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Here it is!!! Our very own… well, I didn't know what to call it, so, our very own city in the cracks. The title is up for debate.

So here we'll restate our ideas for the concept of this RP, and then we'll put our character templates here and then get to it.


“Get your ass out of my lab before I remove your fucking vocal cords.”

Basic Info:
Name: Jethro Harlan Eshkol
Nickname(s): Jet
Meaning: Means “eminent dweller by the boundary wood cluster”
Age: 26
Sexuality: “Straight”
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
DOB (estimated): August 20th
Star sign: On the cusp of Leo and Virgo
Place of birth: Unknown exactly, possibly Kilead
Notable birthmarks: Jethro has a small, circular birthmark behind his right ear. He has a light, heart-shaped birthmark on the inside of his ring finger on his left hand.

“If I have to deal with any more of these walking rocks they call our military, I’m going to lose it.”


Dress style:

Voice claim: Dave Grohl

“Cat got your tongue, huh? Oh well. More peace for me.”

Tattoos: Only one. It’s a black serpent, curling behind his left ear.
Piercings: Jet has small black studs in the main piercing in both of his earlobes. He has matching black ear cuffs for each ear as well.
Signature jewelry: Jethro will never be caught dead without the simple silver chain he constantly wears around his neck. It was his only possession found on him as a baby.
Body hair: Jethro was not blessed by the masculine gods and doesn’t have much thick, dark body hair. Legend has it that he’s actually a blond that dyes his hair black every so often.
Other important body aspects: Jethro doesn’t have a very stocky build. Really, he’s very lean with some muscle.
Height: 6’1”
Eyesight: 20/20
Preferred hairstyle: Jet keeps his hair on the longer side, nearly a mullet but more stylish. It’s always pitch black.
Scars: Jet has two long, white scars on his face. They’re both in the hollow of his cheekbones; they were left there by his birth parents as part of the sacrifice.
Race: White
Dominant hand: Right hand
Blood type: O Negative

“Fire me if I piss you off so much. But don’t come knocking at my door when no one in this whole goddamn lab can even do a geometric sequence and you’ve lost your only competent worker.”

Character Traits:
Personality: Jethro is… well, to put it bluntly, Jethro is a bitch. He’s standoffish and rude to anyone that rubs him in the wrong way or happens to make him uncomfortable. And many, many people make him uncomfortable. Jet truly believes that there is no reason to be kind or even courteous, as most business can still get done just the same when he’s being cold. Speaking of cold, Jethro is careful not to let any emotion show. That is, besides anger. You’re lucky to catch him actually laughing at anything. But you will be sure to catch him with that little self-righteous smirk on his face. He’s very unsure of himself, so to counter that he acts like he’s the hottest shit in the wild, wild west. Be prepared to “deal” with him rather than to meet him.

“If you make my life any harder than it has to be, I will make sure your life is unbearable.”

Speech style: Low and at a normal pace. He doesn’t raise his voice unless he’s angry, and he’ll often talk slower in somewhat of a drawl to mock certain people.
Accent: American. Sometimes when he’s mad a strange lilt comes out of his voice, as if he was once from somewhere else.
Private/public? Private.
Loud/quiet? Quiet until provoked.
Leader/follower? Leader.
Messy/organized? Messy.
Daredevil/cautious? Daredevil.
Solo/team player? Solo.
Optimist/pessimist/realist? Realist.
Introvert/extrovert? Introvert.
Speaker/listener? Listener.

“I watch what I say. Unlike these pea brains who shit from their mouth and call it poetry, I am capable of convincing those in power to do what you want.”

History: This bitch was abandoned at birth. That’s right, you heard me. His adoptive parents say they found him on the edge of the crack, supposedly a sacrifice to the monsters living in the sky. There were definitely some religious zealots in Kilead who thought “Yeah, let’s sacrifice this baby, that sounds like an amazing idea.” Luckily, Jethro’s adoptive mother happened to be assigned to work near the surface and had found him there before anything bad happened. She named him Jethro Harlan, which roughly translates to “eminent dweller by the boundary wood.” Fitting, as she had found him on the boundary of safety and certain death. Jet was then raised by his adoptive mother and father. They weren’t amazing parents, but they also didn’t leave him to die, which was a step up from his birth parents. The boy had a knack early on for math and sciences and was accepted into a gifted program run by the KIlead government. He continued to excel and advance in the gifted program until he was accepted into a prestigious school to train the government’s future scientists. Once again he excelled and ended up at the forefront of developing dangerous sciences for the Kilead government. It’s important to note that Jethro has never fit in perfectly in his workplace; he was the youngest and most gifted to be granted access to work on such a crucial project at only 22. None of the other scientists, who were well in their forties, liked him, but it didn’t matter because they needed Jethro if they wanted to advance the project. Therefore, they had to tolerate him.

“I don’t need to overcompensate because I don’t have a microdick like you do, asshole.”

