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In this rp, it'll set place in a conservative university nestled in the heart of New York.

Character A reigns supreme as not only the most popular man in school, but the vice president of a seemingly normal fraternity, but beneath the surface lies a dark, cultish underbelly brimming with secrets and shadows. Despite his outward popularity, Character A grapples with deep-seated depression and repressed trauma, and it's further exasperated by the conservative atmosphere that stifles his hidden desires to be with other men.

Character B on the other hand is an average student with an a deep vendetta. His sole purpose in attending this prestigious university isn't just to earn a degree, but to exact revenge on Character A for the sins of his father. Character A's father, unbeknownst to him, is responsible for plunging Character B's family into crippling debt, forcing them to be constantly on the run from relentless loan sharks.

But Character B isn't out for blood; he's after something far more insidious. Through years of meticulous research and careful observation, he realizes that the key to dismantling his enemy isn't with violence, but in tarnishing Character A's pristine reputation.

Determined to unearth any shred of dirt on Character A, Character B hatches a plan to infiltrate his world by joining his fraternity. Yet, during this entire web of deception and manipulation, an unexpected bond forms between the two. Will this connection withstand the weight of their own secrets, or will this ultimately be their downfall?

Ok so now that I'm basically done with school for this season, I have some more time to myself and have been cooking up a lot of new ideas such as this one. I'm not entirely sure what time period I want this to be in so it's something we can decide on together.

Also, yes the default description is of two men, however, this can also be flipped to two women as well. Feel free to choose your character, I'm good with either one.

Now for rules:

  • As always this is a mature rp. It can either stay here and anything that's gory or smutty can be taken to the pms or be kept entirely in the pms

  • Ok, I'm not too much of a stickler for response time, however, now that I am done with my semester, I would prefer a response maybe 2-3 times a week if possible.

  • Writing sample is required and I have the right to say no if it isn't something I can personally work with (nothing personal)

  • At least a paragraph in responses.


How has no one jumped in at this plot idea? I'd love to join if you'll have me!! I can provide a writing sample shortly if given the go-ahead, though I will warn you that I don't personally feel comfortable writing smut. I'm fine with gory and even suggestive content, but beyond that, I'm much more of a fade-to-black kind of person.

Just wanted to mention that beforehand, since it was briefly addressed in the rules section!! ^^


(Yes, I'd love to have you! I would just need a sample and don't worry about the explicit stuff. It's just a precaution in case it does happen but gore would still be kept in the pms :))


That's perfect, then!
It took me a little bit to decide on a subject/character, but here's an example of my writing ^^

Wind rippled across the surface of the topsail, drawing Freed's eyes to the bright blue sky beyond. He squinted at it through the unfiltered sunlight, sure he'd just caught sight of a gull, and moved to duck past a burly pirate carrying—woah, was that an entire water barrel on his shoulder?

The young gunner spun around to watch him with wide eyes until an ill-placed coil of rope brought him promptly crashing to the deck. He squeaked, jumping up so quickly that it caught the officers' attention. "I was just—inspecting the ropes," he mumbled, face growing hot with embarrassment at the laughs that brought.

"Sure you was!" "Everyone knows ya hafta get real close fer that."

"Now, now, boys, don't tease the kid," a deep voice said, and Freed jumped at the weight of a large hand settling on his shoulder. "He's still finding his sea legs, he is."

Freed risked a glance upward and relaxed at the sight of the quartermaster, Stanton. "G'morning, Sir."

"Aye, Freed, I reckon it is," the man hummed in response, and Freed realized he was also looking toward the sky. "We're near Danfell, aren't we?" the boy blurted, stepping to Stanton's side and craning his head for the flash of white that had initially caught his attention. 'There!'

Sure enough, a seagull was gliding through the air far above the ship. Freed's eyes lit up with excitement and Stanton chuckled behind him. "You're catching on," the quartermaster said, ruffling the young gunner's sun-bleached hair fondly. "Why don't'cha go find Mooney and tell him the good news? The two of ya can meet us on the quarter deck."

"Aye, Sir!" Freed saluted to Stanton, then all but bolted down the stairs into the belly of The Sovereign.

"Mooney, Mooney! Guess what!" he exclaimed, rushing into the kitchen. The door slammed off the walls with the force of his entry, and a wooden spoon whizzed past his ear in retaliation. Freed leaned away from the projectile before it could hit him and stuck his tongue out at the cranky middle-aged cook.

"God, Freed, do you ever shut up? You know I'm suffering from this hangover, and yet here you come all barging in…"

"We're almost to Danfell!" Freed interrupted, not about to let Mooney's sour mood dampen his excitement at seeing another island. "Which means you have to come with me. Stanton's orders."

Mooney blinked at him, then slowly closed the cabinet he'd been organizing before the interruption. "I see… I'm still going to throw another spoon at you," he deadpanned, making Freed splutter with indignation. "What?! What did I do, you drunk?"

"Everything," the cook retorted, but he joined Freed at the doorway—blessedly spoonless.

Freed nudged his side as they stepped out onto the deck again, letting out a laugh and dodging when the cook tried to swat at him. The gunner leaped onto the nearest rigging, pulling himself up several feet and hooking his arm through one of the holes.

Begrudgingly, Mooney followed him to the base of the rigging, shielding his eyes as he looked up at the blond-haired boy. "What do you see, baby brother?"

Freed wrinkled his nose at the endearment, giving him the stink-eye. Then he cast his gaze towards the horizon, where the haze of an island waiting to be explored began to emerge.

"I see… Adventure."