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I’m in the mood to roleplay some characters using some variation of the classic Sun x Moon1 dynamic. (If you’re not sure what that is, see below!) I’m okay with it being romantic or platonic; I’m also down for either them starting as friends (or as enemies!) and having their relationship slowly evolve (or, perhaps even devolve). Ultimately I just want something dynamic that is loosely based on the Sun and Moon trope.

1 The Sun x Moon trope is simply a trope where the characters’ dispositions are “based on” the Sun and Moon. I.e., the “Sun” character is generally an optimistic, bright, warm individual who gives off “sun-like” energy, whereas the “Moon” character may be more quiet, introspective, and cool-natured.

Any of the genres below work great for me, and I’m also open to more suggestions and ideas for plots.
• Superhero themed universe (characters could be heroes, villains, sidekicks, vigilantes, any mix or variation)
• Cops n’ criminals (detectives, police, organized crime)
• Urban fantasy

Andrew’s rules apply. I would like to see a writing sample but for this one I won’t be picky.

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I’m good with joining in on this one. 👍🏻👍🏻 The character I will probably use is Andromeda; while she does have her dark backstory, she is definitely a sun type of character.

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I definitely love cops n’ criminals with a more romantic dynamic, but of course, I’m good with anything. 👍🏻👍🏻 The only thing I probably need to mention is that I keep romance PG; I’m definitely good with kissing, hugging, things like that, but I stay away from sexual themes.


Okay, that’s perfect! I love cops n criminals, and I never go above PG 13 with romance, so it’s not a problem for me at all to keep it PG. :) So are you thinking maybe a slow-burn enemies to friends to lovers type thing?

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Mhm, something to that effect. 👍🏻👍🏻 Possibly they’re enemies, but then forced to team up possibly to take down some criminal organization or something, but then end up going to friends and becoming lovers.


I'm so sorry I went AWOL for so long. Life has been busy! Is there any way you'd want to continue? No hard feelings if not. I did just vanish for about 6 months, after all.

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Ohhh good grief, I forgot about this!! xDD But yeah, I’m totally still up for it

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I think Imma use my OC Andromeda (she/her; straight) for this one. I’ve been oBSESSED with her lately xD


Okay, awesome! I'll slap a temp down right now and then sign up my bro, and we'll get going. :D If you don't like this temp, feel free to adjust it to your preferences.

Brief Backstory: (optional)
Current occupation:

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Name: Andromeda “Andy” Archer
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Is generally a sunshine character; she tries to remain optimistic about things, but even with her perkiness, she’s a good listener, and many friends consider her to be the therapist of the group
Looks: A fairly tall girl (5’9”; 137 lbs); part Chinese, with one parent being Caucasian and the other one from Chinese descent; she has dark brown hair streaked lightly with a caramel color, and she normally keeps her hair, which goes down to around the middle of her chest, in loose curls; she has a somewhat round face and a petite nose with honey colored eyes and long, thick eyes lashes; she normally wears a little bit of makeup from day to day— eyeliner, mascara, and blush— but normally only wears a lot of it on special occasions; as for body type, she’s very tall and skinny, likely with light muscle (Hair reference: ; eye reference: ) Her outfit depends on what she’s doing, but she tends to dress in a more business-y style with dress pants, blank heals, and a blazer along with a blouse, maybe a corset if she’s feeling fancy


Name: Rigel Orelle
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demi-heterosexual (straight)
Personality: Serious, quiet, and thoughtful, Rigel tends to be a pessimistic man with a cynical view of humanity and the world. He can come across as selfish and cold at times, but he is by no means evil. He does, however, tend to have an "every man for himself" attitude and believes that all people will inherently do whatever is most beneficial for themselves, and themselves alone. This causes him to fear trusting others, and to follow that own rule himself in order to avoid being hurt, deceived, betrayed, or "played." He is extremely intelligent in some areas but also a bit dumb in others.
Appearance: 6'1, with broad shoulders. He's not quite overweight, but does veer towards the heavier side— though most of it is muscle. (I.e., he's not ripped and he has a little extra body fat, but he is very solid and strong, with a lot of muscle and strength.) His skin is a light olive color; his hair is dark brown, and his eyes are a light hazel-grey. He has a prominent, slightly crooked nose, and his jaw usually sports heavy, unshaven stubble. He wears glasses more often than not— silver, rectangular— and seems to opt for comfortable, loose fitting clothing most days, though he can clean up nicely when the moment permits.
Backstory: To be revealed in RP. All that's necessary to know is that he used to be extremely tied up in the crime world, but has been trying to pull away from it for the last couple years; he still sells illegal tech, weapons, and other things pretty regularly, but he tries not to get involved beyond that.
Skills/abilities: Mechanics and engineering, martial arts (though he's not as limber as he once was), and he's a great shot with a gun.
Weaknesses: Bad a teamwork, not good at time-pressure situations as he doesn't work the fastest and prefers to take his time. He's also very closed off, paranoid, distrustful, anxious…
Occupation: Officially? He works as an engineer at a small robotics corporation. Unofficially? He occasionally sells/repairs weapons and tech on the black market.