Likes: He insists that there is nothing in this world he likes. However, he does have a soft spot in his heart for cats. And though you will never get it out of him, he loves to embroider. Obviously, he also loves math and science. He enjoys reading fantasy stories.
Dislikes: Writing. Jet is mortal enemies with every English paper he’s ever had to write. He hates doing it and he completely refuses to do it in his current job. (It gets pushed onto someone else when they need to write a report). He also hates being embarrassed and hates being around the majority of people.
Allergies: Jethro is ever so slightly allergic to pollen, so allergy season is somewhat rough for him.
Hobbies: Secret embroidery, reading fantasy novels, working out tough math problems, seething at anything that happened to get in his way that day, petting cats, and pondering his existence.

A death glare that could slay thousands “One more word and your job is at stake.”

Strengths: Jethro is obviously pretty good at math and science. He’s also got a way with words and is pretty good at getting what he wants when he wants it. He can also give a good speech when he needs to.
Weaknesses: We’ve already established that he’s not the best at writing. He’s also not terribly strong and could not win a fight if he started one. Generally, in that case, he’ll use his words to get out of it.
Fears: being embarrassed, people thinking he’s gay, the monsters in the sky, not having a purpose, and abandonment.
Motivators: Jethro will do anything just to prove he can do it. If anyone challenges him, he will follow through. He also often completes things just to prove his existence means something.
Deep hatreds: His birth parents.
Fatal flaws: Jethro has such a deep-set hatred for himself that often he’ll act cocky to overcompensate. This gets him into a lot of trouble.

“I’d suggest shutting up before you say something you REALLY don’t want me to hear.”

Music tastes:
Favorite song: The Way You Used to Do by Queens of the Stone Age
Lyrics that most describe them: “It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy. Cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me.”

  • My Own Worst Enemy by Lit
  • Minor Thing by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Nowhere Fast by Incubus
  • Dumb by Nirvana
  • Everlong by Foo Fighters
  • Bored to Death by Blink-182
  • All Apologies by Nirvana
  • Spiderhead by Cage the Elephant
  • Loser by Beck
  • A Certain Shade of Green by Incubus
  • The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring
  • Adam’s song by Blink-182
  • Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger
  • Happy Ending by The Strokes
  • Barely Legal by The Strokes

“There is no one I hate more than myself. And do you know what that means? It means that I’m constantly trying to one-up my worst enemy.”

Home relations:
Family: His adoptive mother and father, Paula and Craig. His adoptive brother, who is nearly five, is named Otis.
Friends: Not applicable.
First memory: Getting accepted into the gifted program for children run by the government.
Worst memory: Nearly drowning in the canals beneath Kilead while his adoptive parents left him unsupervised. From there he took a couple of swimming lessons so he’d never get into a situation like that again.
Best memory: Graduating from school and being accepted into the team working on the development of militant superpowers.
Living quarters: Jethro lives in an apartment by himself in the skylines of Kilead. It’s quite a nice apartment too, as he gets a lot of money from his job as a scientist.

“I don’t need your fucking pity.”

Random info:
Affiliation: Lawful Evil
Enneagram Type: 5w4
Relationship status: Single but probably not ready to mingle
Do they consider themselves a good person? No. Absolutely not.
Signature smell: Montale Red Vetiver
Eye color: Light grey
Book or street smarts: Book, 100%. He does have some common sense but it is greatly outweighed by his book smarts.
Can they swim: Enough to stay alive in an emergency. Aka, he can doggy paddle.
Old or new soul: Old soul, very much so.
Kin list: Assuming he was living in a normal human society, Jet would totally kin pretty much any angsty teen in any show or movie. He would also kin the Joker.
Languages they’d learn: If Jethro was living in a normal human society, he would have learned English along with Hebrew and Latin.
Books they’d read: Assuming he was in a normal human society, Jethro would likely LOVE The Hunger Games series and the ACOTAR series.

“I could make two phone calls and have you banished out of Kilead.”

Other: Jet is somewhat of a loyalist. He’s very committed to serving his government, no matter the legal or moral implications. However, it’s important to note that he has also been brainwashed to blindly follow what the people in power say since he was six. Should anyone actually show him something worth fighting for, he’s likely to at least consider it.

“Hit me and you’ll regret it.”


"You know… I'm starting to think people are scared of me…"

Basic Info:

Name: Bailey Cooper Bell
Reason or Meaning: Unknown
Nicknames: Belle, Bailes
Age: 23
Sexuality: "I like who I like"
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
DOB: February 28th
Star Sign: Pisces
Birth Place: Kilead

"I'm tired and sad… wanna watch videos of children falling over with me?"


Clothing: He tends to wear dark clothes, his most common outfit is a pair of black cargo pants, black combat boots, a dark shirt, with a bomber jacket.
Voice Claim: AJ Jackson from Saint Motel

"What's it like being single your whole life? I'm curious." The person being questioned took offense to this and he never got his question answered.

