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So basically uhhh
I wanna roleplay with my baby boy Cerulean
He's a sea dragon hybrid and I love him
So your character can be like uhh

  • Another dragon
  • Another dragon hybrid
  • A mermaid/other sentient ocean creature ig?
  • Random person
  • Whatever else you can think of? uhh


  • Not first come first serve! I have the right to deny anyone for any reason (although I usually won't, if I do it's probably because our writing styles don't mesh well)
  • I don't care how long your responses are, but preferably more than a one liner? Detailed one liners okay but please give me something to work with. Usually my favorite length is around one paragraph (I can't keep up with several paragraph replies qwq)
  • Please be literate! Occasional slip ups are totally fine, but please try to have correct grammar and spelling most of the time
  • LGBTQ+ characters are loved and respected <3
  • Don't be rude >:0
  • Swearing is perfectly fine, but no slurs of any kind!
  • OP characters are banned >:0
  • If you have questions, ask! Just make sure you put things in parentheses if the roleplay has started :>
  • Please be active!!! Not forcing you to reply several times a day (although it would be nice lol), but please reply at least once a day or let me know if you will be unable to! I'm pretty understanding, but I'll usually bump after a day or two depending on whether or not I see you active in other forums or generally online
  • Uhhh I can add to the list if I think of things

Also here's Cerulean

Name: Cerulean (Ru)

Age: Six (might change for this roleplay)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Questioning (bisexual, wholesome romance is allowed here)


(Extended) Cerulean is about three feet tall and not quite thirty pounds (may change if his age does). He appears thin when he's not wearing oversized clothing. His skin is a very pale blue color, he has heterochromatic eyes (right is blue, left is teal), he has finlike ears, and he has a dragon tail. He does not have wings or horns, and he does have sharp teeth.

Personality: Cerulean is very naive and trusting most of the time. He can be incredibly touchy feely, which can cause problems if he decides to touch a mean person or generally something dangerous. He loves pretty much any attention due to having neglectful parents (he doesn't realize they're neglectful, but receiving attention might make him confused at the contrast). He may become overwhelmed with too much attention. He's generally very outgoing and sweet.

Background: Cerulean was born to a sea dragon mother and a human father. As is typical of dragons, his mother left, although he still visits her on occasion. His father is resentful and heavily neglects Cerulean, but he does not physically abuse him. Cerulean doesn't mind, though, and generally catches his own food (almost always fish) and generally takes care of himself.

Other: Cerulean does very poorly when he's dehydrated due to being part sea dragon. He needs to drink a lot or he'll be weak, shaky, pale, and his skin gets dry and flaky if it's bad enough. He also has a tendency to collapse or be unable to walk due to dehydration.

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Of course!

Antonio had been planning on spending the night in the forest, he enjoyed camping. He was just taking a quick walk before he would go to sleep. He saw a pretty cool looking cliff that seemed like it would have a good view for him to sketch earlier in the day and was heading there now, humming to some tune he heard on the car radio.

He had just turned the corner when he saw someone at the edge, eyes widening. Oh shit- Is someone going to jump off? Should I stop them? Of course I should stop them you idiot! He thought, his brain running at a hundred miles per hour as he dropped his sketchbook and tool and raced toward the person on the ledge. Just as they stepped off, he grabbed them and fell onto his back.


Age range is up to you depending on what kind of relationship you're wanting between the characters! If we're doing a soft pure romance, then probably around Cerulean's age whereabouts
If we're doing a found family thing or really whatever else, then that's up to you! It could be kinda cute if your character was another dragon/dragon hybrid of some sort but that's totally your choice
We can discuss plot more after you make your character, or now if you prefer, but it'll probably be pretty casual. We could do an adventure tho if you want to :>

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I'll probably make like,,, a fire dragon kid who was uhhh kidnapped but broke free and is now kinda trying to survive near the ocean??

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(I was actually just working on my character lol, give me like an hour)

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Name: Ash Balisan

Age: Seven

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pan, but doesn't have a word for it yet.

Appearance: Ash is uh, tiny and filled with anger (close to hell). He has long arms with hands that are vaguely human like, but in all honesty, more like claws than hands. His arms are completely black with it fading to red then to his skin color up at his elbows. He's a pale kid with dark red coloration around his eyes and face. Ash's hair is bright red with some orange highlights and nestled in his hair, are a pair of curved horns. He has slit yellow eyes and big wings.

Personality: He's quite brash, kinda the kid version of the Kool-Aid man, you know? Red themed, full of excitement, and way too strong. He tends to rush into things and ignores most of his problems for something fun to do.

Background: He was living with his older brother in a bunch of ruins near a volcano (pompeii if we're still in earth) before some archeologists found their home and called in dragon hunters. Ash's brother escaped but he was kidnapped by the dragon hunters and sold, he managed to escape after that and is currently gaining back health in a cave by the sea.

Other: He's basically a fire genasi, I'm not going to lie.

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(Listen, I'm going to make him yell "OH YEAH" and burst through a wall at least once)


(Alright! Do you want to start with him being all injured or whatever for pretext, or should I start with Ru just finding him?)

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(Ah, just start with Ru methinks! I'm better at describing things as we go)