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Character A has always been fascisantes with death. They study all religions and what they believe happens after death.

Character B is dead. Well. . . Half dead? They have some unfinished business left on earth before they can finally have their eternal rest, or move on to their next life.

Let’s just say, A and B have never met, but have been going to the same small town school district their whole lives. And they say everyone knows everyone in a small town. . .

A meets B and instantly finds something. . . off about them. Very off. So A makes it their mission to find out everything about B. . . And maybe they find themselves falling in love with a dead person.

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(I got lazy and had a generator generate his personality. . . XD)

Name: Kevin Beniamino Schwarzenberg
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: Emeralds green eyes, onyx hair and fair skin. About 5’7
Clothing Style: Usually, jeans in dark blue or black, or;d band shirts, jean or leather jacket. Boot or a pair of high top converse.
Personality: benevolent, charitable, considerate, constant, doglike, faithful, forgiving, generous, genial, gentle, good, gracious, helpful, hospitable, intelligent, kind, kindhearted, loyal, merciful, openhearted, pushover, shy, smart, sympathetic, thoughtful, timid, tolerant, truehearted, unsure,
Brief History: His mother dies of cancer when he’s one, leaving his father to take care of Kevin and his siblings by himself. He has a somewhat rough childhood, not quite having enough money to go around, but overall it’s happy. At age 15, he starts dating Barnaby Castillo, who, a year later, dumps him because he ‘wants someone more badass’


Name: Amelia Harrington
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Red hair, hazel eyes, pale, freckles across the nose and cheeks, 5'3
Clothing Style: Dark academia core pretty much, or sweatpants and looking like a gremlin, really no in-between
Personality: Amelia is on the quiet side not because she's shy but simply because no one at school is really worth her time. They're stupid or focused on their looks or relationships or drama more than they are on learning. It's not that she doesn't have friends, because she does, she just doesn't waste her time on people that don't matter to her. She's a curious little thing and never just takes an answer for what it is.
Brief History: Amelia was born into upper middle class. But just because her family has the funds and she's "everything she wants" doesn't mean she's happy. Her parents would rather slave away at work than give her the time of day. She would rather be poor and a happy family than rich and separated

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Kevin was pretty sure he was dead. I mean, when you see your own body sprawled across the ground, under a car, it usually means you’re dead. He wasn’t sure how he died. He remembered walking home from a party, then brought lights. Next thing he knew, he was looking at his own body.

He presses his hand to his stomach, feeling sick. Or, he *thought** he felt sick. After a moment, he realized he didn’t really feel anything. He could smell the air, feel the breeze. His senses worked, he just. . . He didn’t feel hungry, he didn’t need to go to the bathroom. He frown slightly, “Holy shit, I’m dead. . .”

He presses his hand to his mouth, staring at his body. His gaze then goes to the car, where the driver was climbing out of the vehicle, phone in hand. They rush over to Kevin, “Young man, are you alright? You look dazed.”

“I’m dead-“ He whispers, and then looks to the driver, “You can see me?”

“Dead?” The driver looks confused and they look over their shoulder and see, what Kevin assumes, is his dead body. They laugh, “Oh, that one deer.”

“Deer?” He leans to the side, looks over the driver’s shoulder and sees his body. “I- um. . . Yeah, I’m fine.”

He rubs the back of his neck, smiling slightly, “Saw my life flash before my eyes, is all. I thought I was gonna die.” He chuckles softly, shaking his head.

The driver laughs, “Yeah, I bet. I thought I hit you instead of the deer. I could have swore I saw your head hit the hood.” He pats Kevin’s shoulder.

“Nice to see you’re alright, young man.”

Kevin nods, “Yeah. . . you too. . .” He pats his pockets, glad to find his phone. He was probably seeing things, he probably wasn’t dead. That would be great. But every time he looked at the car, he saw his body twisted and broken.

“Maybe next time, don’t speed?”

The driver laughs, “Sure, sure, whatever you say kid. I’m sure you speed allll the time.”

Kevin scowls and pulls his phone out, getting ready to call his parents.


Amelia had been out late that night. It wasn't usually like her but it was a Friday night and therefore, no school the next day. She was free to sleep in the next morning. It wasn't like she had anything planned other than her school project she had been working on. Which was what had kept her out so late tonight. She had been sitting in a restaurant, working on her project, and she hadn't realized how fast the time had slipped by her. One moment she was ordering food and the next moment it was past midnight and her server was trying to close out of her check. Amelia, of course, apologized profusely and tipped well over 100% of her check. She felt just awful for keeping her waitress there longer and hoped the tip was a good apology. It wasn't like she was short on money. Hell, it wasn't even her own money. It was her parents. And it wasn't like they would notice the money missing. They likely didn't even notice she was missing.

She took her usual route back home, though, in the dark, she drove a bit more cautiously. Drivers at night tended to be worse, as they were intoxicated, exhausted, or just plain not paying attention. She wasn't going to risk herself or her car. Her car was one of the few things in her life that she truly valued. That she had received from her parents that is. It was a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG EQS Base Sedan. She had gotten it for her birthday as an "I'm sorry for missing your birthday" present. She didn't really care. They did it every year. But this car, oh did she love it. And she treated it very well. She didn't often care or like to show off her wealth, but a car like this, it had to be taken care of. She got it washed every two weeks and a detailed clean every other month. She would keep it in pristine condition.