Physical Appearance + Characteristics:

Tattoos: N/A
Piercings: N/A
Height/Build: 6ft. 3in. And well built, he's in the military so obviously he's got to have some muscle
Eye Sight: 20/20
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Light Brown
Preferred Hair Style: Short and messy. His preference is to not have to mess with it.
Marks/Scarring: He has scars that seem to spread across his back from two places as if they were roots from a plant or electricity spreading. They come from his shoulder blades which is where he can sprout his wings at will.
Accessories: He can always be seen with his goggles to hide his eyes that the government see as beastly as well as a gas mask that doubles as an oxygen mask for if he flies high enough to where the air is too thin to breathe.
Race/Skin tone: White but tan
Dominant Hand: Left Handed
Blood Type: AB Positive

Notable Features: His eyes are similar to that of many beasts that live above the city. Many soldiers have this with their given abilities for serving. The abilities he was granted were large wings and sometimes talons. They’re supposed to be a glowing blue however, they are a bright, fiery, red. Most people are somewhat scared of him because when he isn't comfortable with people, his RBF gets worse. He is unaware of it however.

Allergies?: N/A

"I… am an amazing liar… that's a lie, I can't keep my mouth shut."

Mannerisms + Personality:

Speech Style: Monotone/tired until he gets comfortable and his voice begins bounce as he expresses his emotions
Accent: American
Quirks: He's super goofy and excitable once he gets comfortable with people.
Temperament: Patient and not easily angered.
Positive Traits: He can lighten a mood in a friend group super quick and is overall just a happy, silly lil guy
Talents: His RBF is truly a talent and scares away most people from even attempting to become friends with him.
Negative Traits: Is socially awkward, can’t make friends for the life of him, and tends to panic easily when he’s unsure of what's going on. He also can get a bit protective over friends once he makes them.
Flaws: He jumps to conclusions in his head a lot causing him to be a pretty bad communicator. He is also blunt. These two things together cause him to randomly blurt out some conclusions he has made about other people although he means no harm by it, it can come across as rude.
Drives/Motivation: He believes he only has one drive which is to serve his government, however this will later change to him wanting almost the exact opposite.
Sense of Humor: Bailey has a pretty well rounded sense of humor, however, dumb humor makes him laugh the most. He can be found giggling to himself while looking at silly pictures of animals or a deep fried image that just says “SOOP?”

Are They Generally…

Private/Public: Private
Loud/Quiet: Quiet unless he’s comfortable with the people he's around.
Leader/Follower: Leader surprisingly
Messy/Organized: MESSY
Daredevil/Cautious: Cautious
Solo/Team Player: Solo
Optimist/Pessimist/ Realist: Optimist
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Speaker/Listener: For the most part he’s a listener however if he really likes someone he will talk their ear off.
Relaxed/Serious: Relaxed once he's comfortable.

Likes: Any and all animals, History, sports, and making people laugh
Dislikes: Big crowds, science, and technology
Hobbies: Taking care of plants, saving small animals that find their way into the military base, writing, and working out.
Fears: Humiliation, death, and spiders (he still loves them as equally as other animals, but he's terrified of them)

"On to plan D-theres no plan D, we're fucked." He proceeds to do circles as he internally panics


Hometown: Kilead
Type of Childhood: Unknown
Social Class: Middle Class
Upbringing: Unknown
Education: Part of College
Best Qualification: He’s a pretty quick learner
First Memory: Waking up after being granted his abilities
Worst Memory: [REDACTED]
Best Memory: Flying for the first time
Most important childhood event + why: Deciding he was going to go into the military from a young age, he does not remember why he chose this.
Most influenced by: The General (for now)
Role Models: The General (for now)
Where do they live + with who: He currently lives in a military base with other members of his troop.
Where do they want to live + why: There is a small part of him that wants to get away from the military and live somewhere-anywhere in peace.

"… can you come get the spider out of my room-no don't kill it! Just take it outside!"

Music Tastes:

His vibes: Preach by Saint Motel
Favorite Song: Ready To Let Go by Cage the Elephant


  • I Feel Like I'm Drowning by Two Feet
  • Creature by half alive
  • Spiderhead by Cage The Elephant
  • Hot by CONFETTI
  • Verbatim by Mother Mother
  • For Elise by Saint Motel
  • Novacaine by The Unlikely Candidates
  • Zen by X Ambassadors, K.Flay, and grandson

Staring thoughtfully into the distance at a group of people, "They've been trying to figure out my sexuality all day. They aren't going to figure it out, I can't even do that."


Parent 1: His mother
Relationship with Parent 1: He currently has no memories of her.
Parent 2: His father
Relationship with Parent 2: He currently has no memories of him.
Siblings: Unknown
Relationship with each: N/A
Any Children: N/A
Pets: N/A
Extended Family: Unknown
Close/Distant with Family: Distant

"Do you think I could get away with hiding George in my room? I found him in the trash and got attached to him after I named him." George is a very fat raccoon that was soon found and confiscated away from Bailey.
Random Info:

Alignment: chaotic good
Relationship Status: Single
Do they consider themselves good?: Yes
Book or Street Smarts: Street Smarts but could surprise you with some book smarts
Can they swim?: yes, but he doesn't enjoy swimming as much as other activities like running or flying
Old or new soul: New soul

Other: Bailey always wants to do what is morally right however sometimes he feels overwhelmed by being right and tends to just focus on his best interests to keep things simple.

"Is this a brain thinking moment or can I punch them?"

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(it's been a while since this was posted but i am absolutely in love with both of your characters!! i hope this gets revived someday :))