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forget yourself, surrender your mind

Still obsessed with one (1) hedonistic little immortal.

Alternate universe where Dorian Gray, the picture perfect immortal, lives. God, he lives. And lives life to the fullest, darkest, and most hedonistic he does, all the way until the 21st century. It’s the modern day, and we have a problem on our hands. The Elder Gods are returning, and only your character, a prophetess witch with a talking black cat familiar and a secret (secret in question is up to you, I just want drama lmao), knows how to stop them. Unfortunately, Dorian is more a part of the prophecy than he knows.

Anyways, plot is roughly that your character, a future telling witch, is unfortunately needing to find Dorian before he fucks up and accidentally becomes the sacrificial “lamb” to the Elder Gods. This will be harder than one expects. Magic is kinda an underground thing at this point, not even most governments know of it, and it’s a little known thing that carries a lot of power in the end.

There might be smut, definitely shipping between our two characters, and lots of craziness, depending on how this plays out. Please be comfortable with dark themes and lots of horror, gore, and violence.

Don’t be a dick, be literate, and have fun are my only rules.

Template to be posted when someone joins. Spice taken to dms, no questions about it.

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Age: (probably somewhere 23+)
Gender Identity/Pronouns: (I will clarify that I do expect you to put down whether they are cis or trans as I’m sick of ppl assuming cis is the default, read some theory me lads. If you don’t put them as cis I’m assuming they’re trans. If they are trans tho and you mark them as such… you have my whole fuckin heart lmao I’m a big trans mcfuckin whore and I love to see it!)
Orientation: (if you don’t mind, being attracted in the man-ish direction does help for this one. Bisexuality rules as always.)
Worst fear:
Darkest secret:
Happiest memory:
Theme song(s)?:

Have fun with this!

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Name: Dorian Montague Gray
Age: Was made immortal at 25, looks a couple years younger than that tho cuz. Slutty little babyface manwhore vibes. He’s basically just an effeminate and youthful twinkydink.
Gender Identity/Pronouns: Genderfluid amab in (slight) denial, currently he/him
Orientation: Bisexual as hell, very much attracted to all y’all whores.
Appearance: Dorian is very thin, on the brink of looking starved even, almost ethereal in how little he eats yet still manages to look rosy cheeked and healthy. Chalk that up to immortality ig. With an ivory complexion, platinum blonde curls framing his face like a halo and faint but still visible freckles smattering his whole body and bright heterochromatic blue-red eyes, he looks practically like a cherub (non biblically accurate kind) or some sort of angelic being in general. He’s taller than you’d expect, about 6’2”, but he doesn’t look all that tall if you see him in pictures alone as he always made sure to keep himself looking more demure than he actually was.
Wardrobe: Fairly modern, slightly cottagecore and very much gender envy of us all. Wears big floaty, flowy, swishy shirts tucked into loose brown pants with lots of jewelry made from animal bones and solid, always-polished gold. Wears sandals and socks, unfortunately for all of us simps. Also wears boots more often than not.
Personality: Manipulative and self obsessed cunt. He’s pretty sweet to you at first, but when you get vulnerable he’ll leave you hanging by a thread for his attentions.
Worst fear: Dying
Darkest secret: The murder of several of his ex boyfriends and girlfriends and otherwise partners, the most notable of which is his first lover, Basil Hallward. Also his portrait fueled immortality generally.
Happiest memory: Not one that he can remember.
Backstory: I actually need to keep this hidden for plot reasons sorry!
Theme song(s)?: Maneater by Nelly Furtado, LOOKATME by Jann, Teen Idle by MARINA.
Other: I hate him with all my heart omg- (I say this somewhat lovingly.)

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Name: Cleonia Noble
Nicknames: Leo
Age: 24
Gender Identity/Pronouns: female, she/them, doesn't really believe in gender so they don't care
Orientation: Pansexual
Appearance: Slender and small (around 5 ft). Has tan skin and freckles. Emerald green eyes and cute button nose. Their hair is golden-brown, wavy, and long
Wardrobe: Usually is wearing white bellybutton jeans with a yellow sweater that is a little big on her. Hair is either in a bun or down.
Personality: Gives off major golden retriever vibes. They tend to seek the positive in life because so much negativity has always been around them. Loyal (even if they shouldn't be), positive, and friendly
Worst fear: That they will die alone and therfore leave no impact on the world
Darkest secret: That death seems to follow wherever they go. Ever since birth, when they killed their mother during childbirth. They believe this is the reason they have a black cat as a familiar.
Happiest memory: Their childhood best friend, James. Spending time with him. Especially the time they went swimming.
Backstory: Ever since birth, death has followed her. Her best friend James died when they were teens from homicide. When she discovers she's a seer, she is determined to make right by trying to prevent bad things from happening which causes her to get overwhelmed. But she keeps on going.
Theme song(s): Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, Keep Driving by Harry Styles, and Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood
Other: idk

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Film had always been a passion of Dorian’s, ever since he was young and ever since had seen his first ever “picture show”. He was always a smart man who always managed to achieve his goals, even in the strangest manners. Being famous or even well known in your field wasn’t something an immortal could afford, however. So, in order to make ends meet with a degree earned decades ago, you had to look in odd places.

