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"The prophets have chosen you. You are the chosen one."

(Name) had never expected to be found by the Sentinels. Certainly never expected to be the Chosen one whispered of for so long, in rumors and half remembered prophecies. The prophecies are closely guarded secrets kept by the prophets, told in full only to a chosen few. So when a group of the Sentinels show up to bring (Name) to be trained, well, how can they refuse?

The country of Kaedum was once just like any other kingdom; of a good size, prospering, and wealthy. A trading partner. But when its previous king ascended the throne, it changed course from peace to war, savagely attacking its neighbors with brute force and destroying them. Kaedum has swelled from a moderately sized kingdom, to a sprawling empire. This has been going on for 3 generations, now. The current ruler has continued the expansion, and now the small country of Lorion now rests at the edges of the empire, and already Kaedum has turned its sights on it and the remaining kingdoms on Kaedum's borders. Lorion has been fighting since the reign of the previous king, and cannot last much longer.

The prophets say that all of this was foretold; that before Kaedum will be able to take over Lorion, a champion will rise. A Chosen one, who will defeat Kaedum and its emperor for good. This is the legacy and expectation that (Name) is being told they will shoulder.

(Name) is taken to a school hidden away in the mountains; attending the school are all the different people who are the subject, supposedly, of a prophecy. It is not a large school. Some prophecies are minor, their subjects a small piece in the larger game. Some, like (Name), are subjects of far larger prophecies, with far-reaching consequences. The teachers are all Sentinels, and some are prophets who spend half the class just watching their students from heavy, serious eyes.

It's intimidating, but (Name) is sure they can do this. Perhaps they are a bit naive, but it will all work itself out in the end…won't it? After all, they are prophesied to win.

They soon make friends with their roommate, who is the subject of a more minor prophecy. An important one, but not nearly as much as (Name)'s is. For the first few months, things go smoothly. They are learning a lot from their various classes, things they never knew.

Everyone in the school has secrets, though, and (Name) soon begins to realize this. Begins to realize that the teachers are keeping secrets, that even their roommate seems to know something they don't.

The first major bump in the road comes when they go into the library at night and meet a stranger. It's a small school, and (Name) thought they knew everyone by sight, if not by name. But they have never seen this young man before. They would remember him.

Unlike most of the other students, who show some measure of deference and respect towards (Name), this young man mocks them. His tongue is sharp as a knife, and his lips curl in a sneer rather than a smile.

(Name) asks if he's new. He laughs at them, and gives them a pitying smile. "You'll figure it out eventually. The prophets know better than to pick stupid kids for this prophecy." then he leaves, vanishing. They are unable to find him again that night.

They keep running into him, every now and again. He never stops mocking, never stops saying things that (Name) cannot quite understand, but feels that they are important.

Soooo basically, this is gonna be enemies to lovers between (Name) and my character, the asshole mocking young man lmao. I have…..many secrets and surprises up my sleeve for this RP, and I'm not gonna tell you the big twist. You might have figured it out already, you might not have. Either way, I want to surprise you. Makes it more fun for me lmao. I'll also be playing the roommate/best friend, so that your character can have interactions/learn without interacting with the mocking young man all the time.


  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules apply
  • Smut, if/when it happens, will go to PMs
  • I would prefer experienced RPers only, since I have big plans for this RP and really want to be able to accomplish them. Also worldbuilding! Will be a Thing!
  • Five sentences per reply minimum, please. I do my best to match my partner's response length, so the more you give me the more I give back. Tis symbiotic
  • If you have any suggestions for plot twists, throw 'em out there, I love suggestions
  • This RP will very likely have triggering content, so please let me know of any you may have
  • I reserve the right to say no

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haha friend's good ideas go brrrr but seriously may I? Also I swear I'll respond to our other RP I just have like,,, very selective motivation rn.


hello! You may, yes :) just be aware this won't have much smut for a good long while (slow burn enemies to lovers does that lmao) and I have,,,, many plans

Anyways do you have any triggers? I can't remember if you do, but I'd just like to double-check

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Oh I don't really care much about smut you're good. Uh, and explicit rape scenes are the Not Good but otherwise I have zero limits.


lmao alright! Yeah bro same here, wasn't planning on including one so we should be all good

Anyways uh, temps or just jump in? I'd kind of like to do some simple temps, but if you really wanna just jump in we can do that too?