Up ahead, she noticed a car stopped on the road, two people standing out in it and a body of some sort in front of the car. Terror seized her that perhaps it was the body of someone instead of something. But as she neared, she could make out the shape of an animal carcass and her terror faded over. Her heart slowed and her breathing evened out. Only problem was that she couldn't go anywhere with this car stopped in the road. Sure, she could go around them, but the boy, and yes it was a boy, look familiar as she came to them.

Her car came to a stop and she looked at the boy, eyes squinting. Yes, she knew him. They went to school together But what was his name? She couldn't remember off the top of her head. She wracked her brain, trying to think. She had a class with him did she not?

She rolled down the window of the driver's side. "Is everything alright over here?" She asked. She knew better than to pull over and talk to strangers. She had watched enough true crime documentaries. But this boy, she knew him, and she was too curious about what had happened to just leave. She knew then that she would be the white girl at the beginning of the horror movie that died because she was too curious. At least Amelia knew that.

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Kevin scowls at the drivers comment, but gets distracted when he hears the sound of a car driving up. It slows and eventually, comes to a stop beside them. He watches the window roll down and reveal the face of none other than Amelia Harrington. He frowns slightly and looks back to his phone, wa noting to ignore her and then deciding aga9inst it when the driver speaks up.

“This young man almost got hit by my car. I was going very fast, and he should have been paying attention. He could have gotten hurt.”

Kevin glares, “Maybe you shouldn’t go 50 miles in a 30 mile zone. This is residential. Not highway.” He then closes his mouth, looking away. He’s not normally one to be so snappish.

The driver scowls, “No one’s ever on the road, young man.”

Kevin shrugs and looks towards Amelia, “Yeah, it’s fine. I’m fine. Just walking home.” ‘Not like I’m dead. . .’


Amelia looked at the driver and then at the boy. She turned her gaze back to the driver. "Well, obviously someone was. You're lucky all you killed was a deer. If I catch you speeding again, I'll have you arrested." And just for good measure, she took a picture of his license plate. Sometimes, her parents were good for things. And in this case, influence.

She turned back to her classmate. "You are not walking this late. Especially not after that. Get in, I'll drive you."

She would definitely be the white girl who gets killed first in the horror movie. It was a good thing she had mace and a taser in her car if he tried anything. She might be stupid but she wasn't dumb. She was smart enough to know to carry those on her. She wasn't going to risk getting kidnapped, which was so much worse than getting killed.

She clicked the unlock button on the car, giving him a look that said she wasn't leaving until he got in her car. She was stubborn as hell and wasn't going anywhere. Especially after he had almost been run over. She wasn't going to let him risk it again.

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(I’m starting to not like the name Kevin. . . sighs)

Kevin shakes his head, shuddering slightly. Right. All the driver killed was a deer. Kevin was the one lying in the ditch there. He could see his own body. Broken and twisted in weird ways. He chews on the corner of his mouth, turning to the girl.

Kevin opened his mouth, planning to argue with Amelia that this was unnecessary, that he could finish the walk home by himself without any interference.

He sighs softly and pulls open the door, climbing into the seat. The only reason he’d gotten in the car was the look she gave him. He was silent and fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, staring at the dash or the car.


(All I can think of if the mom in home alone screaming KEVIN)

Once he was sat in the car, Amelia put the car in drive and drove off from the dead deer and the crazy man. Even Amelia, who had a little problem with speeding, knew better to drive slowly in residential areas. Especially at night. Anyone and anything could be in the road. And if you weren't paying attention, it was easy to hit them.

"Where do you live?" She asked. It had to be somewhere close if he was walking home. Which she debated lecturing him about walking home so late at night. Sure, it might be safer for him because he was a man. He didn't have to worry about getting kidnapped or something like she did. But it was still unsafe to do because of situations like this.

She glanced over at him before focusing on the road. "Hey, are you alright? You look a bit shaken." She didn't blame him for it. He seemed to be taken it a lot better than she would have.

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Kevin sighs, “I live just over there in that house.” He points. The house was a U shape away, two left turns, but about a five minute drive. He rests his elbow against the door and his chin on his palm.

“Like I said, not too far.” He bows out a breath, staring at the road ahead. He almost misses it when the girl speaks to him. He blinks once and looks at her, staring and trying to process what she said.

He supposed he looked freaked, his skin pale, and eyes wide. Probably looked terrified. Like he’d seen a ghost. Which he had, because he was apparently a ghost. ONe everyone could see and talk to. He swallows and looks away again, “Um. . . I’m fine. Just tired. . .” He mumbles under his breath, not looking back at the girl.


Amelia nodded, following his instructions. It wouldn't be along drive then. And easy enough to walk to from where he had been. But it was still dangerous at this time of night, even if he wasn't as in big of a risk of getting picked off the streets. This was the time of night drivers were more reckless. Many were coming home from bars or had just gotten off and were exhausted. Whatever the reason being, they were worse at this time of night. It wasn't safe to be walking around.

She gave him a look that said she didn't believe him. "It's alright to be shaken up. I would be. You could have died." And something did die, the deer. It could have easily been him. She was glad it wasn't, even if she didn't really know him. She took the next left turn. They were almost at his house.

"Take a bath," she said as she pulled up in front of his house. "Put on some soothing music, or meditation. It might help you relax after this. Try to get some sleep." She gave him a kind smile. It didn't matter that she didn't know him well. They were still classmates and she didn't want anything bad to happen to him.