as they continued to watch Aesir. "Take a seat, Aesir." they said, voice soft. "My name is Sentinel Seer Vea."