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Templates are good, I just might not fill one out until later.


Age: (between like, 19 and 25, preferably?)
Gender and Sexuality:
Backstory: (mostly optional; I would like a little bit about family, city/town, and any important details, but other than that you're welcome to give as little or as much as you want)
Theme Song(s): (optional, but cool lmao)

Name: Mazen Boral Raffield (raff-ee-eld)
Nicknames: Maze, Mae
Age: 21
Gender and Sexuality: AMAB demi-guy, he/they. Panromantic demisexual
Looks: A Picrew. Maze stands at 5'10", with a slim but slightly curvier form than most AMAB people have. They have warm brown skin, and dark brown hair that is currently in short box braids. He has his ears pierced, and often wears earrings.
Backstory: Mazen, the seventh son of a seventh son, is the subject of a prophecy that has to do with, well, prophecy. Basically, it was prophesied that they would become one of the greatest prophets in the history of Lorion, ushering in a "new age". Originally from a small city, they have lived at the school for five years now, preparing for their prophecy.
Theme Song(s): "Sober Up", by AJR. "Something Wild" by Lindsey Sterling and andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) McMahon in the Wilderness. "I'm Still Standing", by Elton John
Other: The Best Friend, not the asshole. Easy going, but has secrets of their own

Name: Soren Henry Darlington
Nicknames: Ren
Age: 23
Gender and Sexuality: Cis male, he/him. Bi
Looks: Ren stands at just over 6' tall, with a lanky, angular form. He has black hair that falls into his face just a little bit, which is straight and void of any curl or wave. He is white, with very pale skin. His eyes are a slate grey, and they look haunted. Has shadows from lack of sleep beneath his eyes. His face is sharp and angular, just like the rest of him. Has a long scar wrapping around his throat, and another one arching from the left side of his chin all the way over his cheek until it meets his nose. Has assorted other scars scattered around his body. Usually wears long sleeves and pants, often in black so he melts into the shadows.
Backstory: Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Theme Song(s): "Runaway", by AURORA. "Reaper", by Glaceo and RIELL. "Used to the Darkness", by Des Rocs. "Redemption", by Besomorph, Coopex, and RIELL. "Gasoline", by Halsey
Other: The Asshole/Love Interest

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(Yeah I’ve just been feeling sick the past few days, sorry.)

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(Honestly, just repost this. I probably won't get around to this with my ADHD, and I don't wanna disappoint you sorry.)


(i'd love to do this with you because you're a good RPer, and tbh all I really need from the temp is name, age, and a tiny bit about family stuff, so if you'd like to do this and don't have time to fill out the entire temp in one go, you could just do that and add to it as we go, if you like? idk)

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(Okay, I can do that. Sorry lol I just suck in every capacity.)


(You're fine! I just figure that might be easier, if you do the bare-bones stuff before we start, and then whenever you have time you can add "looks" or more backstory or whatever)

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Name: Ares Minstrel
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 22
Gender and Sexuality: Trans man, he/him, pansexual
Looks: Malewifeboss energy. Literally just a dumbass with knives vibes. He is g r e a s y and has not showered in a week. Long black hair that he brushes until it starts falling out, supposed to be curly but is always a frizzy mess from the aforementioned constant brushing, made worse by the fact that he really only showers like once a month. He does NOT care for himself, he's too busy trying to stay on top of the world, and it shows. His wet sand brown face is like pimple city, and his eyes always look a bit clouded over. Very muscular, but it's because he is always pushing himself to his limits. Tall, 6'2", doesn't look a trace of feminine and so he rarely gets misgendered. The ideal "I could fix him" guy who doesn't have any time for your bullshit.
Backstory: Belonged to a group of nomads and travelers who studied the roots of magic by trying to figure out how spells were originally done. Like, eye of frog and toe of cat, but what species of frog, and which toe? They're magical scientists, basically. They take all types, and tend to be the found family adopt everyone types. Ares is… not that. Which is probably how he got taken to the prophecy academy anyways.
Theme Song(s): Take A Hint from the show Victorious, What's My Name from Descendants, Take A Slice by Glass Animals.
Other: Idk I'm tired.


(oof this is gonna be fun! I,,,, don't actually have time/energy to post a starter tonight, tho, so I'm sorry about that! In the meantime, do you have any questions?)

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(I fell asleep lmao. And a general question: what sort of worldbuilding did you envision for this?)