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Hello all. I’m not new to Notebook, and I’ve RPed on here before under a couple different usernames. I’m a very experienced roleplayer, but it’s been awhile, and I’ve been craving something dark and action packed lately. I am more active on Discord, so if you RP on Discord as well and would be willing to add me on there, feel free to DM me. I am willing to RP on here too though, and can respond at least once every couple days at the latest.

My idea for a RP is one centered around the criminal underworld— rival organizations, underground fight clubs, hit men in the shadows, and whatever else— blended with more lowkey fantasy/sci-fi elements. I prefer to RP with people who have a decent amount of experience and like to develop long in-depth character arcs (slow-burn romances/friendships). If this sounds like something you’re interested in, give me a writing sample and let me know. We’ll discuss more from there. You can DM or comment.

• Let me know if you have any triggers I need to avoid.
• No smut or explicit sex scenes. PG-13 romance and adult subjects or themes are totally chill— but I’m not into trying to make things smutty and erotic.
• Language is fine but don’t overdo it.
• Violence and gore will probably be present in the RP, as well as possible references to dark/adult themes, so PLEASE make any triggers or preferences known up front.
• You must be 16+ (I am 20 and do not feel comfortable RPing with anyone younger than that).