So pornography it was then. Dorian liked the aesthetics of it, the beautiful bodies and the surface level attraction that never seemed to go too deep. Dorian never liked questioning things, he just liked hedonism and sensuality. It never was that deep with Dorian, at least as far as he could see.

But still, there was something missing in his life. As a premiere director and actor in some of the worst, best adult films in the world, as someone who was always traveling and partying and living life to the fullest, Dorian was lonely. He always wanted people to rely on, but those people never lived long. Being close to Dorian never included a long life well lived.

Currently Dorian was staying in a hotel in London, recovering from a particularly tough shoot. It had unfortunately triggered a few traumas for him, his companion had looked far too much like a certain artist that Dorian oh so despised yet oh so loved. He was smoking a cigarette out on the balcony, but jolted in surprise when he heard a crash come from his room. There wasn’t a way he could get down and be safe, despite the immortality there were limits, so it would need to be a confrontation. Dorian removed a pistol from the side table drawer that he’d stored there for insurance, and walked into the hotel room with the caution of a wary cat.

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Cleonia stood up after taking a stumble breaking into Dorian's hotel room. Looking at her black cat familiar, who was named Sunny (no one needed to tell her it was ironic), she smiled, "Well, it took us a bit to get here but finally…" Sunny rolled her eyes and scoffed at Cleonia's positivity, "You almost broke a bone but sure. Mission successful. Except your forgetting that we actually have to stop the Elder Gods."

Cleonia knew that but just needed a positive spin on things. What else was she supposed to do? All of her life had been one disaster after the other so if she could stop this disaster with the Elder Gods from happening, maybe her luck would be changed. After all, good things happened to good people right? Sunny noticed her thinking and sighed, "When have you ever done anything wrong? Bad things happen to good people just like good things happen to bad people. Now stay here, I'm going ahead to scout."

Sunny went further into the hotel room while Cleonia looked around. She'd never met an immortal being before so she wasn't sure how this was exactly going to go.

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Dorian smelled the cat before he saw it, heard the pitter-patter of paws on the ground. Immortality made one’s senses stronger and therefore more effective at keeping tabs on people and things one needed to manage. Dorian also smelled… not quite human, a seer or witch of some sort, possibly both. Ah, this was making more sense. A witch and her familiar, either here to recruit him or assassinate him with his luck. He proceeded with this in mind.

“I can hear you, much more your stench is clogging up the space, understood? Answer me, witch!” he called out, pressing his finger gently enough that it wouldn’t set off the trigger of the gun, yet firmly enough that instinct and reflexes would do enough for him for now. Dorian’s voice was surprisingly deep, melodic yet lilting and mocking and ultimately very easy on the ears.

“If you don’t come out now, I will not hesitate to kill you. Your choice.” he didn’t tend to like coming off as aggressive but it helped when you didn’t know what you were dealing with to be the big cat versus the newborn kitten.

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Cleonia stepped into the hotel room with her hands raised and a cautious smile, "I mean you no harm, I've come to stop you from dying and therefore causing the Elder Gods to become all powerful." She sees Sunny prowling in the shadows, "Sunny, stand down. Agitation isn't going to help this situation."

Sunny came out of the shadows and growled at Dorian but went to Cleonia's side. Cleonia just smiled at Dorian, ignoring the flutter that came from hearing Dorian's voice, "Please just put the gun down so we can talk. I mean you no harm." She put a little bit of charm speak in her
voice. Her white bell bottoms jeans were a little muddy and her sweater was torn up but she still was good looking.

Sunny looked at Dorian suspiciously, "You sure we can trust him?" Cleonia tilted her head and nodded, "He looks…well he has as much to lose as anyone else."

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Dorian didn’t put the gun down, but he did relax his grip and point it away from Cleonia, letting it hang limply in his hand and sitting down in a large, comfortable chair, letting the oversized bathrobe he was wearing flow and flutter around his body like butterfly wings, wind rushing in from outside. He looked, needless to say, very dangerous yet very… let’s say appealing for censorship purposes.

“The Old Ones got me where I am today, sweetie. If they were out to get me, which your phrasing implies they are, they would have gotten. A witchy, bitchy, scrawny girl with a used harlot’s face wouldn’t be able to stop them if she tried. So what are you really here for?” Dorian said, leaning back and angling his wrist just so, casual and in a way that pointed the gun not quite at the ceiling, but certainly very close.