Thanks! Andromeda is really awesome, too.

So, we decided on cops n' criminals, right? How should we go about having them interact?

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Hmmmmm maybe they end up meeting somewhere (a party, a bar, a coffee shop, etc.) and they start talking and possibly develop some sort of connection, but later Andromeda realizes that he’s a person of interest in whatever investigation she’s doing?? We don’t have to go with that, but I figured I’d throw an idea out there


I like that idea! Rigel would probably only show up at a party against his will, but I could definitely see him going to a bar or coffee shop. That would work well!

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Sounds good! :DD Maybe a bar? I feel like it fits Andy’s personality.

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You can, if you want! I can totally do it if you can’t think of anything.


(Sorry my starters are so lengthy! I usually do that to paint a decently clear scene and picture of the character.)

“Can I get you another drink, sir?”

The bartender’s soft voice broke through Rigel’s daze. He blinked, realizing that he’d been staring down at his three-fourths empty glass for a little too long. Only his first drink— he wasn’t even drunk yet. Just lost in thought.

“Yeah.” He barely glanced at the bartender as he pushed the glass towards her and sat up straight. “Thanks.”

A quick look around the room reminded him how crowded the place was getting, loud with the bustle of conversation, laughter, and clinking glasses. He tapped his fingers against the edge of the counter and let out a sigh. There hadn’t been so many when he arrived only a little over twenty minutes ago; maybe the commotion was his cue to just go home for the night.

The lady bartender placed a new beer in front of him. “Here you go.”

Rigel nodded and pulled it towards himself. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” the woman said. A beat of silence passed between them. “You here all by yourself tonight, hon?”

“Mhm.” His attention remained fixed on the drink. He watched a bead of water trail down the side of the glass.

“That’s sad. Seems pretty lonely. You’re not married?” the woman inquired. Rigel gave her a skeptical look to see that she was eyeing his left hand— barren ring finger— as it rested on the counter next to his glass. He self consciously pulled his hand away and hid it by resting it on his knee.

“Not sure why that matters.”

“It doesn’t, I guess.” The woman smirked a little. She was probably in her mid thirties— maybe older with a youthful appearance. “No girlfriend either? Or boyfriend?”

“No,” Rigel said dryly, “but I’m not interested.”

“Hm.” The woman didn’t seem all that disappointed. “Well, if you change your mind, you let me know.” She offered him a little wink before hurrying off to go take someone else’s order and flirt with the other patrons.

Rigel let out a quiet huff of aggravation and lifted the beer to his mouth. He hated the smell— and the taste— but it was a distraction. An escape, of sorts. He downed almost the entire glass in about three gulps and set the glass back down on the counter a little too forcefully. Wretched taste, but it’d take a few more to get the kind of effect he came for.

Anything to shut his mind up.

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(( You’re all good! I love long responses <3 Mine tend to be pretty long, but it depends on the rp ))

“You’re awfully quiet tonight, Andy. Is everything okay?”

Andy glanced up from her beer, meeting the gaze of the blonde woman sitting next to her. Even though this woman was Andy’s friend, she wasn’t sure why the woman seemed so concerned about her behavior. After all, she had paid little to no attention to Andy up to this point. In fact, the friend had only bothered to check on her after one of the men they were with made a comment about Andy’s quiet demeanor.

“Oh, yeah. Of course.” Andy forced a weak smile as her eyes flickered back down towards her drink. “I’m fine. Just… a little tired. That’s all.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly a lie. Andy was tired, but there was a lot more to her silence than that. The woman, however, didn’t pry. She accepted Andy’s answer without question before she began talking to the men at their table, once again treating Andy as if she didn’t exist.

With a sigh, Andy lifted her glass up to her lips, finishing what remained of her beer. She had to admit, her friend was right. Andy was normally the life of the party when it came to Friday nights at the bar. She was talkative, and her bright smile usually brought in a crowd of men. But, that day, she had had a rough day at work. She wasn’t nearly as peppy as usual, and without her bright personality to keep them entertained, her friends were content with completely ignoring her.

Andy listened to the conversation around her as she felt the void of loneliness begin to grow in her chest. She needed another drink.

Without a word to the others, she stood up, walked over to the bar, and slid onto the stool next to Rigel. The other people at her table continued on with their conversation, as if they hadn’t noticed that she had left.

“Can I get a refill?” Andy gave a weary smile to the bartender. “It’s been one of those nights.”