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Cleonia blushed when Dorian sat down and looked away, "I'm…stronger than your usual witch." She demonstrated by snapping and the gun turned into a glass of water. Snapping again, she turned it into a gun again (which she probably shouldn't done.

As for the comment about her appearance, she felt guilty, "Look, I'm sorry about how dirty I look right now. It was…a journey to get here." Cleonia didn't mention the fights she got into or the injury that was currently causing her to limp. "Look, the Elder Gods rise to power can be prevented if we try. I know you would like to ignore this problem but if you do, not only are you going to end up dead but so are most people in the world. The Elder Gods might have made you immortal but according to my vision, their also the ones who rip it away from you in order to get what they want. I'm here to help you. And I understand why you might be thinking I'm here for evil purposes. These days, people are out for themselves but I'm not one of them."

She limped forward and Sunny rushed over to her, "Sit down Leo…" But Cleonia just shook her head and smiled softly at Dorian though sadness and years of hardships showed in her eyes, "Horrible stuff has always happened around me but for once, I'd like to stop it."

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Dorian looked intrigued at the display of magic. Usually transformative actions were reserved only for witches whose powers relied on the Old Ones themselves. So who was giving her those powers, then? There were few sources of power stronger than the Old Ones, Elder Gods, the Lords of Yesterday, whatever you called them it still was there that if you were to get anywhere in this world, it was either through them, or through blood, or both.

That suggested an interesting possibility to Dorian: if death followed this girl wherever she went, as some of her statements led him to believe, then maybe her powers came from pure accident. Dorian couldn’t, therefore, risk being around her and getting himself harmed or killed. He already had enough emotional scars, physical ones were unnecessary and useless at this point and thoroughly inconvenient for his line of work.

He also noticed how flushed this girl was. Perhaps it was a fever, perhaps it was simply that he was so good looking. He assumed the latter, she was sick but mainly in the head as far as he knew.

“So I’m supposed to trust you then? Take you under my wing like the helpless baby bird you are, blow up the Old Ones like the old Stars War films by whoever that old cunt was that wouldn’t give me a job, and… have me lose everything? No thanks, I’d rather take my chances playing sacrificial lamb.” he said, boredom evident in his face but yet his voice didn’t quite match those expressions.

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Cleonia raised an eyebrow at the Star Wars part and was about to ask him a question when Sunny hissed, "You are a stuck up piece of shit, you know that?" Cleonia blushed and glared at Sunny, "You being grumpy isn't going to help." She turned to Dorian and sighed, "Listen, I never said you had to take me under your wing. I can hold my own. And I'm not so sure you want to take your chances…" Cleonia raised a hand in Dorian's direction as her eyes went into a white haze, therefore making him see her vision too.

There were bodies laying everywhere and fires spreading as the Elder Gods lay ruin to the world. There was a black cat who hissed and ran up to a slab of concrete. The cat poked the bloody body that was laying on the slab, Dorian's body.

Cleonia ended the vision and stumbled toward Dorian with a yelp but at the last second pushed herself away from him so she fell in front of him. She looked up at him with tears forming in her eyes but fought to hold them back, "Listen, your going to die either way. You'll either die being a sacrificial lamb or losing your immortality. You think the Elder Gods are going to let immortals get off free? Your only chance at saving yourself and saving the world is with me."

Sunny rushed to her side and nuzzled into her, "You need to rest and heal, your ankle isn't going to all of a sudden get better." Cleonia nodded and wiped away a tear that had fallen, "Look Dorian. It's your decision but can I at least wash my clothes, myself, and rest? I might be an expert at magic, but major injuries at not my area of knowledge."

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Dorian broke a little at the vision. It seemed too… real to be trickery. If he was to die, he’d rather go down screaming and clawing at the dirt, but then again he could always just reassess when aging signs showed up. Well, if he was going to die anyways… if he were to die… no, he’d find a way. He always did. Maybe he could take a hint from the Vampires, life off of blood isn’t a fun one but at least he’d still be pretty. Wasn’t that all that mattered? People got judged off of their surface aesthetics all day every day. Judging a book by its cover was the only way to get anywhere in society.

“Fine. There’s a laundromat down the street and a shower off the bedroom. If you really want my help though, we do this my way. I’ll get you some clean clothes, I had someone over here just your size earlier that ended up leaving some things behind…” he stood up, letting his robe flow behind him as he walked over to a drawer containing a soft shirt, sweatpants, and a few pairs of socks. The room had gotten colder as time had gone on, and a chill was beginning to set in. Dorian handed the clothes to Cleonia, then closed the doors to the balcony and ushered the girl to the bedroom. “Change, shower, I’ll be out here if you need me.” he said, taking one of the hotel bibles out of the same drawer and idly looked through where he’d scribbled some doodles over the verses.